fort hood false flagFort Hood False Flag attack

The Texas army base shooting was a Psy-Op

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(pic ABOVE: Armed Infantry pour into Fort Hood)

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Was Major Hassan Nidal set-up?


The attack on an American base at Fort was a disturbing tragedy and a very TRAGIC incident. However as with all false flag attacks. The initial facts of the story get lost after the first flurry of reporting.



SouthEastAsiaNews.org Texas Correspondent

January 17th , 2010 12:09am

Pictured ABOVE: Lieutenant General Bob Cone speaks to the media during a news conference at Bernie Beck Gate in Fort Hood.





One thing that has ALWAYS been the same with these false flag attacks is that soon after the story twists and changes. Facts and figures get changed around and the story inevitably turns into a tall tale.

We saw on 9-11 the initial FAA Press release of the shooting death of Daniel Lewin the supposed first death on 9-11, the passenger on flight 11

(And so happened to be Mossad agent and Sayert Merkal - The crack israeli anti arcraft hijackings squad. Daniel curiously enough is still the CEO of Akamei.net the largest secure server farm in the world with clients such as Yahoo.com, microsoft.com, google.com and other military clients).

The Press release was about 2 hours later very quickly detracted and re-released as " a box cutting knife wound to the neck " when the FAA suddenly had to remember the official version HAD NO GUNS onboard.


Likewise in the Uk false flag event of 7/7/05, the 07:40 am train going into London was always used by intelligence agencies as definitely the train the suicide bombers used to deliver their targets.

Only problem was, that train was cancelled on that day.

Also on the day, the Police announced by press release they had shot dead three suspected suicide bombers in the Calvary wharf area (the three backpacking patsies they eventually blamed). 2 hours later they withdrew the press release and disavowed any knowledge of the story. The twisting turning tall tales of terror.


These stories have been buried in the public collective memory hole since they happened.




With the case of the Fort Hood Shootings, the media neatly wrapped it all up for the reading consumers within 24 hrs.


On November 5th a Muslim objector to the Iraq and Afghanistan occupations took two handguns and began shooting his fellow military servicemen and women. Sounds simple enough. Especially when there is supposed evidence to show anti-American sentiments...this BELOW being used as DIRECT EVIDENCE of his hatred for America:

With the trial soon to start and already they are assessing the mental capacity of the accused to stand trial.

Fort Hood suspect's lawyer seeks mental exam delay

The Associated Press
Monday, January 25, 2010; 9:24 PM

FORT WORTH, Texas -- An attorney for the Army psychiatrist accused of going on a shooting rampage at Fort Hood said Monday he wants his client's mental evaluation delayed citing a potential conflict of interest with the exam panel. Read More....





It's not so much what the media reports, it is more about the facts the media OMITS in its reporting.

With this in mind.. A number of things begin to stand out as we build a profile of Fort Hood shooting that looks for all intents and purposes like a false flag attack.

As luck would have it.... As news of the shooting surfaced, on November 5th 2009, at that very particular time I just so happened to be sitting in a researchers chatroom discussing research with other chatters and investigators including myself and Ozboy.


We all immediately sourced some local news feeds and live tv coverage of the event and all of us poured over the links and feeds that were coming out of Fort Hood, digging into the records available on Nidal Malik Hasan. Within minutes we had 3-4 simultaneous feeds of what was happening... All from Emergency Service Reports to local radio internet feeds...


Getting everything we possibly could and archiving it. The amazing advantage was that we could all source immediate raw data on the accused, untainted and untampered with.


3 shooters were initially reported, a major and 2 other shooters.. One even being arrested on a nearby golf green in full combat fatigues.



Fort Hood Suspect Arrested at Nearby Golf Course, Was With Hasan

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| November 6, 2009 at 12:11 pm
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A surviving Fort Hood suspect was reported to have been caught at a nearby golf course according to a senior officer who was playing golf yesterday evening near Fort Hood in Texas

The name has not been released at this time but this person is believed to be one of the two surviving suspects of the shooting and was reported to be with Malik Nadal Hasan.

The officer who was on the golf course said that military police arrived at the facility and told him and others to clear the course and about 30 to 40 cars carrying the police arrived. The officer said he ducked in to a nearby house for cover. 

