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Why people think Americans are Stupid
9-11 Essentials
Nephs' Archived links
(enough to make Ron Pauls Cherry Pie Burn  and Obamas' Apple Fritters  to Implode.)
2005 IMILAC Piercing the Fog Website
2004 IMILAC Piercing the Fog Website
New York Steel Dump: RADIUM found***
Suspicious BUSH related deaths and mysteries
George W Bush fixated about "Pork"
***Israel planned Lebanon attack 1 yr advance
Firechief says victims "vaporized" Dec. 01***
Bush SHOOT EM UP Java Game
Arial Sharon says " We control America"
British Agents caught posing as "arabs"
Plame Lawyer "Commits Suicide"
9-11 Digital Archive website
Hi-RES Dept Defense 9-11 Photos
Eric Linkleter Director now 9-11 truther
Bush X-RAY Machine
Grand Daddy Bush + the Nazis
Bush-Nazi Animation **Must See**
Congress visits all paid for by APIAC to ISRAEL
Benn  Affleck calls Valerie Plame case "treason"
Bruce Willis Actor + Director now 9-11 truther
Barbara Streisand Actor + Singer  now 9-11 truther
James Brolin  Actor +  now 9-11 truther
Charlie Sheen, Actor  now 9-11 truther
Ehud Olmert Link to Sept 11th !!! ***
9-11 Truth Student Murdered
FEMA in NY on Sept. 10th
Nephs' Sites
Club Bush Site *** Torture *** FUN  *** Pretzals
Jerry Goldstein Speak out in Defence
911TruthNEWS  Osama Bin Forgotten
Aussie Insight Nephs Views and news
Solo Sniper Webzine Open page
Boot Bush Game ***FUNNY
Illuminati Card Game Co-incidence '95
9-11 Co-incidences
Band Album Cover designed in July 01 >wtc blast
14 Pre-warnings of 9-11 Unheeded
Lost NY TV footage Describes "explosions"
4000 Hebrew Speaking People Warned
What did Rupert Murdoch Know about 9-11?
US were running 5 seperate Drills on Sept.11
FBI Says "No credible evidence " to blame Osama
9-11 Appears in many films...Co-incidence?
Factivism Website
Jewish Canadian woman beaten in Israel
Marvin Bush involvement wtc Security
The Lone Gunmen Scenario FOX network
Floppy Bush Screensaver
Rogue US pilots shoot British troops
Free Talifahima Website !!!!!
Israeli Kids Signing Missles to lebanon
Amazing Penta-LAWN Flash animation
Dean Haglund From Lone Gunmen Interview
Osama Admission Tape Fraud
FOX SAys: Osama dead in 2001
Paltalk WTC Quiz # 1
Fireman from WTC7: "Bombs in the building
wtc 6 Survivor Saw Bombs going off
Daddy Bush + the Nazis
Cheney Says: "Osama not implicated"
Boycott BUSH supporting Products
Roadside Bombs Made in Israel not IRAN
US car theft ring tied to Iraqi car bombs
Killtowns Lone Gunmen Pilot Show
110% More Chutzpah!!
Real Saddam Hussein Found
Bushi the HUMAN SLAYER Movie parody
HellBoy Bush the 2nd coming
Bush parody Photos
Expose Zionist Sites
More than 60 Israelis arrested after 9-11
Enc.Britannica 1902 says 6 mill.Jews (From here)
American Hebrew magazine in 1919 mentions 6 Million Jews again.
Is the Access card dead? Or just resting?
Access card could be abused as ID card.
London Bombing
Doctored   CCtv Image used by UK Police
Evidence against Atlantic Bomb plot crumbles
Eye witness sees Agents at London Bombing
Judicial Biz exposes Zionist infiltration
How to run a "false flag terror-op"  in 10 Easy steps
England DPP says: "there is no war on terror"
Marvin Bush was in New York on Sept 11th
254 Co-incidences about Sept 11th
BBC Site shows Demolition charges on tape
Mossad Cheif Ehfram HaLevy Knew too much about 7/7
Latest News Links
Kevin Rudd dumps Howards access card !!
