Baphomet - The Meaning

This symbol is typically worn on the arm or the forehead.

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Human female Baphomet representation Link to Above Image


Information Concerning The Symbol of the Star of Baphomet

Monday 20th June 2011 Updated April 2012

Posted By The Editor

The Star of Baphomet

What exactly does it mean?


When most people see a 5 pointed star they usually think of a harmless twinkle twinkle star or a kids star drawing.

They dont fully comprehend that geometric shapes have deeper vibrational meanings that shift across the consciousness, and reverberate resoundingly across infinity of our reality experience. everything we absorb into our lives we assist to become manifest.

They dont realise what the symbol TRULY stands for and how the 5 pointed star with a circle (pentagram) is an ancient design of an ancient satanic deity called Baphomet. At one stage like most ancient symbols this was sacred geometry for purposes of holy nature only.


These days it is used and misused purposefully..

(Click Above picture to read more about Satanism the pop music industry)

We AIM to break down the misconceptions and offer evidence of agenda being played out RIGHT NOW called Divide and Conquer. AGENDA 21 De-population in the name of a Devil and satanic worshipping symbol then seems to be everywhere..


Well meaning POLICE officers unaware of who or what they are serving are willing to wear this 5 pointed star symbol on their foreheads or on their shoulders. All for a bag full of literal 30 pieces of Silver coins a week.




Just as many serving officers do so to better the community. Many more are there just to inflict misery on people in general. They are the ones who seem to get promoted.



They should really BE AWARE and know full well about the symbol they are carrying on their cap or hat next to their central shakra point, or whos ARMS they allow this symbol to be adorned upon, even whose policies they are enforcing, and pushing onto citizens and who they are really serving when they follow "orders" to take away freedoms from other human beings by force.

They carry on their uniform a logo, an ancient symbol that has been used for evil thousands of times over. Yet for a simple weekly wage, many young men and women gladly wear this symbol in their work logo without realising its full meaning and symbology behind what they are supporting.


MANY Smart officers are leaving the UK FORCE Police because they are NOW aware of what they were serving and assisting the world to become: A PRISON AND A GRAVEYARD FOR HUMANS. Heres two former Police officers with over 20+ years Policing experience telling us whats REALLY GOING ON



The Pentagram

5 pointed Star, Pentacle, Pentagram, the use of this symbol has varied throughout the ages, from Satanic Black magic occultism to labelling on Modern Machines of warfare, Tarot cards (lower) right down to street Police logos.

The very insert piece of the Pentagonal shape is the structure known as the Pentagon, this counternamed structure in US policy it is the place where militarists plan on whom will die and which human beings to bomb and kill next.



How about the U.S. Congressional Medal of Honor;

The highest honor given to our soldiers? All 5 pointed upside down Pentagrams....

Think about it.. The more people a soldier kills the "braver" he is considered... For being the bravest and killing the Most more than anyone.. soldiers and sailors are given a shiny Baphomet star on a blue ribbon to say "well done killer ! Baphomet is around your neck now...."

More Medals and the symbological meanings at the end of this article...






The earliest recorded use of the pentagram as a mystical symbol was recorded in the book Symbols of Prehistoric Mesopotamia by Beatrice Laura Goff , the pentagram is shown and related to the Uruk (Biblical)Eriech) period of Mesopotamian civilization (3500 B.C).


This sign is located on potsherds in the location of Uruk (near the mouth of the Gulf), and is in the company of signs relating to the beginning of written lagnguage. In the book Symbols of the Gods in Mesopotamian Art by E.Douglas Van Buren, we find the Pentagram belonging to the archaic period UrukIV, and more frequently on Jemdet Nasr(3100-2900B.C>.E.) and Proto-Elamite tablets (3000-2500B.C.E.).

The titlesuggested for the sign is revealing, UB , 'explained as "the very sign used in the royal inscriptions to designate, in a somewhat obscuretitle, a power extending to the 'four corners of the world''. These points are the four corners of the compass.

It was a symbol of reverence for The Greeks also from 1000 BC on for them, the pentagram was also a symbol of the Ammon, which is Pan.

Thrace, Cherronesos, circa 400-350 BC, AR Hemidrachm. Lion / Pentagram and VE monogram

Lucania, Velia, ca 350-400 BC, Didrachm. Head of Athena, helmet shows griffin ornamentation / Pentagram.

SAMNIUM, Beneventum, 265-240 BC, Æ 20mm. BENVEN-TOD, laureate head of Apollo / PR-O-P-OM, horse prancing right; pentagram above.



