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Osama Bin Laden = Dead?


It is more likely than not that Bin Laden has really been dead since 2001. This announcement is nothing but misdirection. Possibly for another false flag attack or to distract media away from Palestine Peace..picture

USS Cole - The O Neill link


John O'Neill had dinner the night before 9-11 with Jerome Hauer. He was already hot on the trail of bin Laden years before during the USS Cole investigation ... Read More Herepicture

Japan Sinks in Movie '06


The Japanese Movie: Sinking of Japan Shows a little more than just a hollywood 2012 disaster plot, it shows what is NOW happening. Mass Movement of tectonic plates.


Osama-Scam 2011

Obama won't release Osama photos


Shrouded in Deception and information obsfucation Obama defies the world and denies release of ANY PROOF ... Read More Herepicture

Osama - Scam 2011

Show us the shooter


Wheres the HERO homecoming parade for the soldier that did the job? Wheres the bookdeals? Who was this heroic person? Heres why we will never ever hear about him Because THE US Didn't KILL OSAMA... Read More Herepicture

Osama-Scam 2011

Bin Ladens corpse on ice for a decade


Insiders in the US Military call disbelief at Osama death cover-story. They know his corpse has been on ice for at least a decade. pictureRead More...


Osama - Scam 2011

First neighbour doubts about Bin Laden


Close tight knit community recall the Pashtoon family that lived where Bin Laden was supposed to be. NOBODY ever saw anything close to bin Laden or Al Qaeda. The official version story stinks. Read More


Osama-Scam 2011

NO TRUST in Osama death account


Nothing ever released by the WhiteHouse Anymore carries any resemblance to reality or reality based intelligence ... Read More Herepicture

Osama-Scam 2011

WhiteHouse Backtracks on version of events


No sooner had the PR statement of the "historic moment" been released when suddenly they were twisting and changing every aspect of the version. Same as 9-11, the liars get tangled in their stories... .


We will update with More Stories as they emerge and keep them all in archives at OSAMA CENTRAL... HERE

ID4+9-11 - Synchronicities


Sept 11th event was an event that was predictive programming at it's best. Here we give you a rundown of the most GLARING parallels between Independence Day + 9-11


JAPAN: The Dead Zone


The sign above the ghost town of Fukushima reads: " Nuclear Energy: Future of Fukushima." We show you whats really going on there, and why this might be the future of mankind very soon.


Obama Certificate FRAUD


Obamas' birth cert. has been released. but exactly how real is it?..we take a look .




US populations at risk around Power Stations


All the areas around the USA mapped out by safety in it's locations and proximity to nuclear stations ... See the full story here


Hacker: I hacked for Govt.


Caught hacker admits, he was employed by state sponsored agencies Read the article online here..



Why you really shouldn't have a Facebook page


Ever wondered if there was more to it? Heres the FACTS about facebook. Read More



The Truth About BALI


The truth is.. the ones blamed could barely read or write. The truth is.. Western Govts benefitted from the bombings, NOT the muslims.. the truth is.. we've been lied to.



TRACKING people with phones


The new type phones can be "sucked dry" of info by Police forces within 2 minutes . i-phones are also tracking people and secretly recording the data... Read for yourself.



911 lessons from Star Trek


Gene Roddenberrys insights into False Flag analogies was evident in some episodes he directed.. . Watch the video online


Chemtrails THE Evidence


Unreal evidence and images that conclusively reveal evidence of an active spraying program

Read more and see the video..


Nephilim70 Linkspage


The list that started this whole website and everything on it. Links to 1000's of websites Many have been targeted and taken down. Sorted by Subject with a wide range of links

See for yourself.


David Dees Illustrations


See over 150 over David Dees BEST illustrations archived. Every subject from Flouride, vaccinations, Bank thefts, ZOG,history revision etc...Amazing resource.




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Search this site in its entirety, have every article, image and video at your fingertips.

Get everything on this site delivered to your door on Double Dvds..

Just $20 inc post Read more here


TV uses subliminal signals


TV programming has always been about programming populations with various embedded subliminal suggestions. Heres the patents, heres the proof.


Did Bibi get a dose of DU?


On a recent visit to the Carmel fires sites, Bibi may have inadvertantly given himself a radiation dose Read this amazing article by Bob Nichols.



_Latest OSAMA News:




OSAMA2011 Was Osama cover story for Pakistan-US CLASH over safehouse?


Osama 2011 No trust in Osama Death Account


Osama 2011 First Neighbour doubts BinLaden next door


OSAMA 2011 CIA head admits - There was no LIVE VIDEO FEED


OSAMA2011 DNA confirmed in less than 48 or 24 hrs? I Dont think so.


OSAMA 2011 Obama offers NO PROOF at ALL on Osama Story


Osama 2011 Bin Laden + Navy Seal Story twists, turns and Changes


Osama 2011 Obama story : Plagued by leaks and Exposures


Osama 2011 Osama death has made USA laughing stock of the world


Osama 2011 - Whitehouse backtracks on version of events


Osama 2011 Obama wont release OSAMA death photos


Osama 2011 Don't trust the Media Bullshit - Osama has been dead for years.


Osama 2011 Osama death is what we call a "Soft false flag" event. Still using media to lie, but affecting less directly.