Lakota Indians plan to breakaway from USA treaty
***FBI plan to database everyone biometrics!!
****1000 Laywers to challenge BUSH-CHENEY
HUGE asteroid on collision course with MARS
Mamdou Habibe: ASIO wanted me as a spy!
NEVER SEEN BEFORE video of wtc sth tower strike
Paltalks Top13
4.   Ononotagains' Blog Your paltalk Dog
3.   Real Republic Lindsey_Ds' Site
2.   Nooooogies blogsite: KLATLAP
6.    Social Issues photos snaps Boaz Frankel
5.    Wikispaces Arwens Political Sociopdeia
1.   Minuet Exports' Online Chat radio
7.  Paltalk screws with 9-11 Investigation Room
9.    Worst babblings from Pals worst characters
8.    Complain to Paltalk about Ban issue
10. Paltalk Sues MicroSHAFT for tens of millions
***Prominent Zionist JEWS supported Hitler
Paltalk top 10 Archive)
Judge Judy Soundboard
Bender Soundboard
Blues MUSIC Soundboard
Nephilims weather Modification
NEPHS Movie: Hammer of God
(*The dangers of Radical Christianity) RATED R
NEPHS Movie: Hammer of God
Got a Link for here?
London Bombing survivor Daniel Obachike Comes forward
Mi6 Agent Comes clean about london Bombings
Veterans of 9-11 Truth Audio Archive DOWNLOADS
AWESOME Archive of 9-11 Audio mp3's
Download Farenheit 9-11 ONLINE FREE
Israel wants "fly over" IRAQ Airspace
Israelis buying up real estate on the moon
Jordan says : Israel Smells
Israel attempts to Hijack plane !!!!
Sad sad photos of Rachel Corry Murdered activist
BBC Film crew threatened by drunk Israeli settler
IDF Soldiers come clean about Israeli excesses
Zionist Influence on the American war machine
Just who is Rabbi Dov Zackheim?
51 Documents to prove Zionist collaberation with NAZIS
Comedy Sites
Latest Bali Bombings Evidence
FoolMeTwice YouTube page
Alex Jones on BBC "cock-up" response
BBC reported wtc 7 collapse 20 mins prior
No-one could have predicted wtc7 collapse
WTC BOMBS going off VIDEO on google
CNN 1 hour warning on wtc7 collapse
High Level Govt. people come forward
BBC Editors page overload commentary
HOW did they KNOW>?  by George Washington
BBC goof-up FULL 33 min FOOTAGE Sept 11
****New Mexico Passes IMPEACHMENT resolution
American question BUSH over 9-11
BUSH IS OVER if you want it
Making Martial Law easier for BUSH
Debunking the BBC2 Conspiracy Files
Wolfowitz wanted extra 20 Billion for 9-11
Nothing Depleted about Depleted Uranium
*** Calls For Bush to be Arrested
US Intelligence "baseless" on IRAN
BLINK 182 Frontman Now a 9-11 Truther
BUSH funnies
BBC Hit Piece: THE Jones/Avery Attack
Moussaui Evidence list
***BUSH caught funding Sunni Insurgents
The Bush-Saud Connection
Debunking the BBC hit piece
***US Bomb Blast Injures Iraqis including kids
Osama Confession tape "FRAUD"
SuperSizing the Baghdad Embassy
BUSH Spending at all time high
Pentacon Dot Com New EVIDENCE
Kentucky Teacher sent to psych Ward for 9-11
**** US BASES Global MAP
****BUSH vs. War Powers Act  Claudia Minuets article
Greenspan calls for RECESSION
Photoshopping BUSH
More Great FEATURED SITES Recommended by Nephilim:
Participation in Democracy
Australia Supports strike on Iran?  No they Dont !!
Red Cross Documents prove Holohoax
List of Prominent American Zionists
Frank Lowey caught up in Olmert FRAUD case
Israeli company MAGAL gaurding US Nukes !!