MYSIA, ca 4th Century BC, Head of "Zeus Ammon" / Pentagram. In some designs the head of Zeus Ammon is replaced with Head of Bacchante or ophamlos entwined by a serpent.



Pentagram on reverse of a small bronze coin (AE10) from Pitane, Mysia, 4th-3rd cent, BC. Letters around the pentagram spell PITAN (Serpent).

.It was later used by the Gnostics, who called it the Blazing Star. It was also considered by Christians during the middle ages to be a symbol of the Five Wounds of Christ, and used as a protective glyph, generally as a variation on the Seal of Solomon (a Star of David within a circle).

In all its ancient uses, The Pentagram depicts a Supernatural force, a reptile, a Snake or Serpent, relating to God or the Gods and enforcing domination over a people by rule and by commerce. The Coin.


This is what they use to make people turn against each other. Pay a person a weekly wage and they will gladly execute your will upon others, the simple bag of coins at the end of the week will guarantee servitude and compliance without question.


People of the uniform have effectively sold their soul to serving the beast in order to get a weekly handout compliance reward from the system set up to serve the beast.

 THE BEAST being Baphomet. The symbol The Star one and the same deity.




Worshipped and revered by Masons, Rosicrusians and occult groups for centuries...



- The association of the pentagram with non-Christian belief, and its modern "elemental" analysis, were evidently introduced during the revival of occultism in the 17th and 18th centuries. The Masons and similar groups such as the OTO took it up--for example, A.E. Waite is
the person who introduced the symbol into the Tarot deck, replacing the traditional suit of Coins.


- The use of the "inverted" pentagram to denote evil is a quite recent usage, and first appears in the works of Eliphas Levi. He is also the source of the "goat's head" glyph. Before this, neither orientation had evil connotations per se.



- The modern pagan movement picked up the pentagram as part of a general borrowing from earlier "occult" usage, and Wicca in particular hastaken it up as an explicit denotational symbol, similar to the
cross, the Thor's hammer, and so on.



The Freemasons Symbol



The Esoteric Darker Side of this Symbol






 Even in crop circles:




 Notice the Nice Baphomet head on Baroness Rothschilds Necklace and wonder... or is this one the horned god?

She has a few versions of it... apparantly




Lets take a closer look at it's darker implications

Usage In Satanic Black Mass






Modern Machines of War

Above we have the WW2 Sherman Tank. Adorned with a White Pentagram symbol. A Machine of war , soley created to destroy and kill humans labelled with a logo of the beast.

Below, A Russian tank equal with the same star... different Colour.

Russian Tank

Chinese Tank

Vietnamese Tank






THE ORIGINAL U.N. Concept...

Was originally called the League of NATIONS.

Here is their symbol. A bit too obvious dontcha' think?




What exactly does it mean?

Even Washington Statues have hidden Baphomet meanings...








Madonna at the Superbowl


 Lady TWITStick









The illuminati MUSIC industry

 More at VIGILIANT Citizen.com















 EVEN THE STREETS OF THE AUSTRALIAN CAPITOL CANBERRA are dripping with Masonic and illuminati symbology

The VERY street designs represents a massive illuminati pyramid. With the capstone sitting over parliament house.




The PYRAMID Design is said to emulate the SACRIFICIAL PYRAMIDS that the Aztecs used...

Down the center of the scrificial pyramids were always a red river of blood denoting the permanent lives being killed in honor of the deity.




Down from the Parliament House we can see the RED Avenue leading to the WAR MEMORIAL



Australians are taught from a young age that We remember the Diggers who "sacrificed their lives" to keep us free at the Australian War memorial in Canberra.

Sacrificed indeed








Pictured Above: John Kerry Meeting with High Priest of the Church of Satan and Author of the Satanic Bible the late Anton La Vey at a fundraiser. Behind them both is star of Baphomet.









Even more recently is the scary concept of creating a fake star over the former 9-11 Twin Towers Site in New York City in the shape of a 5-pointed star, Read More about this crazy idea.

Why on earth would they want to unless to gloat over their own victory for getting away with murdering humans in the most televised live broadcast of mass murder in modern history.

Archived at..

Read full story here



More Logo and OCCULT symbols information



Looking down on the Nativity scene in St Peter's Square are an original Egyptian obelisk and the Babylonian-inspired Christmas tree.

Emperor Caligula transported the obelisk from Egypt in the first century and erected it in the Caligula Circus (later the 'Nero Circus' or the brilliantly appropriate 'Vatican Circus') and it was moved to its present site in 1586.