He reports that he saw a soldier in battle-dress uniform with his hands in the air being arrested by the police. He was ordered to lie on the ground and open his uniform to make sure he wasn't carrying any explosives.

He said an MP told him that authorities considered the man to be a suspect in the shootings after having overheard the man say he was with the shooter.

The golf course is located about 2.5 miles from the army base.



And This First hand report:

Fort Hood TEXAS Shooting: 13 Dead 30 Wounded at Military Post

November 5, 2009 at 12:22 pm
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There has been a shooting at Fort Hood military base in Texas today, with thirten people dead, and 30 wounded. One of the dead is a civilian. The incident took place at about 1:30pm Central Time today. The alleged gunman shot on the scene was identified as Major Malik Nadal Hassan.

There was a graduation ceremony going on at the time of the shooting.

Some wounded were been taken to Darnell Army Hospital and the others were flown to Scotten White Hospital in Temple, Texas.

Malik Nadal Hasan was thought to have been killed, and two others were in custody, but have now been released. Another is in custody however. The identities of the other three men are not being disclosed at this time. Unconfirmed reports stated that the shooters may have been carrying M-16s, but it was revealed that Malik Nidal Hasan was carrying handguns. KCEN was reporting that a second suspect may have barricaded themselves in a building.

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson spoke to officials at the army base and said that the shooters were in military uniform, and " Lt General Bob Cone has now confirmed that they are US Military personnel. All the wounded were also US Military personnel."

WUSA 9 have a video on the incident

The Army confirmed early that a violent incident has taken place and first reported that many as fifteen people could be involved. Ambulances and police were on scene on a location in the center of the Army post.

The Fort Hood Military website is currently unavailable.



The shooting took place at the Soldier Readiness Center, where soldiers enter and leave the base to go to and come home from war, and a Theatre Field Complex on the base.

President Obama held a news conference on the shooting saying that "my immediate thought and prayers are with the wounded and the fallen" and he asks all Americans "to keep the men and women of Fort Hood in your prayers".

Two nearby school districts were  on lockdown as well, but the army base and the schools no longer are.

The Fort Hood Military Base is one of the largest US military bases in the world.

This incident is being compared to the Luby's Massacre in Killeen in 1991.

More information when it becomes available.





Reports coming out first hand within hours reported the shooter had been killed and the incident was all over.

When the first reports of his Anti American online writings came to the surface. I personally within hours of the shootings went and checked on the scribd account thet was being blamed to be associated with the shooters writings about "suicide deaths" in Islam....

It seemed obvious to me that the poster had just minutes earlier posted a POSTING..... Yet this was being used as direct evidence that Nidal Hasan WAS the anti American Muslim being sold by the media.

This account posting some hours after the shooter being reported dead proved IT COULD NOT REALLY HAVE BEEN HIS ACCOUNT. Somebody used his name and set him up.

Notice also that the account was created March 13th 2009? Some eight months before the Fort Hood incident. Consider also the "favorites" in this account they are definitely somewhat deliberately vague and random.


However like all true false flag attacks, then the story suddenly changed to he was alive and in custody.... then suddenly he was wounded and rushed to hospitol, in the meantime the public news media are selling all kinds of hogwash to the public.

Even an unsubstantiated claim he was shouting "allah Ackbar" one that was never ever substantiated. Never the less these half truths start to remain as a "fact" of Fort Worth and never again questioned as to legitimacy.


Once the dust had settled on the news day it was only then possible to sit back and digest the sheer volume of information at ones fingertips, archive it and wait for the day to write the article. Well here it is.






Then comes the impossible facts and figures one has to take into account surrounding the actual events. These are the hallmark trademark signs of a false flag attack taking place.

Such factors including:

a) Did the media Spin Machine milk this story for all it's worth?

b) What Background was employed to undertake such an act?

c) Was there a Drill taking place at the same time?

d) What kind of armed Resistance the shooter faced in the largest US army base in the world...

e) The kill per wound ratio The Logistics ....

f) Shootings with handguns ...what kind of accuracy is displayed for (1) lone shooter... Lone Gunman Theory


Let us all look closer at these questions:


A) Spin Machine

The media Spin machine went into overdrive after this shooting?

True or False?


