The Truth About Afghanistan


  • Why are the coalition really there?

    Hello>? Isn't it obvious?


    Liberation of the Taliban meant a good few growing seasons. Not 1 bomb dropped on Afghanistan destroyed any 1 poppy plant, whilst killing thousands of innocent civilians with its pinpoint bombs... The safest place for an Afghani during invasion by US forces would have been a poppy field.

  • Of course bringing Democracy is hard work out in these here fields, a'gaurding these here poppies, Billy here says theres a Burger King opening soon at Bagram Airforce Base some 40 clicks from here...



End of season comes the harvest.... This causes tensions with the locals when we start taking theirs as well....


In the end we steal it at nighttime anyway and by morning begin processing at our local bases..



One year out serving Democracy in this shit hole... and off to Bosnia or Romania ...some seaside gypsy town to flog off the smack and bring them some taste of democracy ...



The fields are of course re-sewn and new units brought in to "build infrastructure projects" in Afghanistan including massive new poppy fields.










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