Osama 2011 - Show us the shooter - By Pepe Escobar



WRH.com hacked on day of OSAMA dead announcement - New






Birth Certificate first released in 2009 -found to be FAKE


OSAMA BIN Laden Compound AFTER the attack - Yeah RIGHT

New Goldstein replacement underway: Terror EXPERT


Osama -Bin Dead A- While : Would the real Osama please stand up?

Bush Court Dismisses case against Bushes


A closer look at israels role in terrorism


Herbal Medicine banned in EU


Milwaukee to celebrate Israeli holidays




_Viktor Bout scapegoat framed by USA

_Iraqi Killing fields. All about the OIL


_Georgia Guidestones - An insight


_Popular Articles:




_Forbidden Knowledge TV

Out of the Blue UFO Docco

 Bird-Size Drones Used For Domestic Surveillance

Russian Inventors Indestructable pod

Cancer is a FUNGUS - New studies

Japanese Pyramids in Aussie Docco

UFO: Greatest story ever denied

Pentagons unmanned Spokesdrone

Asteroid Aphophis could hit earth 2036

Toxic Lightbulbs poison the earth

BP Blowout caused by laser weapon?

Does Cannabis CURE Cancer?

Google HAARP + the hunt for your DNA





Making the News

What exactly is WRONG with FACEBOOK? and WHY should you not have a page?


Mark Zuckerberg gets restraining order over serial "facebook" pest.


Is Mark Zuckerberg Mossad?


Playstation network online HACKED - Had to be REBUILT


Police detain man, searched, taken pictures, no real reason given


TSA employees are routinely perverts, criminals and sex offenders


Google earth maps out US nuclear risk areas


ARABS + Middle Easteners as the BAD GUYS in Hollywood Movies


US atrocities reach all time high in Afghanistan




Children get Sudden Sleep syndrome after vaccination jab


PEACE PRIZE PRESIDENT orders killer unmanned military Predator drones to shoot missiles and kill people in Libya


UN Embarrassed by Global Warming prediction. Removes refugee map from website.



MOVIE FROM 2006 predicts 5 YEAR - 2011 Disaster- FULL LENGTH MOVIE

Tsunami flotsam poses problem for years


Earth Movements in Japan seen from Space.. As movie predicts..2011 Earthquake directional pull drags JAPAN into Pacific TRENCH esu Studies.


People are waaay to relaxed about THE SINKING OF JAPAN - REAL LIFE VIDEO!! Part1

Japan is sinking 2011 for REAL part 2


INCREDIBLE Aerial Footage Of Tsunami rampage


Dramatic video of Tsunami Wave


_Human Rights + Israel


Israel has used and abused AMERICA like a prostitute


GAZA flotilla will sail despite threats


Israel adopts laws targeting Arab citizens and criminalizing boycott of Jewish settlements


Israel wants permanent war on everyone


STH TEL AVIV is on fire with RACISM



Jewish crime syndicate did 9-11. all the proof in the world


Why does ISRAEL have a veto over the PEACE PROCESS?

Founder of Freedom Theatre MURDERED in Palestine..


Goldstones shameful U-turn

Jewish Pressure Resulted in Goldstone’s Partial Recantation


INTERNATIONAL RED CROSS release official Numbers Documents:


Rabbi uses political influence for preferential treatment


Israeli lessons in international terrorism - BY Kawther Salam

Alan Lawson sends a personal message to YOUTUBE



Too Many Waking Up... - Council worried about Marrickville Boycott Policy


Danby slams Greens over Boycott Issue


Greens Senators caught out over Boycott


Boycott has no traction in Australian business


Head of B'naii B'riith indicted for tax fraud


Goldstone has cracked under zionist pressure but the REPORT STILL STANDS, israel is a Rogue Terrorist state


Anthony Albanese Pleads: Oh Please Please... Stop Supporting Palestine..


Open Letter to Marrickville Council - Sam WAINWRIGHT


FREE trips to israel - BRIBES by any other name


Israel threatens ANOTHER Gaza AID flotilla


Israel have a deep rooted hatred of the British, they even supplied weapons against UK during Falkland conflict!




Catholic Priest Supports Marrickville BDS Campaign


UN DENOUNCES israels Cluster Bombs


Goldstones Colleagues REBUKE his retraction


ISRAEL to TURKEY: Wants to sabotage AID ships to GAZA

It's time for: THE TRUTH PARTY

YAHOO regularly sells user information to 3rd party companies


BP Gulf Disaster HERO Railroaded, Murdered In FL Prison

As Egypt goes offline US gets internet 'kill switch' bill read


VX NERVE GAS mixup in Army Inventory


Ghost Cities of China! Built for millions inhabited by hundreds.


Close up and personal with FOXES -Images **NEW


UN Human Rights says 9-11 was obviously an inside job coverup !


Two Suns? Twin Stars May Be Visible From Earth By 2012


World Leaders + Company CEO's advised: We Are Not Alone. Start business ties with E.T.