Nidal Hasan "Said his Goodbyes"

Muslims Stunned By Fort Hood Shootings

Officer describes firefight that downed Hasan, ending deadly Fort Hood rampage

Muslim Americans to take the blame for Fort Hood

Do you notice only "official" Army photos are ever seen of Him? Nothing except 1 video camera surveillance and about 4 Army photos taken at varying dates.







Theres no photos of him on holidays in Florida or that time with his aunty Ethel....No close-ups with his pet poodle spot or last weekends barbeque with Uncle Yussuf....

All that exist of his WHOLE life a pictures from military archives.


Is that not curious enoung to start to become suspicious about who this person "really" is?







Wheres the pictures of him and his favorite fern tree? Or that time in Ramallah with his family eating dates by the river? Why are their simply no "real life" pictures of a man we are being sold as a cold military trained killer.







Wheres his weekend photos at the waterslide last summer? The ones where he is photographed at 2am at a party in Houston? We are sold a lifeless soldier by these images and thats what they want you to think...

This is an individual who was trained we may point out by the United States Military ... and it seems also trained by Homeland Security... Yet in this photo, I could easily mistake him for Colonel Moyshe Goyshtein of the IDF.









Who really is this man>?


I guess it is safe to assume the source of these photos.


Then there is "just hours earlier" video footage:








A man "described as Hasan" >?


Theres your investigative jouranlism paid for ......


We are expected to beleive that THIS SAME person,

just hours later dressed in combat fatigues and went beserk with 2 handguns..

yah right...


Heres how it was sold in mainstream media:




























Notice it is always a black and white image?

From all accounts...

This had all the hallmarks of a hatchet job shock and awe campaign.




His Background


When questioning why this guy would behave the way he did, many would simply say because of his "religion". If you jump to that conclusion already, it's ok because you have been programmed to think that immediately. The images and the slant on the news media makes sure a lot of people are scared of a Muslim takeover...

However Lets look whom he was really trained by... What he was programmed to do.





This guy never had a gun licence?

True or False?


This guy was Un-American?

True or False?


This guy was a highly trained trauma counsellor with a number of top secret trainings involving Homeland Security.

True or False?


In fact Nidal Malik Hasan was very much a True American. So much so, that he may well have been CIA. Lets take a closer look at him shall we?



Here we have his concealed weapons permit. Hardly the sort of document an "Al Qaeda sympathizer" could be bothered to get. Surely.


Note the address: Community Grocery Store in Virginia.



Here we have his Training Diploma Certificate for the US Infantry from 1988. Hardly the sort of document an "Al Qaeda sympathizer" could be bothered to get. Surely.

These documents show Nidal Malik Hasan was a law abiding American.




Personal Protection Course in 1996 with th NRA. Hardly sounds like an Al Qaeda Operative to me.

All these organizations can accredit this man with doing these great things. Yet we have the media telling us something else?




How real is this? 666 RAMADA Rd. Vinton Virginia?

Does that sound made up to you?


















This paper trail makes it pretty obvious the guy is a "by-the-book" American. He gets his licences and fills out his letters to a "t" Even lives near CIA headquarters. Since 9-11 and the clampdown on "Suspicious type Americans" Doesn't ANYONE think that by now this guy would have ben arrested or detained or at least locked away if he was for real this much of a threat to America.


I dont think for a second he could have "Slipped" under the radar so to speak. I do think he was set up or trained as a perfect Manchurian candidate, useful for his one event then expendable.

Having dealt so closely with Homeland Security courses and advisory committees is a wonder what "things" he had to go through to get clearance.

Consider that.


As a Palestinian, he would be classed as an ideal candidate to be used to further garnish Israeli sympathy, and indeed would be considered expendable under any circumstances. The recent Erik Prince saga showed that the military are prepared to throw anyone under a bus, whom they consider expedient to their needs, even their most loyal..


Hasan spent a lot of time around Blacksburg, VA. And, as is now being reported, he was a 1995 graduate of Virginia Tech University:

Hasan was Virginia native, Va. Tech graduate

Virginia Tech University seems to be a magnet for horrible events. We will all remember that on April 16, 2007, Seung-Hui Cho allegedly murdered 32 people at the university before allegedly turning the gun on himself. The massacre at Virginia Tech has been thoroughly proven to have been a lie — a false-flag/black-ops covert operation carried out by US Military/Intelligence operations.