The Truth About Bali Bombings Part 1
The Truth About Bali Bombings Part 2
9-11 Photo Archives
Over 30 Bush Funnies
62 BUSH Links
9-11 PHOTO Studies..... A MUST SEE
Judy Woods archive of WTC photos ***
FOOL ME TWICE New Bali Docco from Glen Clancy
Fool Me Twice Trailer 5 Minutes
Bali truth FREE Collector Trading cards 2008
OZBOY file magazine about Bali
The Lies of Zionist Alex Jones -The NWO plan
Ozboy File Bali research Links
***Ozboy File Extensive Bali Photo Archive
FoolMeTwice Myspace page
Back in Black-Boxes Hoodwinked at Shanksville KILLTOWN
Mars - Space - NASA
Archive of past Weekly links
Sept Clues 1-4 on Brasscheck TV
Short clip on "the only filing cabinet found" from wtc 1+2
3 "Hijackers" Given easy access to USA: Visa Express
NORAD had drills pre 9-11 using planes as weapons
Tony Blairs Pro Peace Video (+ Galloway)
Nuclear Bomb almost went off in America !!
Cheney Almost Arrested
Dommie Mistress at Jewish Boys school
Giants, Nephilim, Demon google video
Calls For Bush to be Arrested
IBM, VeriChip and the 4th Reich on Youtube
Initial List of 33 Degree Masons
  Are Vitamins Killing you?
*** Levitation by sound waves!!!
Saudis had inside knowledge of Sept 11
Portlands Independent 9-11 Investigation
Hambali named as BALI "Mastermind"
Who Really did 9-11? A comprehensive list
Was 9-11 a Wolfowitz + Silverstein Job?
Was the Comptroller of the Pentagon the mastermind?
9-11 Terror Cards Full CLUB deck
No. Wait.. Amrozi named as"MasterMind"
1000's of Hi res 9-11 images
Green Party DUI Records for BUSH
Cheney_Auschwitz + Inauguration parade (lower)
Dick Cheney in Federal Marshall Custody
Burning BUSH Blogspot
Impeachment Protest wearing tinfoil hats
Borat_  Throw the Jew Down the Well
Pendelis Caves.... A Great Greek Mystery
Bush accused of rape... then accuser suicides
Stanley Meyers Water powered Dune buggy
Making Martial Law easier for BUSH
Debunking the BBC2 Conspiracy Files
What to Do in a terrorist attack SAFENOW
Wolfowitz wanted extra 20 Billion for 9-11
Nothing Depleted about Depleted Uranium
  64 bit Pixel Bionic EYE
Katrina = "Finding Vs. Looting"
Why people think Americans are Stupid
US Intelligence "baseless" on IRAN
AIPAC gives All Senators All expense trip to ISRAEL
NASA 2004: Someone or something cleaned Rover!!
Project LUCIFER Clip
Carl Sagan against Nuclear Power. Was he hushed up?
Richard Hoaglands Research Site
Cartoons more important than Security Policy in Iraq
Download Betty Boop Cartoons
Every 9-11 Truther is a Zionist agent !! wtf ?
***Zionist control of the media By: Christopher Bollyn
***A Bugs life- Zionist Control Analogy
1919 Mention Holohoax: 6 million Jews MIRROR Site
Marines Bust (UP)  Mercenaries in IRAQ
Pentagon caught trying to frame IRAN
US Aide caight saying "I hate all Iranians" to UK MP
Bush warns of Zombie Attacks
Has Condi gone mad with guilt?
*** Is JUBA the sniper actually an ISRAELI Mossad?
Mossad able to frame arabs in US attack (from sept 10th 2001)
***PROOF that Israelis are from Khazakstan
JudeoFascist Authoritarians and the war on Terror
911 days between Sept 11 and Madrid train bomb
*** IntelCenter Producer of "terrorist Al Qaeda videos"
Bush prepares for war with space aliens. SERIOUSLY !!