DNA can undertake quantum teleportation: Scientist proves on paper


Australian stadiums READY to be used as civilian detention centres! (Complete with double razor wire)


11 Staffers of the Sept 11 memorial make $170,000


Dozens injured in Hospitols stray Radiation beam


P Diddy sued for $1 trillion


Small Quakes near Katoomba NSW

Agent Orange still lingers on

Is Earths magnetic field causing Animal Die-offs?

Permanent Contamination in the GULF

Arial Sharons sons on bribery charges


9-11 Commission report hinted at network of US accomplices


50 weird facts about the human body


Kepler finds 1,200 more new planets


Dior sacks Galliano for anti-semitic tirade


Prince Andrew risks amdassadors job hanging out with Peadophile mates









Latest News

JAPANESE Sub attacks on Sydney HARBOUR - An Animation




9-11 Human Remains fill the NY potholes says Ground Zero worker


Russian expert confirms NUKES beneath wtc Ground Zero event


The New food craze that is starving Bolivian children


Simple lifechanges can reduce cancer numbers by millions


1 in 4 cancer cases are missed by GP's


Blairs secret phone calls to GADDAFI


Dead / Jailed /Missing Scientists & Individuals Affiliated With The BP Oil Disaster

Aspartame metallic after-taste now no more... From a NEW CHEMICAL additive

COPYRIGHT troll Righthaven suffers MASSIVE Fair USE loss


Costs of wars exceeds 2.5 trillion $


APPLE under fire for mass tracking customers with vital DATA

IDF/israel now employing hackers


There Were 88 Media Companies... Now There Are 6

Snooping on new gadgets, It's no longer snooping, it's an added feature

When US Cyber command kills the internet

Hackers change roadside digital sign to say Kevin Rudd Sucks

Peer2Peer uses mass sued in US Mass Lawsuits


Scientists find a whole NEW DOMAIN of life!


Policeman behind arsonist blaze that killed homeowners


TELEPORTATION BREAKTHROUGH as quantum mechanics unravels


ROTHSCHILD gets controlling stake in Weather CENTRAL

Japan earthquake and tsunami debris floating towards US West Coast


POLICE arrest a pastor for preaching in QLD


QLD Police taser teenage girl


WA Police taser aboriginal man 41 times


POLICE ARREST 2 sisters aged 4 + 6 for picking daffodils in a public park


Has Obama had BRAIN SURGERY?


NEWS Budgets busted for the year already covering Disasters

Mystery signal at Fermilab hints at 'technicolour' force
Michael Jackson kitsch art: paintings and sculptures of the King of Pop - Telegraph
Earth joined by giant asteroid around the sun in unusual horseshoe pattern

Animation of Horshoe Comet

Earth has companion with weird orbit

2010 SO16 - The FIRST Near earth Asteroid
3753 Cruithne - The SECOND Near Earth Asteroid
PFIZER patient dies in oral arthritis study
US drone strike kills another 25 people in Pakistan

Carrots may hold key to killing off TUMORS

BARAK OBAMA faces singing protests over Wikileaks

OBAMA racially abused as a boy - NEW BOOK SAYS


Classic rotary telephone spruced up for the digital age

NO ARABS on the four hijacked flights AT ALL on SEPT 11

US Stores spent Nuclear RODS at 4 times capacity


600 Penguins die of cold in STH AFRICA


Leprosy infected people encouraged to DONATE BLOOD

Global Political awakening is a threat to ELITES : Zbigniew Brezinski

Aussie army barracks raided over Drug Claims


Suing your readers for fun and profit

The amazing robo-legs that let paraplegics walk again
The extraordinary images that show what it is like for a F-35 'pilot' to eject from a fighter jet travelling at 600mph
Return of the Commodore 64: Classic '80s home computer is given new lease of life as a Windows PC
Japanese researchers create full-colour apple hologram that looks good enough to eat

Project for the NEW AMERICAN CITIZEN- with Daniel Abrahamson ***MUST SEE


Is the TRUTH MOVEMENT false opposition?

China makes fake rice from plastic


TOP Zionist during WW2 VERIFIES only 2 Million Jews in ALL OF EUROPE during Hitlers reign - HOLOCAUST HOAX NUMBERS EXPOSED AS FRAUD Verified further with red cross numbers reported for total figures...


Oy-Jazeera soon to be released as israeli propaganda channel launched


Star of David Tattoo on oliveskin "Libyan rebel" (hint: he's israeli)


OBAMA filmed lying through his teeth


SIBERIAN alien fake- two pranksters busted using chicken skin

Mist-capped volcanoes of Mars:


Military jets follow UFO over Virginia



CLIMATE CHANGE is natural - 100 reasons why

Sandra Bullock has unusual lump on jaw






CANNABIS can be used to treat epilepsy


TROLLS working for GEORGE SOROS taking cheap shots at the BLOGGERS

First Jetpack is months away after 7 min flight


RUSSIA SAYS JAPAN exaggerating the danger!


MAYAN elders insist: 2012 not the end of the world!