Beheadings are extremely unusual on college campuses, but a horrible beheading occurred on Virginia Tech when a student decapitated a female Chinese student with a kitchen knife. The two had been friends and had not been arguing prior to the event. There was no bad blood between them.

Two students from Virginia Tech were found dead about 15 miles from the campus in a Blacksburg campground. Both were shot dead:

In 2006, the brother of a US Army veteran broke out of prison and committed murders near Virginia Tech:

What is going on in and around Virginia Tech? Perhaps a look into the connections of the institution will help us understand this.

-Virginia Tech is financed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the research arm of the Pentagon. Virginia Tech is an active partner of DARPA. DARPA is deeply involved in continuing mind-control/MKULTRA research.

-Virginia Tech has on-campus “bird flu” experts (spooks). Bird Flu, like the Swine Flu, was engineered by the military-pharmaceutical complex.

-Virginia Tech focuses on DNA splicing, advanced disease control, biomedical engineering, bio-mechanics, tissue cell engineering, and behavioral science. It has departments focused on disaster trauma’s effects on children. These departments reported directly to Laura Bush, George W. Bush’s wife.Virginia Tech is also involved in neuroengineering (mind control) projects.

-The CIA has a strong presence at Virginia Tech, and frequently recruits students from it.

-Most Virginia Tech graduates go on to work for/with NASA.

-Virginia Tech is one of the only three public universities in the US that offers a military lifestyle, as well as a civilian lifestyle. It has a huge ROTC program. Hasan was part of this ROTC program.

-Virginia Tech is sacredly created with the same native limestone that was used to create the Egyptian Great Pyramid, which gets us into the ancient mystery religions/schools, and the Freemasonic/Illuminati significance of the Pyramids/Egypt.

According to mind control survivors, there is an underground laboratory controlled by DARPA in the Blacksburg area (7000 feet under a local mountain) that is involved in classified defense projects and mind control research:

“Blacksburg, VA houses a US government ABOVE TOP SECRET underground laboratory (in the side of a local Blacksburg mountain) that develops in conjunction with DARPA, weapons such as human robotic mind control programming.”


Not surprisingly, Hasan’s connections to covert military projects don’t end there. After that, he graduated from the Center for Applied Behavior Systems, a US Psychological Operations training center. He then went onto study at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, a site for active MK-Ultra/Mind-Control research.

And, perhaps the most shocking of all, Hasan was a member of Obama’s Homeland Security Transition Team!

Now, we’re told that Hasan was a radically devout Islamist. Yet, stories of Hasan prior to the massacre paint a much different picture. Like the supposedly devout 9/11 hijackers, Hasan was a frequenter of strip clubs. Particularly, he enjoyed the Starz club. He bought a number of lap dances there and brought a six pack of beer. He sipped some of it, then gave the rest to the strippers.

Does this man sound like a devout Muslim, full of hatred for Western culture, to you?

He did go to a mosque, but there are some things you should know about that. Hasan’s mosque in Maryland wasn’t your everyday Islamic spiritual center. It was involved in financing CIA operations abroad:

The Muslim Community Center has held fundraisers for Chechen jihadists, and promotes on its website a Shariah-based financial product offered by a Muslim Brotherhood front group under federal investigation.

Webster Tarpley, an expert on false-flag operations and state-sponsored terrorism tells us:

The essential element here is that the mosque was raising money for Chechen rebellion, which is notoriously a strategic tool of the United States and the United Kingdom against Russia . Perhaps such a fundraiser for Chechen terrorism might have been attended by Ilyas Achmadov, the de facto ambassador of the leading CIA-backed Chechen organization implicated in terrorism, who lives in Washington , DC at US taxpayer expense thanks to his sponsorship by Zbigniew Brzezinski, and the gray eminence of Obama’s foreign policy team.

So, “devout Muslim” Hasan’s mosque was involved in funding foreign covert operations being conducted by US Intelligence. Now, Hasan and his mother had practiced Islam at an Islamic center in Falls Church (Not too far from CIA headquarters) that was run by Anwar Awlaki/Awlaqi, who has a history of being a magnet for people who later end up being the patsies of US Military-Intelligence Operations. Hasan was a disciple of Awlaki, with deep respect for him — Awlaki was in a perfect position to ‘handle’ him.