Bush is the new Saddam Hussein !!! (parody cover)
**Saddam Says to CIA: So long and thanks for the memories..
48 Albums of Stock Images Resources
Rosie O Donnell Now a 9-11 truther
David Lynch (Twin Peaks) Now a 9-11 Truther
New Port Arthur Links Page Under Construction
We The People
Radio Show
only Presented by C Kemp Every Mon Wed + Sat nights
Some 9-11 Put options linked back to Israel!
***Hi-5  Dancing Israelis were "Mossad" agents !!
Evidence builds on Alex Jones-Zionist connection
USA threatens Indo 1 day before Bali bombing
Indo intelligence set up terror groups.
Internet censorship starts !!
List of Zio-Jews That Assist in controlling the world
44 Clips of Sept 11 Planes in 1 Video
Federal Police warns of cloned ROBO-CRIMS !
Bin Laden ALWAYS Denied Sept 11th Attack !!
Police found suspicious van packed with explosives on 9-11 near wtc
Multiple Police reports of vans full of explosives
Jewish news CONFIRMS 5 Israeli Spies were Mossad !
Portlands Independent 9-11 Investigation
Who Really did 9-11? A comprehensive list
Was 9-11 a Wolfowitz + Silverstein Job?
on one page
Global Webcasters FREE Downloads
Downright Freaky-Deaky
1993-95 Cartoon: EXOSQUAD  vs. the Neo-Sapians Plot to microchip all humans
NWO agenda plot shown in '93 cartoon
The Strange background of John O'Neill
Who exactly had it in for John O'Neill?
What were the circumstances leading up to his untimely death?
Where was he supposedly working when he died?
What US attack did he investigate?
The background Info on John O'Neill is right here:
Nerves might run on sound not electricity !!
Agenda 21 Underway?
Script happy Doctors accused of poisoning Elderly!!
Australian Pandemic threatens
800 people die in 1 month from flu in one state!
Children Dieing from mystery Illness
Flu cases approaching 10 yr high: WHO
Experts urge calm after flu deaths
David Hicks released from Yalata Prison
Zionists proclaim Jews are smarter than everyone else!!
What really happened at Camp Falcon In Iraq?
Alex Jones info
MORE suspicious evidence on Alex Jones
Germans break the speed of Light !!
American spy satellite shot down over Peru?
Rent-A-Space Shuttle or astronaut suit
Aust Govt pushes for more web censorship
USA Nth American Union  Amero coin designs
Blackwater run by State Dept. (unofficially)
9-11 Mysticism and Occultism in the mega-event
Company pitches land "outside blast zone" in DC
Did the military foil bombing of IRAN?
BUSH ARRESTED IN Australia !!! (Parody)
10 Soldiers a day denied Veterans Benefits !!
Federal Police warns of cloned ROBO-CRIMS !
Bush personally Ordered Abu Grahib TORTURE !!
Police email: TEST powers to ARREST Anyone!
Kansas Cemetary too full to put Army dead from Iraq
Latest 9-11 Evidence
9-11 Eye witnesses were paid actors??
Involvement of Republican Zionists in 9-11
**New Footage not seen before of wtc
CKemps Radio Show: We the People
Sept Clues Series of Video Clips **MUST See
Justice for 9-11 Video
Keith Olbermann Comments Sept 11 2007
Chasers War - 9-11 Questions to Americans
History Channel Hitpiece debunked
7 Ex Cia Agents Question Sept 11 Official theory
Media+ Google blacklists BBC 9-11 story
New Attorney General help coverup Sept 11
Hillary+Guiliani tied to the dancing Israelis!!
Al Qaeda airlift out of danger zone ?? WTF?
BUSH protecting 9-11 Pakistani ISI Funders!!
Bin Laden Myth to sell 10 million dead figure. (06)
Watch ENDGAME online right HERE !!!