_Interesting Archeology

An archaeological mystery in a half-ton lead coffin

Evidence Of Ancient Egypt In The Grand Canyon 

Archeologists find unreal Mayan ruins

DNA cloning of ancient Egyptian Mummies

Swiss unearth 5000 yr old door

Burlosconis Phonecian tombs

Amazed scientists examine 10,000 yr old ALIEN pyramid

2,000 years of loyalty: Iron age dog unearthed guarding ancient treasure



_US mass spy scandal AIPAC laundry


_IRS Asked to revoke AIPACS Tax Exemption

_Aipac scandal good news 4 Obama

_Jewish billionaire funds J Street

_New Jewish lobby takes different tack

_ADL crowns Alex Jones: Conspiracy KING

_Charge the NY times with treason? - Lieberman says "look into it"

OBAMA regularly meets with lobby groups



Scientists launch invisibility cloak to hide objects

Giant space fishing net to collect orbiting garbage

Propeller rucksack the way to travel

Unilever warns of food costs to soar


100,000 Nephilim70s mass off Florida coastlines

Christine Assange demands apology from PM

Oesteoporosis drugs linked with longer life

USA gave green light for SADDAM attack on KUWAIT - Cables prove.

Mothballs damage babies brains

Why cannot USA legalise drugs? Too much money in it.. says Clinton







Reporter Drives into RADIATION ZONE


5 theories WHY we are experiencing extra earthquake activity


Another Fire at FUKUSHIMA


Japan tsunami eyewitness VIDEO


RADIATION Spiking off Japanese coast


Listen to the SOUND of the Japanese earthquake


ISRAELI security company involvement in FUKUSHIMA disaster


Nuclear Evacuation ZONE extended to 50 KM. or 30 Miles from reactor.


NUKES were being built UNDER Fukushima


REACTOR 1 Water Level Concern


FUKUSHIMA plant retired. CEO Steps down over negligence


Satellite pictures of FUKUSHIMA


Across USA radioactive iodine has been detected at hundreds of times higher than the 3 picocuries per liter level and the EPA continues to claim the levels detected are safe.


Tsunami wave smashes into Nuclear Generator


Japanese Earthquake + Tsunami Debris will arrive on US coast soon




OARFISH mass beachings just days earlier shows earthquake and tsunami are traditional enemy of JAPAN. NOT HAARP weapons


Anne Coulter says: "Radiation is good for you "... WTF?


RADIATION DETECTED in California already


US MEGA QUAKE coming soon warn Russian experts


FALSE FLAG ALERT. Israel on high alert means MOSSAD operation imminent.


First Huffington POST is exposed as zionist controlled and now: RAWSTORY


Small fish takes a big bite - Cayman islands

The horrors of AGENDA 21 at work in Florida


Hague warns Israel to soften Rhetoric


Russia hands over treasure trove of "lost" US film archives


Council DNA snoopers shown door in blitz


9-11 FIRST Responders now considered possible terrorist RISK


Effects of radiation still largely unknown on humans


Drug may help brain injuries


Man shoots at Police, customers because Taco Bell tacos no longer on special



Weekend full moon biggest in 20 years


Mike Moore attacks Obama over Libya involvement


Obama loses cool with TEXAS reporter


Study suggests outbreaks on cruise ships worse than reported


Hillary - We are losing the INFO-WAR


Chinese people who live underground


Las Vegas people who live underground

Rio Tinto makes annual 14 billion $ profit


Breast Cancer surgery to remove lymph nodes has absolutely NO EFFECT


Genetic map of prostate cancer mapped!


U.S. assisted ISRAEL in containing and watering down WAR CRIMES REPORT!


MICHIGAN state POLICE copying data from cellphones


MP's to share 150 M. bonus pot for spotting Mental Health Patients




Thers a hole in the SUN!


Is this the lost city of Atlantis?


Why NASA never went back to the ALIEN MOON


Big Brother will be recording you (And probably already is)


George Lucas says WORLD will end in 2012


Video proof that Nibiru has come and gone


Schapelle Corby could be freed immediately


Coles+ Woolies dominate Australian Shopping by 40%


Plane forced down after hole appears in FUSELAGE at 50,000 feet!


590 FEET tall triangle tower to be built in PARIS



RUSSIAS TSAR BOMBA - One of the largest most insane bombs ever built ... and eXPLODED


2 MORGAN STANLEY wives get $220 Million bailout stimulus money

Council votes out Flouride in water in Calgary


First Signs of Civil War begin in the US: Sheriff Tony DeMeo Threatens Force Against Federal Agents


GIVE MP's THE lie Detectors and Drug TESTS... Not the Taxpayers!



Palestinians Hoist Flag In DC For First Time 

ISRAEL steals Lebanese + Palestinian GAS

Israel's Top Soldier Faces 'Land Grab' Probe 




The Gaza "shopping mall": reality and hasbara

Gaza: Photographic Evidence of Extensive Israeli War Crimes

Wanted Posters Issued for Alleged Israeli War Criminals


PALESTINIANS continue to die from D/U contamination in GAZA


Canadian Zionists + their stooges

CROWD Yells "Off with their heads" + Attacks Charles+ Camillas car

The day that BIBI used murder to become Prime Minister

JiDF use typically vile attacks on their own and everyone else.

