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_John Howard is doomed to live a haunted Future





Jan 14th 2010 10:11am

Ex- Australian Prime Minister John Howards' Dirty Past is forever a dead seagull around his scrawny lying neck.


Many, many years ago when Kings & Queens ruled us, if these people lied, cheated, stole and committed treason, there would be a public trial in the market place, they would be confronted with the chargers and if the people found them guilty.


Off to the gallows they would go and be hanged or lose their head.


Today in Western countries modern society where politicians rule us through the ballot box, of voting at a general election and the party that wins the most seats in Parliament then form the Government and rule our countries with all the laws they create and have on the statue books.


Nothing is written in them laws about our politicians, they can lie, cheat, steal, commit treason, and their punishment is vote them out of office if you don’t like what they have done.


It’s the biggest scam going, politicians are not held to account for their actions, deeds and can commit any crime in society they like, nobody will move in and arrest them.


John Howard has a dirty past in Australia as Prime Minister, especially after 11th Sept 2001 Terrorist Attacks in New York, USA that incident was a well documented False Flag Terrorist Attack. Read more about it here: -


He took Australia to War in Afghanistan and then Iraq based upon lies which were created by America & England and allot of these lies were being feed to them by Israel.


Make no mistake John Howard knew they were lies!


All of John Howard, Senior Ministers knew they were lies!


Please refresh your memory and read here: -



Bush Planned Iraq 'Regime Change' Before Becoming President


Memo: Bush made Intel fit Iraq policy

UK Ministers Knew WMD Was "Excuse"


Not only did John Howard know these were lies, he also instructed Office of National Assessments to change their Intelligence Australia had about Iraq to meet what the Americans and England was saying.


He also had a “Goon Squad” working from the Federal Attorney General Office formed and they went around and threaten to charge people on “””Fake – False Trumped Up Terrorism Offences”””


They busted up peoples homes, offices, smashed peoples computer hard drives.


Any Reporter, Journalist, Blogger, 911 Truth Movement member, a whole list of people were put on this list, anybody who wrote about John Howard and his Governments lies and taking Australia to War based upon lies.


These people were targeted.


And John Howard punishment?




Get out of jail free card!


Just go to the ballot box and vote him out of Office if you don’t like what he and his Government did.


The New Government that took his place Kevin Rudd & Julia Gillard, Labor Party Government since elected have done nothing to John Howard and his Senior Ministers.


They were allowed to quietly go away into the sunset with their treason, with their deceptions and lies they never faced treason chargers or anything.


It makes me angry just to think about this, because I was one of the people relentlessly that wrote letters and rang up on the telephone and warned them the Americans and England were lying.


But I was ignored, laughed at and told The Australian Government and all its minions within Government Depts, Security & Intelligence Agencies were right, we are The Government.


Kevin Rudd – Julia Gillard and this present Labor Government have the same attitude when it comes to trying to get to them and correct the record and bad Information, Security and Intelligence they have on books.


Ex- Prime Minister of England Tony Blair, and Ex – President of USA George W Bush have got off with the same punishment.


The people and Governments that have taken their place have covered up their crimes and let all 3 men go free into the sunset.


The gutless – weak Mainstream Media which is nothing more then a loud speaker for Government these days, repeating the Official State – propaganda, lies do nothing to hold these people to account via way of doing stories and exposing them.


And you thought Western Countries Societies were great Democracies, standing up for Truth, Justice, The Rule Of Law, and Free Speech?


Think again, we the people are nothing but slaves to be treated with contempt, we are ruled by a corrupt Oligardary of politicians, where there is one law for the people to obey and one for politicians.


Politicians can Lie, Cheat, Steal, Commit Treason, and Commit War Crimes and there are no Laws on books holding these people to account for their actions and deeds.


Corruption breeds Corruption and if there is No Laws on books to hold Corrupt Politicans like John Howard and his Senior Ministers accountable then it will only breed more Corruption.


Our whole Political System needs a overhaul and laws need to be written in, holding our politicians elected to account for their dirty deeds.


John Howard thinks he name will go down into the history books of Australia as some Great Statesman.


His name will go down as one of Australia’s corrupt politicians, who should think himself lucky it wasn’t me taking over after him into Government.


He would be hanging by his neck in a rope and his family wife and kids would have been sent to Tasmania to some prison to rot till the cows come home.


Its time to stand up and fight people, we are being sold down the drain left, right and centre by these elected politicians.


Get involved, join your local political party and give them hell.

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