CIA think that Bombs brought down the WTC towers
After a 12 month research-Investigation between Glen Clancy, Nephilim70 and Robert S. Finnegan I am now proud to present the first few incredible Documentaries that have surely given birth to the Bali-truth  in Australia, and signal a Death-Bell for the careers of lying  AFP officers also including Ralph Boyce the Bush-Monkey.
Official Pakistan Bhutto Death theory="pack of lies"
First reports: Bhutto Just injured
West far too quick to point finger over Bhutto killing
Police abandon their posts just before assassination
Musharrif to announce a "lone nut" responsible
Bhutto killed in sniper attack. 5 Shots Fired
No Wait Bashir named as "Mastermind"
No. Wait.. Nordin M Top named as "MasterMind"
No Wait Samudra named as "Mastermind"
No. Wait.. Donald Duck named as "MasterMind"
No. Wait.. John Howard named as "MasterMind"
FARUQ = CIA asset. Dead men tell no tales.
C4 found at Bali Site. Evidence points to Military
Sydney Indy Media Covers Fool Me Twice
Herald lies after Finnegen gets deported from Indo
No. Wait.. AZAHARI named as "MasterMind"
No. Wait.. another one named as "MasterMind"
No. Wait.. yet another one named as "MasterMind"
No. Wait.. can I be blamed  as "MasterMind"?
US-Israeli connection to Bali By Wayne Madsen
Dermott Brereton almost killed in Bali Blast
FoolMeTwice on Godlike forums
CIA bomb discussed on LetsrollForums
No. Wait..MUKHLAS named as "MasterMind"
Was Space shuttle "SHOT DOWN?" by UFO?
Alien in a jar.  WTF?
Israel Very quick to blame Bin Laden
***Zionists in Kevin Rudds' Government. hmmmm
John Howard = Israels best friend
Israeli Press quick to blame Bin laden for Bali (3rd para.)
What is actually wrong with Alex Jones?
Is Alex Jones a Zionist disinfo artist?
Alex rips off Bill Coopers research !!
Why? 2K . Strange things at the Circle K by SealLion
Wtc 7 collapses faster than freefall. WTF>?
4 days after 9-11 Bill Cooper asks: Who benefits?
9-11 Survivor describes explosions
Zackheim and the missing Trillions after 9-11
Rookie in charge of pentagon on 9-11 gets promoted
Malkin questions 9-11 theory (before FOX)
Who signed Sakher Hammads wtc Pass?
Meet Brig. Gen. Montague Winfield @ Pentagon
Michael Zebhur - 9-11 Truther Murdered
Who benefits from Bhutto assasination?
Bhutto said she'd blame Musharraf if killed !!
Bhutto Sacrificed at exact moment of US-Musharraf deal struck
25 Articles + links about the Bin Laden myth
Sibel Edmonds FBI translator webpage
Rare Pentagon Footage never seen before
Jerome Hauer Connections
Jerome Hauer Gets advised from Israeli Military
Download 9-11 Truth Cards TODAY FREE!
Desert Storm Certificate mentions New World Order
Plane teacher: Hijackers could not fly at all
REMOVED from Net
REMOVED from Net
The REAL culprits behind 9-11 (A list)
CIA Storage Site for "Terrorists videos"
Global Incidents Map. Where will it happen?
FAKED Al Qaeda footage MSNBC sold as new
MSNBC wrongly reports "New" 9-11 footage
Arabesque Blogspot. Brilliant 9-11 information
Real Truthers REAL Information
2004 Story on Sibel Edmonds. A real Hero!
***Passenger List Anomalies !! MUST SEE!!
Some 9-11 Put options linked back to Israel!
***Hi-5  Dancing Israelis were "Mossad" agents !!
9-11 Truth Goal: Discredit, Divide and Conquer
DoomsDay Plane flying on Sept 11 !!
Watch LOOSE CHANGE 3 online right HERE !!!
Retired USAF Col. pictures Archive **MUST SEE
Passenger Phonecall information pictures From Airlines
Don't EVER drink from Hotel glasses !!