The ancient Greek historian, Diodorus, reports that Queen Semiramis erected a 130-foot obelisk in Babylon and it was associated with sun worship and represented the phallus of the sun god Baal or Nimrod.
Some Masonic researchers say that the word 'obelisk' literally means 'Baal's shaft' or 'Baal's organ of reproduction'. It is for this reason that the obelisk also represents the Illuminati bloodlines.

It is no accident that the major Illuminati cities of Rome, London, Paris and New York all have original Egyptian obelisks, or that Washington DC has the biggest obelisk in the world, the Freemasonic Washington Monument.

Nimrod, Semiramis and Tammuz became known under countless names throughout the world and unravelling the story is much simpler once you realise that all the different names are actually the same deities. Among the aliases of Semiramis, for example, are Aphrodite, Venus, Artemis, Diana, Athena, Minerva, Demeter, Ceres, Gaea, Terra, Hera, Juno, Hestia, Vesta, Cybele, Fortuna, and Rhea or Ops, the wife and sister of the Greek horned-god Kronos (Nimrod).

Christmas was the Babylonian - 'pagan' - mid-winter festival and commemorated the death of Nimrod/Tammuz who represented the sun which 'died' at the winter solstice when it reached the lowest point of its
power in the northern hemisphere. Three days later, on what became our December 25th, they celebrated the 'birth' of the sun (Nimrod/Tammuz), hence that was the 'birthday' given to 'Jesus', another sun symbol.


This is why in St Peter's Basilica in Rome they have placed 'StPeter's Chair' under a massive depiction of the sun (Nimrod/Tammuz) and in the centre is the dove (Semiramis). The inner elite of the church know what all this symbolism really means, but the rest are
told to believe the fairytale or they will go to hell.

SUN of God


St Peter's Basilica is built in an east-west direction in accordance with the movement of the sun across the earth. Below is the inside of the Dome of St Peter's - another sunburst associated with ancient sun worship.


Illuminati symbol on Christian Church logo


The circle of St Peter's Square, with its eight rays, represents the goddess, Semiramis or Ishtar, and the obelisk in the centre is Nimrod. Everywhere you look around the Vatican City you see Babylonian symbolism of goddess and sun god worship. Interestingly, students at
theological college are called seminarians, which comes from the Latin 'seminarium' or 'seed-bed'. Semiramis was known in similar terms as the mother, or 'seed-bed', of the gods. The word seminary is also used in reference to Jewish and Muslim religious centres of higher 'education' and the Mormons, too.

The main man behind the global emergence of Christianity was Emperor Constantine who made it the state religion of Rome and oversaw the Council of Nicaea in 325AD that decided what Christians should believe
to this day. The doctrine is still called the Nicene Creed.
Constantine worshipped a deity called Sol Invictus - the Unconquered or Invincible Sun - so the 'new' Christianity was all very familiar to him.

Constantine converted Rome's pagan Pantheon ('Temple to all the gods') into a Christian church and changed the names of its statues of gods, demigods and goddesses to those of 'Christian' saints. One statue of Jupiter (Nimrod) apparently became 'St Peter' and certainly the fast and feast days of the Babylonian gods became 'Saints' Days. Note, by the way, the sun wheel over the head of old 'Pete' in this Vatican statue - the real meaning of the halo.


So the 'Christian' holy days and festivals are the same as those in Babylon. Semiramis under her name Ishtar (pronounced Eastar or Ester) gave us Easter and the Easter egg comes from the fact that she claimed to have come to the earth from the moon in an egg; Lent originates from the Babylonian period of 40 days to commemorate Tammuz and the Easter ham comes from the myth that Nimrod/Tammuz was killed by a wild pig.

In Babylon, the pine tree, or Christmas tree, represented Nimrod. A log - the 'Yule Log' - was thrown on the fire to symbolise his death and, on what became our Christmas Day, his resurrection was symbolised as a tree with decorations and presents. In the Old Testament, we are
told in Jeremiah 10: 3:
'For the customs of the people are vain; for one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman 4; They deck it with silver and with gold, they fasten it with nails and with hammers that it move not.'

In the major courtyard of the 'Christian' Vatican we therefore have the biggest sculpture of a pine cone anywhere in the world.

It is an ancient representation of  Nimrod and behind it is the Vatican seal with the two cross keys, 'St Peter's Keys to Heaven' that are actually the keys to the pagan mysteries said to have been held by the god Janus (Nimrod) and the goddess Cybele (Semiramis).

Babylon gave its trinity to Egypt and so we have Osiris-Horus-Isis, the Egyptian father, virgin-born son and mother. Above is an Egyptian symbol of Osiris (Nimrod) in the form of a pine cone.