Several of the alleged 9/11 hijackers attended Awlaki’s mosque, including Hani Hanjour. Hanjour was the alleged pilot of Flight 77, who, being described as a terrible pilot by his instructors, supposedly pulled off remarkable maneuvers that even professional pilots say are impossible, before slamming his airplane directly into the Pentagon. Awlaki’s other mosque in San Diego was, amazingly, also frequented by future alleged 9/11 hijackers, such as Khalid al-Midhar and Nawaf al-Hazmi. Awlaki met with Hazmi before, but “claimed not to remember any specifics of what they discussed”.

The so-called Toronto 18, who were ‘handled’ by FBI/RCMP agents, were admirers of Alwaki, and listened to his online sermons. Amazingly, Awlaki was also the inspiration for the “terrorist group” (also well-handled patsies) that tried to attack Fort Dix.





Was there a Drill taking place

Most people in the firing line at Fort Hood thought they were taking part in an excercise drill on the day ?

True or False?

Hasan Of Ft Hood - A Patsy In A Drill Gone Live?

Major Hasan reportedly has a security clearance which allows him to receive secret information. All US Army officers are required to have at minimum a secret-level security clearance, and Major Hasan's clearance might even have been at the more stringent top secret level. All indications are that Major Hasan's clearance was never reviewed, despite his ostentatious antics. Read more....











Hasan Of Ft Hood - A Patsy In A Drill Gone Live?


















Portland soldier at first thought Fort Hood shooting was a training exercise - OregonLive.com










Training exercise at Fort Hood. - CLTV


Bono told “Good Morning America” today that she initially thought the scene of Hasan standing up, praising Allah and starting to fire was a drill. She didn’t believe it was real even when she felt her own blood, she said.

Pfc. Amber Bahr of Random Lake heard someone yelling and ducked at the sound of gunfire, but she said she thought supervisors at Fort Hood were holding a drill last Thursday.


For many of the 43 people wounded when an Army psychiatrist allegedly went on a shooting rampage at Fort Hood, the scene was unreal — it seemed like something out of a movie. Maybe it was a drill.

“My initial thought is that it was a drill,”
said Hamrick. “Because you know you’re always getting drilled for situations.“


“They had no idea what was going on; everyone thought it was a drill at first,” Blancett said.

What we can draw from all of this is that:
-Fort Hood was no stranger to surprise terror exercises. They were business-as-usual.
-Everyone in the area first thought that the shooting was a training drill.

It’s been widely reported that Hasan shouted “Allah Akbar!” before opening fire. Since it is generally accepted that radical Muslims shout this before detonating their bombs, could it be that Hasan believed he was taking part in one of the base’s many drills? Could the “technicians” (The ‘other’ shooters) have been brought in under the pretense that they were going to be participating in some kind of training exercise?

In “Deception 101″, a military paper financed by the US Army War College, Joseph W. Cadell writes:

Cover is the use of an apparently nonthreatening activity to disguise preparation for or initiation of a hostile act. A common
example is the use of a training exercise to hide preparations for an attack.
If the training exercise was the last in a long series of training exercises which had not led to actual hostile action in the past, this could also be an example of conditioning―hence the tendency to refer to “conditioning and cover.” The two concepts are linked by their complementary definitions. In recent years, both the Yom Kippur War of 1973 and the Falklands War of 1982 were launched under the cover of training exercises similar to exercises which had occurred before.


During both the 7/7 attacks and the 9/11 attacks, there were training exercises being conducted that had a striking resemblance to the terrorist event that they just happened to coincide with. On 9/11/2001, the US Military was conducting exercise that involved live-fly hijackigns, an airplane crashing into a military building, and terrorist attacks inside the US. On 7/7/05, a private company with close links to British police/intelligence services was conducting a drill that involved simultaneous bombings on the London Underground. Some of the imagined targets were stations that were hit in the actual attacks.

There is much evidence that the Oklahoma City Bombing coincided with some kind of ATF bombing exercise. Within minutes of the blast, ATF agents showed up on the scene in full bomb gear, which takes at least half an hour to put on!

The Columbine High School Massacre had happened a week after the school was locked down for a mock shooting exercise. Two days after the massacre at Virginia Tech, US Marines were seen conducting a bizarre drill on-campus, indicating that such things were business-as-usual there.

