YEMEN - Next on the PNAC agenda

  • Indian Agent assisted "Setup" of Flight 253 False Flag attack

    January 29th 2010

    The Agenda is definitely on for Yemen.




No sooner had the underpants been ripped off the "underpants" bomber than USA are now launching military action against the country, the pretexts for attacking a country seem to be getting thinner and thinner especially if the country is one of those small pro-arabic African countries that Americans have barely even heard of . Now I'm not sure exactly how thick most people are exactly on average but I can say that I remember watching the Mythbusters episode on explosives in planes and their effects of decompression in bringing planes down out of the air...

Explosive Decompression Espisode Ten. It showed that even after a rather large hole was blown out of the side, a plane can continue flying, even a massive Decompression event is not enough to crash a plane. The bulk explosives required for such a force was not present on Flight 253.

Other instances have shown that whole sides have come out and the plane still been able to be landed safely even with huge explosive holes ripped in the sides of aircrafts.



The Mythbusters episode showed that the amount of blasting effect that was in the Nigerians' pants, would have been sufficient enough to blow his own dick off and nothing else All the talk of "killing everyone onboard" and "taking out the whole plane" is nothing more than fear mongering and selling a well seeded lie.


Gee.... what other things would they lie about in order to bomb YEMEN?







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Alfred franklin (Photo Journalist)

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