Pope hit by financial scandal - AGAIN

Pope’s child porn 'normal' claim sparks outrage among victims

Roman Catholics: The Vatican's Wealth



US NAVAL RESERVE fleet on google Earth

22 Billion $ Military Graveryard

Capitol evacuated as mystery aircraft flies over

Deaths from No Health Insurance Under Clinton, Bush, Obama


Russia aids Nato Missile sheild

Russian Military On High Alert Over N Korea

Korean Colonels hold talks in De-militarised ZONE

North Korea Threatens South With Nuclear War



Drone Strike Kills Relatives - Pak Journalist Sues CIA 


Assange Prosecutor "against MEN"

Commonwealth bank - More profits

Oz Minerals make nearly 570 million

Schools are Disease time-bombs

ANOTHER ABC Breast cancer case


Secret Biblical codes on US weapons

Ken O Keefe - Israel are breaking records Ken O Keefe Wordpress


Mt MERAPI- Indo. Live CAM

Theiss spies on its workers



SPY PEN CAMERA for $70 records 2 hrs of video and audio

Spy Pen! Digital Pocket High-definition Video Recorder MP9


HD Super High Res Spy Pen Camera 4GB





InforMedia.info - The future of News

Informedia Story: Grays Anatomy Predictive programming: Gun Massacre Read More


_Latest News


Obama stories



_Asian News May 2011 (Click Here for PAST Asian News Monthly Archives)











  • IRAQ


Mossad Murder another Iraqi Scientist

Mossad Murdered 530+ IRAQI scientists

Iraqi Abuse victims interviewed

No further troop extension in Iraq

BUSH knew Iraq intel was phoney

Iraqi Killing fields -The truth about IRAQ

Saddam says so long and thanks to CiA for all the help - FLASH Animation

Cancers in Iraq linked to US invasion

Hundreds of Iraqis protest US invasion

Iraq must decide in weeks on US troops

Hamilton soldier killed in Iraq

IRAQ to announce 12 new gas + oil field exploration licences

Christians remain beseiged at Easter in Iraq

3 more killed in Iraq violence

El Baradei claims BUSH deception over IRAQ

Bombs strike out at pilgrims in City

Iraq lawmakers demand arrested Iraqis release by US forces

US court re-instates BLACKWATER shooting case

Blackwater case - Charges revived

LUKOIL to start producing oil 2013

US urges Iraq to decide soon on troop presence



  • FIJI

Accident free Easter pleases LTA

Govt introduces sign linguist into NEWS reports

Top athletes likely dropped for not attending trials

Remedy for writers block: Come to Fiji

PNG + Fiji played key roles in Aust. war in WW2

Fiji offers education for tsunami affected Japanese students




5000 participate in Easter services in Moscow

Russia marks Easter Sunday

The crisis boosting Russias Coffers

Russia ready to mediate on Libya

Russia calls on Libya to comply with UN

Kaperskys son freed 5 kidnappers detained

Russian Police free son of Kapersky

Tycoon pays ransom for kidnapped son


IRAN-RUSSIA to co-operate on Sea Security

BP OIL kill guy Now hands on ARCTIC OIL

Russia tops emerging markets in finance despute terror attacks

EXXON Mobile drills worlds longest hole in Eastern Russia

Russia kills Al Qaeda man in Chechnya

Russia heartland in Crisis -Vodka abuse

Russia warns of Iranian Chernobyl -Stux worm

Russia becomes Turkeys export target

Russian Support For Palestinian State

Russian Coverup of Viktor Bout

Armenia - Russia bolster ties

Russia warns against using force in Libya

Medvedev + Putin losing ground in polls

Russians Want Lenin Removed From Red Square 

Neo-Nazis in Russia now..

US smashes Russia in Womens Hockey

Russia Interested in speedy de-commissioning of Chernobyl

NATO have overstepped UN mandate on Libya says RUSSIA

Siberian ALIEN a HOAX !