BUSH +Homeland Secu. at Omagh Shoot Site PRIOR
The Omagh Shooter was a Confused, alienated depressed guy with and low self esteem, long hair and a sweatshirt  who went on a lone-nut Gun rampage in a public place
Many lipsticks CONTAIN LEAD !
Warnings on popular Sleeping Drug !
40% of smokers are mentally ill
London Bombing
Doctored   CCtv Image used by UK Police
Evidence against Atlantic Bomb plot crumbles
Eye witness sees Agents at London Bombing
How to run a "false flag terror-op"  in 10 Easy steps
England DPP says: "there is no war on terror"
Mossad Cheif Ehfram HaLevy Knew too much about 7/7
London Bombing survivor Daniel Obachike Comes forward
Mi6 Agent Comes clean about london Bombings
NEW!! 9-11 Truther Cards FREE DOWNLOAD
NEW!! bali Truther Cards FREE DOWNLOAD
with a fully auto assault rifle on a day when Gun laws were being reviewed by Govt. and was possibly set up by Security teams... hmmm... Why does this sound familiar?
Powerlines a luekemia risk TO KIDS !!
Blueberry Cordial helps fight CANCER !
Indonesias "Tree-Man" gets treatment
Is the Omagh shooter the same guy they see in the Mall?
The Truth about the CIA-Facebook connection
New evidence Mobile phones DO cause cancer!
Aussie Links
Medical Links
Doomsday Seed Vault. Another Rockefella idea
McDonalds fine people $250 for parking too long
Ashen remains of Sodom+Gommorrah
US Treasury runs disaster drills in Florida
Asio are becoming UNACCOUNTABLE
Beck scrolls "Paul is dead" During Ron Paul interview
Doomsday Seed Vault. Another Rockefella idea
Americas Air defense in shambles. 450 fighters grounded
Experts fear Endless "War on Terror"
Japan readies for Space Alien attack
The scene that was cut from the Movie: SICKO
Will Smith sees "good"  in Adolf Hitler
Japanese undersea City with Pyramids !!
Media Ownership report
Middle -Ages Robot that wrote POEMS!!
11.  Paltalk color icons Guide List
Military Links
Fun With STAR WARS *** Must see!
Car Goes Backwards Downhill.  WTF?
Hours and Hours of Imilac rants. A MUST for the groupies
*** neo_Nazi HATE Site CAUGHT linked to Israel !!
Former Italian President Now a 9-11 truther
Head Bishop Says: "9-11 Was an Inside Job"
FREE 9-11 truthcards
12. Paltalk Icons and Symbols assistance
13.  Lady Arwens new HACKER sets rules.
***Israeli -Mossad History of false flag Black OPS
***Zackheim ARMS dealing links with Israel
***Wolfowitz returns to Whitehouse as WMD advisor!
Daddy Bush visits Skull+Bones Buddies
**Daddy Bush caught trying to steal off Citibank !!
Shots came from "Musharraf election office !"
Bhutto on David Frost: Bin laden ALREADY DEAD!! (Nov. 07)
***List of Zionist Infiltrators in WhiteHouse Admin
***US TROOP DEAL Struck same day as killing...
***Video of CIA agent assassinating BHUTTO !!must see
Extreme Destops
Jo Blos Movie Posters
Updated Jan10 '08
Desktop Extreme
Internet Weather Censorship
Planet X Nibiru ? Spotted? Already?
2012 Personal and Planetary changes.
Planet X further Information
Chilling Effects
Treblinka Nazi "Death Camp" Fraud
Treblinka Hoax
MAYA Calender ending = Y2K? or just a New Year?
Police seize 1000 weapons in Bathurst NSW
Police Taser 4 people in 2 days in QLD !!
Medical ID straps in hospital carry deadly bacteria !!
Kevin Rudd says: "Kill the Terrorists" !!
***Ampulex Compressa the Zombie-maker wasp
SETI Search ramps up Home processors again !
Planet X and the Pole Shift