Mt Merapi volcano toll at 304

Merapi death toll at 304

Posted By Steve Johnson | November 22nd, 2010 | Category: Asian Regional NEWS


Mt Merapi - Indonesias latest vulcan threat
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Mount Merapi, Indonesia: The number of deaths caused by recent eruptions at Indonesia's most volatile volcano has risen to 304. Slamet Sugiono from the National Disaster Management Agency said yesterday the toll climbed after some victims succumbed to severe burns and illnesses linked to the eruption.

Also, more ash-buried bodies have been found on the slopes of Mount Merapi. The volcano started erupting late last month after years of dormancy.

The most significant blast on November 5 was Mount Merapi's deadliest in decades.

Weak threat

The agency says volcanic activity has declined sharply and Merapi's current eruptions are not strong enough to endanger people.

Half of nearly 400,000 evacuees have returned home in recent days.


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