No survivors in landslide - Mayor

Over 60 people buried alive in landslide

Landslide search continues- hopes fading

Philippines navy rescues Singaporean yachtsman

Celebrating Easter with REAL cricifixions - VID

Street crimes down on Holy week - POLICE

Measures eyed to help poor with rising costs

Aquino - I'm Against abortion

Fears of Taal eruption allayed

Immigration head warns public ahead immigration scam

2 Soldiers held captive by NPA rebels





Gillard Seeks trade deal with Sth Korea

Trade to top talks with Gillard

Gillard addresses ANZACS in Sth Korea

Inflation rising in Sth Korea

Seoul Situates rockets near Nth Korea border

China, Japan + Sth Korea Seek Trilateral pact

Drills will lead to war Warns Nth Korea

Nth Korea warns of Madcap conspiracy

Samsung, Hyundai, Renault to recall 4 models

Sth Korea Speeds up railways roll-out as China slows down

Seoul pledges Half million $ for anti piracy trust fund

$185 mill phone scam on Sth Koreans busted

Sth Korea eyes ties with Sth Amerian countries

Childbirth in Sth Korea grows last 12 months Feb 2010-2011





Mercedes plans on smaller cars into India

India-Pakistan talks on track

Court Slams Air India but strikes continue

India has emerged Stronger over last 65 years

Pakistan has a lot to explain over Osama dead - India PM

Adani grabs a chuck of Aussie coal

Israeli Agri tech at Indias Disposal

Israel sets up 50 Mill. fund for Indian agriculture

Israel urges India to ease trade regulations

Accused sihk sues CBC for defamation

Australia welcomes deal to negotiate trade

India Banks told to set aside funds for bad unsecured loans







Lebanese Rally Against Hezbollah 

Harari sees foreign hand behind his ouster

Protestors denounce Govt for failures

Hague says abandoning trial - bad for Lebanon

Army rescues 10 trapped in labanese avalanche

French skier dies but 3 others rescued- Avalanche

Lebanon plans evacuation of citizens from Egypt

Confederate $1 Notes found in lebanon safe

In Lebanon, Egyot nationals stayed glued to phones + TV's

Arab Israeli spying for Hezbollah gets 9 years prison



_Gas from Lake threatens millions



_World News - Berlusconi














Not Birdflu again



    February 2011 NEWS Story Choice

    The ghost towns of China: This one above shows a remarkable resemblance to knights Templar logo.

  • Amazing satellite images show cities meant to be home to millions lying deserted

    These amazing satellite images show sprawling cities built in remote parts of China that have been left completely abandoned, sometimes years after their construction.

    Elaborate public buildings and open spaces are completely unused, with the exception of a few government vehicles near communist authority offices.

    Some estimates put the number of empty homes at as many as 64 million, with up to 20 new cities being built every year in the country's vast swathes of free land.

    The photographs have emerged as a Chinese government think tank warns that the country's real estate bubble is getting worse, with property prices in major cities overvalued by as much as 70 per cent

    . Read More



SOHO website Sun Observatory

Forecasters keep an eye on looming Solar MAX


Strange Solar activity

The suns protect- bubble is shrinking

Amazing photo of Suns atmosphere

Strange circle developing on the SUN

Enormous circle appears on Sun

Earthsized objects next to the SUN

Giant ET UFO near the SUN

SunStorm to hit with force of 100 bombs (rofl)

Earth Sized objects in CORONA of sun

August 1st solar eruption - vid

SOMETHING with an atmosphere blocked the SOHO sun pic on 6th Dec 2010 IE: not the moon

Astrophysics Space Weather & Earth Changes


MARS research

ICE AGES underway, MARS snow melting

Stunning MARS Gallery

AMAZING Mars gallery

Stunning NASA Photos

Mars- Planet of 1000 mysteries

Did NASA photograph trees on MARS?

NASA MARS plan send man 1-way

Ice walls that show another side of Red Planet


Near Earth Objects

Green Hartley 2 Makes close encounter closest approach 24 years

2 Asteroids come CLOSE to earth

Space telescope captures Streaking Comet

japanese probe overshoots Venus, heads off to sun

Exploding comet over UK -pics




Laws of Physics change at different places in the universe ***NEW

Hubble sees most ancient galaxy ever seen ***NEW

The 1,184 *Known* Potentially  Hazardous Asteroids **NEW

45 Million yr old yeast used in beer ***NEW

Weather Underground

Improving accuracy on RadioCarbon Dating - questioning the entire process

How Supermarket bacon is pumped full of water ** NEW

Mammoth to be cloned **NEW

Russian scientists expect increased solar radiation, not doomsday in 2012

Solar System Climate Change - 2012 Galactic Alignment

Scientists discover galaxy so far away it took its light 13.2 BILLION YEARS to reach Earth

ICE CUBE lab in Antarctica to catch and observe deep space neutrinos ***NEW

i-Phone hit with New Year glitch **NEW

Computer simulation to simulate everything on earth- the matrix? *NEW

Transparent Cement from Italy ***NEW

Quantum Computers+ relativity **NEW

NTH Pole shifting at rapid rate -2005

Scientists report mysterious shifting of earths core

Nth Pole is Moving rapidly again - VID

The Mysterious Shifting North POLE

Australian RADAR Sat LOOP .gif - LIVE

SOHO Realtime web images -Updated

Scientists capture image of X rays around bolt of lightning ***NEW

DNA reveals new set of ancestors of mankind ***NEW

Shocking New BMW ad to "burn image" onto peoples eyeballs

StarTREK STYLE ForceField Develops

Device could create real life Spiderman

Officials admit OZ Radar a shambles

Robots that can climb walls

New Spy Cam+ Striker robot Snake

US almost done on "invisibility CLOAK"

The perfect crime tool: Researchers work on ‘event cloak’

Programmable Tattoo System

Martin Aircraft to make JET PACKS

Universe in every black hole - THEORY

Every black hole -a Univervse more..

Russian Scholar Warns Of 'Secret' U.S. Climate Change Weapon - Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

Northern Lights Of Smolensk

Triple Slit experiment confirms reality is quantum...

Jessica ALBA LEAKED Pics SCIENCE Research about existential universe



Iowa photo sparks call -new cloud type
First nation Americans reached Europe 500 yrs before Columbus!

Chris Colombus was a Polish Prince

Food standards future in doubt- clones

Gas from lake threatens millions

Scientists discover Moral compass in the brain controlled by magnets

Hogan’s Noise - Science News


Why are all the viral biologists dying?