This type of “cover” operation was visibly run when the Gulf War was launched:

“We went ahead and did an exercise, what’s called a command post exercise, which is what Internal Look was to test our ability to deal with this particular scenario … Just so happened we were in the middle of conducting the Internal Look command post exercise at the same time the crisis developed in the gulf.”


No wonder people dismissed a few rounds going off and stood there waiting to be slaughtered. They were programmed to stand around waiting and everyone played their role in the script.



Where was the resistance?

Why wasn't there a fight put up against "one man" ?


After all this is Americas biggest Army base?


The story of Hasan, alone, carrying out this massacre does not make sense.


Citizens for Legit Government received word from an expert on why:

SFC, who spent ten years at Fort Hood, comments on Ft. Hood events 09 Nov 2009 I spent 10 years at Ft Hood. There is no way this ‘official’ story is legitimate. No way would a room full of combat vets allow this one shooter to get off over 100 rounds! And, it is not normal for the outside security guards to be there. They are at the MP station, and at the main gates. This means the room full of soldiers processing must have been pinned down; multiple shooters is the only plausible scenario. this sounds like MAJ Hasan has been used, and perhaps is a patsy. –SFC Donald Buswell (Retired)





What about the Logistics?

Can a Single Shooter kill and wound that many with just 2 handguns ?


Logistically speaking one person using two hand guns could not have

fired off that many rounds they said he did, that rapidly, and with that

many hits, injuries and confirmed kills. The story stats just don't add up.



Many of the reports were saying the Shooter was using an aussault rifle..


A clear indication of more than one shooter and sheer failure of the official story.



The official version now says that Hasan used semi-automatic handguns. However, initial reports and eyewitnesses tell another story:

http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20091105/ts … imemilitar
One of the shooters at large was believed to have a high-powered sniper rifle, and was holed up in a building surrounded by SWAT teams, MSNBC said.
“He heard small arms and some rifle fire while he was there…..”

http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/33678801/ns … nd_courts/
KCEN quoted a source as saying the shooter had a high-powered rifle.

forum post no. 30
dead shooter had 2 handguns, captured major carried a rifle

http://forums.fingerlakes1.com/ubbthrea … ost1099739
2 suspects with M16s, 1 neutralized.

forum post no. 572
I turned on Cnn.com at 2:30 central time. 1 hour after the shooting. They had a general on air, and said multiple times that they were using M-16s.

–foxnews– A general is saying that M16s were involved [greeneyedleo]
–Retired Army General [Bob Scales] on the phone saying the weapons used were M16’s [CX]
–Local news from Central Texas is still stating an assault rifle and hand guns. [pg 36 justaposter]

Details of the events were sketchy, but officials said the shooting involved two men with M-16 rifles

http://rigorousintuition.ca/board/viewt … c&start=75
From KCEN-TV in Waco, Texas:
Reports say the shooter had a high-powered rifle and was aiming to kill.

I never before considered the first reports to be anything other than “media mistakes.” I recently talked to a friend of mine who is at Ft. Hood and was in an adjacent building during the incident. She graduated from “Combat Medic” school with me and was stationed at Ft. Hood after graduation. We were trained and qualified in both the M16/M4, and the M9 (9MM) handgun. She said that the shots she heard couldn’t possibly have been from handguns. She said it sounded like the “burst” mode from MULTIPLE rifles.

Hasan, the patsy, was armed with semi-automatic handguns. When he was shot, he was found with semi-automatic handguns. Thus, despite the fact that the other assailants used rifles, and that this was witnessed/heard/reported, the official version had to delete rifles from the plot-line.






Many of the reports were saying the shootings were coming from MULTIPLE AREAS.




We are now being told that all of the shootings happened in one small area on the west side of the base known as the Soldier Rating and Processing Area.

However, initial reports told a much different story:

pg28 The local radio and eye witnesses also reported shootings at 4 other locations in the area. …. None of this is being covered nationally.[poster uncivilcivilian]

http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/33678801/ns … nd_courts/
…. according to NBC News affiliate KCEN in Waco, … the person was holed up in building 42006 on the base…

Fort Hood officials have reported a shooting at the barracks by Howze Theater on Old Ironside and 41st Street

http://www.cnn.com/2009/CRIME/11/05/tex … witnesses/
Arrest of a suspect at a golf course 2.5 miles from the attack, shortly after attack

As of 4:32 eastern, the warning sirens have started again. There are reports of gunfire again in one of the neighborhoods on post.

no. 70
Additional shots were reported at a soldier’s residence, KCEN-TV reported around 4:30pm

http://blogs.news.com.au/heraldsun/andr … ne_gunman/
KCEN-TV in Waco is reporting that police have surrounded the PX at Fort Hood.