And here is the Greek version of Nimrod/Tammuz, known as Dionysus, carrying the pine cone staff ...

... just like the popes do still to this day.

The mitre headgear of the Pope and the big-wigs of the Christian Church are the fish-head symbols of Nimrod, who was also known as Dagon, the fish god.

Nimrod or Dagon, the fish god of Babylon, and the mitre worn by the popes The key 'Christian' symbol of the cross, you won't be surprised to know by now, is not 'Christian' at all. It was the symbol of Nimrod/Tammuz and was widely used throughout the world thousands of
years before the mythical 'birth of Christ'.

The Babylon connection is not confined only to the Roman Church and Christianity in general. The Illuminati has created and manipulated many religions to confuse and control the people. Semiramis, which means 'branch bearer', evolved from an earlier Indian deity, Sami-Rama-isi or Semi-Ramas. The texts of the Jewish religion were put together after the Jewish captivity in ... Babylon. Judaism, of course, has enormous connections with Christianity, and Islam also has fundamental links to both of them with its belief in Jesus and Abraham, among many other things.

Below is an ancient depiction of the sun god, Shamash, and the moon-goddess, Nanna, from the land of Ur (Sumer/Babylon/Iraq) from around 2000 BC. Alongside is the international symbol of Islam.

The Illuminati bloodlines that came out of Babylon and Sumer, relocated to Rome and then expanded worldwide through the European colonial empires and others, have employed their symbolism throughout our societies and not just with religion. Note the pyramid and eye symbol at the top of this 'religious' art in the Vatican .


... and then look at the pyramid and all seeing eye on the dollar bill ...

This is an ancient symbol of the Illuminati and can be found on the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States, which was created by Freemasons who knew what it all meant. The Illuminati are obsessed with their history and symbolism and it is placed all around us under
cover stories like the Statue of Liberty.


Mithra (left) - Statue of Liberty (right)



Paris (centre)

The object in the woman on the left hand is a reed bundle lashed with an axe known as a fasces. A symbol of facism.



Lady Liberty indeed












Again with the fasces reed...

Harry Truman Freemason 33rd degree



The Queen (Dame of Malta) with cross of Malta robe


The pope in his Maltese CROSS outfit

Same as the IRON CROSS :

WW1 German Iron Cross

Same as the UK Victoria Cross Medal.. The Symbology is the same..


UK's Victoria CROSS


Those ' brave' men that kill more human beings than most.

THE MORE people you kill the bigger shinier 5 pointed star you get as a reward.. in the USA

US Medal of Honor (ARMY)

We decorate their chests with the symbol of the beast they killed in the name of. A blood ritual act.


Upside down Star of Baphomet surrounded by a circle. Doesnt get much more satanic than that.

Medal of Honor ( NAVY)

Dude doesnt look masonic by any chance does he?




The Bronze Star



PESIDENTIAL MEDAL of FREEDOM: (Inverted israel flag colors on the ribbon and Maged David in the centre)

Of course which war criminals get these? Only the biggest..

Between Howard Blair and BUSH we can account nearly 2 million dead Iraqis and 7 million dead Afghanistan people, hundreds of thousands more Libyans also...






Dept of DEFENCE Meritorious Service



Dept of DEFENCE Superior Service










Belgium Bravery Medal WW2

Senegal Medal of bravery


Bosian Medal of Bravery


Distinguished Flying Cross Medal


NWO inspired WAR ON TERROR global gridlock MEDAL


Presidential Citizens Medal







Even the Purple Heart carried 3 baphomet stars on it


Seeing all this symbology linked with evil and esoteric subjects, does it not make you question : Why? Exactly do Police sometimes seem to have "an Agenda" to get someone...? Or a particular "urge to bust one particular person"... (A POI or person(s) of interest )


Seeing all this linkage to devil worship and satanism, does it not make you concerned when you see an inverted (upside down) pentagram beneath the W.A. and VICTORIAN Police logo so plainly visible?



The Laurel Wreath is a Symbol of Victory, with the Baphomet symbol over it shows the Devils Victory over the state, using the laws of the crown on top to win victory.



Is this not a reason to make you stop and think?


Whats really going on here?


Whos' will is being served here?


What agenda is being enacted?


Whos POLICEis are REALLY being FORCED onto people by the POLICy enFORCErs ?

 Think hard, think deep about whom you are serving. If its not Christs Agenda or Gods agenda of personal spiritual empowerment.....

Whos is it really?

The corrupt members of the Police force are causing untold anxiety and pain to members of society. It is indeed HIGH-Time to make them accountable.





End of article.

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