Selling Global Warming Garbage

Rare Fire tornado caught on camera

Fire and Ice: Permafrost Melt Spews Combustible Methane

Ozone no longer depleting+ will return

Worlds biggest living organism

Fema photoguy Kurt Sonnenfeld - vid

Elevated levels of Radium found @ NY

Weather Modification possibles

World Chemtrail Day



ANIMAL Kingdom Articles



Puzzling Space Ray found -Antarctica

No Time Dilation for Distant Quasars? : Discovery News

Antarctic space ray pattern discovered

Galactic star formation slowing

Hole in the Galaxy: Touching Source

Mysterious GAMMA ray bursts - NASA

Magnetosphere disintegration in 2012

GRAVITY waves bombard earth

Cosmic Dust enters Solar system

Sunspots and a new ice age

Saturn moon looks like pacman

Image Collection: From a Garage to NASA

Earth could be wiped out by supernova

Spacerocks are now "classified"
Cosmic RAYS at an all time HIGH
NASA ponders complete system crash

Man targeted by meteorites in Bosnia

Nassim Hareiman - Crossing the event Horizon - VID


Aliens could be staring us in the face

Human-looking ETs secretly in U.S.?

Giant Extra Galactic Planet found

Galaxy may contain Many earth planets

Bulgarian scientist: Aliens already here

Evidence mounting for alien life but proof not yet found

Aliens are trying to contact Earth

Voyager 1 Near Outer Edge Of Solar System 

Have aliens hijacked Voyager 2 spacecraft

Mysterious Force holds back Space probe in deep space..


in The NEWS

International Space station modules An ANIMATION

621 Earthquakes In The US In The Past 7 Days

 Sharp, Clear Night UFO Over Moscow - Vid

Weather Modification as a weapon

The biggest science breakthroughs in the last decade

When Niagra FALLS ran dry - PICS

Amazed scientists examine 10,000 yr old ALIEN pyramid

Chilean quake likely shifted earths axis

Solar Eclipse wows millions - Europe

Is a DARK JUPITER hurling space rocks at earth?

Moon crater photos in incredible detail

3 huge spaceships due to arrive in 2012 on earth - Wtf?

Northern Lights show amazing UFO

Shuttle X goes "missing:" in orbit

Where/ How astronomers can find alien life

Dying Star Article and analysis online

WAS GOD an astronaut? -THAILAND

Why Aliens Would Visit Earth

Movie script same as China UFO story

Alien Ambassador article a FAKE story

Amazing glow of a dying star slides-

Private company launching test spacecraft for NASA

Saturn rings result of cosmic murder?

The 18 Most Interesting Worlds in our Solar System

SinkHoles in NewPort Oregon


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Bali Bombings mastermind dead





_Cancer REMEDIES + help

_4000 BRITS a Day getting tummy bug






_Causes of Cancers





















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These movies chosen for their subtextual "Awakening" theme akin to 9-11 truth awakening.

Brazil - Movie Teaser

Diehard With A Vengenace

BLISS - Movie Trailer

District 9 Trailer

Lone Gunmen pilot

They Live Trailer

5th Element - Movie trailer

Dark City - Movie Trailer

Battlefield Earth - Movie Trailer

See a DOZEN more trailers here


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------------------------------------------------- False Flag Introduction


The Truth About Port Arthur Part 1

-------------------------------------------------- -Truth About Port Arthur Part 2

-------------------------------------------------- -Truth About Port Arthur Part 3

-------------------------------------------------- -Definite Evidence 11th Sept 2001 Was a Inside Job

-------------------------------------------------- -The Truth About Afghanistan

-------------------------------------------------- -The Truth About the USS Liberty Ship

-------------------------------------------------- -Truth About Antrax Attacks

--------------------------------------------- -----

The Truth About Holohoax

-------------------------------------------------- -Truth About the Lockabie Bombing

-------------------------------------------------- -The Truth About Osama Bin Laden

-------------------------------------------------- -The Truth About the Pentagon Attack

-------------------------------------------------- -The Truth About the London Bombings


The Truth About 11th Sept 2001 Attacks

-------------------------------------------------- -The Truth About Al Qa`Eda

------------------------------------------------- --The Truth Israel Did sept 11 Attacks

-------------------------------------------------- -Truth About the Hilton Hotel Bombing

-------------------------------------------------- -The Truth About Holt Disappearance

-------------------------------------------------- -Truth About Oklahoma City Bombings

-------------------------------------------------- -Jews Are Not Israelites From the Bible


Truth Media (TruthMediaToday) on Scribd





Convoy of Dump Trucks on 9-11




The Calling

Global Non Compliance

NWO The final solution

The Awakwening

The BIG picture

How hard would fake planes be?


DR Quantums Double Slit Experiment

The Science of Miracles - Gregg Braden

Bruce Lipton Fractal Evolution - As Above, So Below


George Carlin Videos

Nassim Haramein


Proof that Israel did 9-11

Mossad involved in Sept 11

Short list of criminal Spies in USA

Jane Harman caught ON TAPE making deal with israeli SPY

Jewish MILITIA groups training in USA

Boycott Israel + Get arrested

Carloss Latuff message for Palestine

JUICE NEWS on Russia Today

Why Mythbusters wont do RFID chips

LOWKEY Music Vid - Terrorist


9-11 eyewitness saw 2 explosions but no plane

Rachel Corrie 5th Grade Speech

Internet killed Israeli PR


New Osama tape threatens Obama




_Survivor: Israel are nazis

_The Canadian Zionism Question

_Netanyahu Uses "Nazi" language

_Jews hold anti-Zionist rally al-Quds

_Israel Stole Palestinian heritage

_Madsen-Israel runs congress..DC

_British Legions Visit To HITLER !