There are reports this afternoon that there are one or more shooters at a PX (Post Exchange) at Fort Hood

…the IRN announcement on GCN yesterday. A girl who wanted only to be identified as “tiffany” said that shots were being fired from THREE locations. She mentioned the places but I only remember her saying the PBX was one of the locations.

–Not sure if it’s an actual troop or not, but a call just came into the local PD that a man with a gun & fatigues is at the Dollar Store. SWAT & units from the base are being mobilized.[poster thomasblackraven]

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldne … Texas.html
One gunman was caught quickly but the second went on the run and was cornered by SWAT teams in a traumatic brain injury unit on the base where a gun battle erupted
The evidence again points towards multiple shooters.

When shooting events, people holding themselves up in buildings, and chases are reported all over the base, then it becomes impossible to maintain the idea that there was only one shooter.

This is why all of these events, which did happen and were initially reported on, had to be erased from the final version of events.



The Lone Gunmen Theory

Most people accept there was just the lone shooter ?

True or False?


Initially, it was first reported widespread by all news services that there were, in addition to other shooters, arrests of suspects.




“Details of the events were sketchy, but officials said the shooting involved two men with M-16 rifles and began about 1:30 p.m.”



All General Bob Cone had to say about this at the evening press conference was that the two had been released. He did not go into detail.

Examine the first reports:

“There are two confirmed suspect shooters, one in custody and another surrounded by swat in a building on post.”

“Army spokesman Lt. Col. Nathan Banks … says two shooters were apparently involved.”


“One gunman was caught quickly but the second went on the run and was cornered by SWAT teams”



“All three of the people believed to have carried out the shooting were soldiers, Lt. General Bob Cone told reporters Thursday evening.”


“Milly Land, who works at the base fitness center, said she was headed for the graduation ceremony at 2 p.m. at the Howze Theater when the campus was locked down. She went back to the fitness center. She said she spoke by phone with friends at the soldier processing center, who said a gunman walked in about 1:30, walked to the medical area of the processing center, and started shooting. A second gunman was shooting at the theater next door, she said. ”


–rick perry (gov and bilderberg member) said there were 3 shooters


“Base spokesman Sergeant Major Jamie Poston
“At this point we’re looking for the other shooter…. ” he added.
“We are on the lookout for the second shooter,” Poston said.”


“KCEN-TV in Waco is reporting that one gunman is in custody, the other is involved in a standoff with police. The station is reporting that there is a third shooter.



“–”They are reporting a third shooter now.” [That source was Ms. Shine from the Public Affairs office of Killeen, TX]
–”3rd shooter now being reported as having been shooting “moments ago”.”
–”Shepard Smith was talking with someone who confirmed a 3rd shooter.



–pg19[dwiggen] ”My buddy at Hood just told me that there’s a FOURTH SHOOTER! ….There is a confirmed FOURTH SHOOTER still at large. They just launched aircraft to search for him. My buddy.. who is an Apache mechanic, and they just got word to spin their birds up and go lookin for this guy.” “

All from: http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread516987/pg1

In fact, it seems that some of the very early reports coming out of Texas and Fort Hood described up to five shooters. It would appear that this massacre was not carried out by Hasan alone, but by a squad of shooters. This squad used Hasan as their patsy.

No wonder people dismissed a few rounds going off and stood there waiting to be slaughtered. They were programmed to stand around waiting and everyone played their role in the script.

This is Operational Programming. Ask YourSelf.. Why does the media never put these pieces together anymore? Why has this information remained a secret from the public?


Because reporters are not paid to Investigate anymore, they are paid to REPEAT the company policy.






Essentially What we have here is a well sold operation that reeks of a false flag attack.


Personally I think the evidence speaks for itself.

Whatever the real scenario was on that day we perhaps may never know or maybe one day somebody who wants to get the truth out will speak up.


Because as with all Official Stories.. This one stinks to high heaven..









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