_Israel Actually Does Not Yet Exist!

_Hungary criminalises HoloDenial

_Jon Stewart defends Bush warCrimes

_ADL Abuses Helen Thomas

_Helen Thomas thrown to wolves

_Bungling at Fed Reserve printers

_INTERPOL is controlled by US/israel

_Germany fights release of Holocaust _Information naming NAMES

_US "gives up" peace on israel -

_Remember CointelPro -LENNON

_US War Vets being Murdered w/ drugs

_GITMO never closing. Broken Promise

_Gentiles exist to "serve"

_Paper defends pulling antijewish toon

_Rachel Corrie case: Soldier testifies

_Oliver Stone apologizes that " Hitlerwas Scapegoat " Remark.

_6 million died a dozen times already

_ADL crowns Alex Jones KING Nutjob

_Israel imported 25000 kids for organs

_Rabbi Eckstein-No more illegal cash

_MP Interpol under US, Israel influence

_Nazi movie shows moon UFO base

_JewishSatanic origins of freemasons

_Senators who want the internet killed

_List of Israeli War Criminals wanted

_Hungarians have glamorous anti zionist leader

_UN panel Israel did do WarCrimes

_Helen Thomas One question for OBAMA



Disquiet Dark comedy short film

Chemtrails; Pilots Revealed! Caught in the Act!

Helen Thomas on her one question for Obama

Eric Cantona: Kill the banks

NY Times Beats drums of War

In memory of Mavi marmara

Gillard Rebukes Bracken comment

Did you know> Boycott Israeli Apartheid

Tears of Gaza trailer

Mini Nuclear Explosion In Al Quoz

NJ legislators take on the TSA
Plastic to Oil Fantastic

Amazing speech by war vet

NWO plans to wipe out 90% humanity

City Escape routes being closed off
Police Brutality
NWO coming soon to you

Jim Carrey with illuminati symbol

Penn+Teller BS rebuttal

Building 7, Building What? On Geraldo Rivero

Mossad truck bombs on Sept 11

Mainstream Media Avoids facts of 9-11

Why Some sheeple dont want the truthID4 + 9-11 a Prelude part 1
ID4 + 9-11 a Prelude part 2

Daniel Estulin Bout is a pawn for ENDGAME to get at Russia

Immortal Technique and Lowkey mixed - The Menace

You are being lied to


Alex Jones Zionist Shilll

Alex Jones Says that Hezbollah is from Palestine and on Mexican Border

Alex Jones Criticism by Ryan Dawson

Are there Israeli Spies in the USA by Waybe Madsen'

TSA Follow the money by Ryan Dawson


Israels' shame




_.pdf + video downloads



_Summer Music: Too Many Ska Horns

_Everything is under control | Trillion


_YouTube - Israel the true nation ישראל

_העם האמיתי Israël le compteur nation


_When Men Become Truly Free


_Lyrics Planet - Pete Townshend

_O Parvardigar Lyrics




_Earth Sabotage



_Earth Repair


_HEMP IS EXCELLENT source of fuel

_Older patients turn to marijuana for relief

_Max Igan speaks with Rick Simpson -About the healing power of Hemp

_Stephen's Best Marijuana Moments | Proposition 19

_The Marijuana Conspiracy: The Reason Hemp Is Illegal

_Does Cannabis CURE Cancer?


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George W Bush recently announced to the world that he did indeed authorise torture on detainees, opening the way for War Crimes trials to proceed..


There has been a lot of online speculation about what exactly was it captured by an LA cameraman off the coast of Los Angeles recently. We investigate and REPORT


Kevin Bracken is the Victorian Maritime Trades Unionist that made headlines with his 9-11 comments on mainstream radio. We interview Kev the ' legend ' exclusively.


Uk Judge has ordered Mi5 are not allowed to keep the 7-7 evidence a secret anymore. Families for the first time EVER will learn SOME truth. Read More about the disclosure..


The hero of Burmese democracy before she was famous as a mum and a wife . See More Pictures...


Israeli nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu has stunned the establishment by coming forward and claiming that Israel in fact assassinated John F Kennedy.. Is he for real? See for yourself.


Russian cargo merchant has been set-up for selling missiles that never existed. Question is why did the US go to so much trouble to kidnap him? Read more and see the video..


Alan Lawson gives us a well balanced view once again of a lunatic state out of control. Watch the video:

Enemies inside the Gates


9-11 Archives

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BBC Release NEW 9-11 photos

Pentagon Scene Photos #1

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Defend America Pentagon pics #3

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Media used pentagon pics #6

Fresh KILLS dump site hi-res images JACK WHITES 9-11 photo studies

9-11 Digital ARCHIVE

WTC images H res

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More Pentagon pics #7

US Experimental craft gallery


9/11 FEMA Videographer at Ground Zero (200 Pics)


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***A MUST SEE - A tribute to the Servicemen and Women

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