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    Who we really are?

    The team behind the concept of this website look nothing like the bunch of useless pricks pictured to the left. We are in fact ordinary everyday people, some are single parents, some of them are former artists + musicians, some, professional bird breeders, but all of them are drawn together with a noble common idea of getting the FACTS out to everyday Johnny Lunchboxes who are looking for info but dont have the thousands of hours available to research the online gems.

    The website itself started in June 2006 and has morphed and developed over the years into the massive archive of information you see here today. The current editor Steve re-steered the helm of the mighty ship when the former wanted to remove all mention of israels involvement in 9-11 OFF the website. Needless to say, the information remains today for you the reader. If you enjoy this website please donate so we can continue.

    • Steve Johnson

      General Manager

    • Lloyd T Vance

      Lead Researcher+ author

    • Marcus Schesling

      Graphic artist + author

    • Max Igan

      Researcher + author

    • Moondog

      Researcher + author

    • Nephilim70

      Designer + artist

    Since 2006 -2012

    The truth about the world is rapidly awakening the people..

    With the sheer volume of truth online... The course has been set for the unveiling sooner rather than later..

    • Why you shouldn't have a facebook :

      Putting more than just your privacy at risk.. Ever wondered if there was more to facebook than virtual farms and adding friends? Heres the little known FACTS about facebook. Read More

    • IRAN - Kuwait We wont block Hormuz straits read more. PLUS - TSA AGENT caught COOKING up METH LAB FEEDING homeless people now banned across AMERICA - and Proctor+ Gamble now has vitamins See the news stories here

    • Unmasked: Interpol arrests 25 Anonymous members

      GLOBAL POLICE caught 25 suspected members of the hackers group in 12 European and Sth American cities INTERPOL said yesterday.

    9-11 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

    Written by Steve Johnson

    Since 9-11 happened and the PNAC plan basically spelled out who did it, why and how many hijackers they were going to frame we ask ourselves what have we REALLY acheived? As we reach the Eleventh Year since Deception Ground ZERO we ponder why the BUSH family are still not arrested... as we walk around wondering what we have really accomplished we are shellshocked into PTSD

    From the Article:

    (ABOVE) 9-11 truth has done little to stop the illegal bombings of Iraq, Afhganistan, Libya, Syria..etc... Read More here

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    TWITTER, facebook, myspace, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail ... all these are entities of the Zio-facist Corps. BUILD your own network away from the LAMEStream, dont be a "follower" be an individual and create your own networks built on your own systems. BOYCOTT israel. For the sake of the future of planet earth. When these companies lose their profits they lose their strength.

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    Agenda 21 - Feds Restricting Use Of Beaches, Fishing, Public lands

    Only 10 Companies Control Most Food Brands

    Oz - Carbon Tax Nightmare Revealed

    ZIONISTS plans to take out Americans




    South Carolina Moves To Implement Agenda 21





    Distant star could have NINE planets orbiting it - including rocky 'super Earths'

    Black firefighter 'tasered as he tried to help police' - Yahoo! News

    Last pages from 'magical' Egyptian 'Book of the Dead' found in museum in Queensland - after worldwide search by archaeologists | Mail Online

    Smelly effluent mars affluent Dubai's beaches |

    Stuck for cash: Woman's fingers trapped in ATM |

    NSW monorail to be pulled down - Premier Barry O'Farrell |

    Brazilian prostitute had collar bone broken when three US marines threw her out of a moving Embassy car | Mail Online

    Pictures: 3,000 Ancient Buddhas Unearthed in China

    Japanese boat washed away in tsunami spotted more than a year later -

    China top military paper warns of armed confrontation over seas - Yahoo! News

    Anti-Arab soccer fans rampage in shopping centre – but no arrests - Middle East - World - The Independent


    Activist Post: Wave of Banking Resignations Likely Foreshadows Financial Collapse


    US and Australia in talks on base for drone flights over the Indian Ocean |

    Pine Gap and the Australian Quake « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions

    Outback SA braces for quake aftershocks - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Out There: Inexplicable Earthquake Swarm in Canada



    'Master growers' Cultivating a Higher Grade of Marijuana

    Marijuana-infused wine: The new high? - Yahoo! News



    The Crazy Things That One Whistleblower Says Are Happening At JP Morgan Will Blow Your Mind

    An internet age story to chill any parents' spine: At 14, Emily was besotted by the boy she found online. Then they met - and 'he' was unmasked as a girl | Mail Online

    Dead infant found in washing machine

    Man killed in garbage dump explosion at Moranbah | The Courier-Mail

    Drug accused pulled from pool | Herald Sun


    Eddie Murphy film gets worst reviews ever - Telegraph


    Is Kony 2012 film a hoax? - Reviews & Profiles |

    Power VideoTube - Is Kony 2012 a propaganda campaign?

    Man behind ‘Kony 2012’ arrested – for masturbating in public — RT



    School of Ideas opens doors to evicted Occupy St Paul’s residents – Now. Here. This. – Time Out London

    Fracking furore - The West Australian



    CNN Loses Half Its Viewers: Corporate Media Downhill Plunge Continues As Alternative Media Explodes :

    Anakin Skywalker actor Jake Lloyd: 'Star Wars fame turned my life into a living hell' | Mail Online

    Fireball captured by photographer


    Was Whitney’s “Saving All My Love For You” About Jermaine Jackson? - Popdust


    Australia's billionaires are a 'threat to democracy' says top politician - Telegraph

    Woolworths posts $14b in sales |

    Water begins to spill over Warragamba Dam |

    Floods force evacuations in N-W Sydney - Yahoo!7


    Michael Jackson's family photo album goes up for auction | Mail Online

    Baghdad's frozen past revealed by ancient manuscripts | Mail Online

    American Kabuki: 81 RESIGNATIONS FROM WORLD BANKS 2/27/12


    African continent 'sitting on vast reservoir' - Telegraph

    Shocking Photos Show Swedish Minister Celebrating With ”Painful Cake” « Zen Haven

    Rare videos from Sept 11 2010 - YouTube

    Scientists make 'sonic screwdriver' | UK news | The Guardian

    Wang Xiaopeng in China: Appeal for six-year-old left horrifically disfigured by fire | Mail Online




    AFP: One year on, 'ghosts' stalk Japan's tsunami city

    Unexplained “Phoenix Lights” explosion caught live on news broadcast | The Sideshow - Yahoo! News

    UFO NEWS | CHINA: More Than a Thousand Villagers Witness UFOs Over Laohekou; Reporters Rush To The Scene

    Mysterious 'Dog-Headed Pig Monster' Terrorizes Africa - Yahoo! News

    Villagers terrorised by a bizarre dog-pig hybrid creature near the Kalahari desert | Mail Online



    Brown Recluse Spider Bite Leads To Loss Of Women's Breast | Simple Natural Health Secrets

    Magnets REPEL SHARKS - Scientists show

    The "rarest insect in the world" also happens to be freaking enormous

    Tree lobster thought extinct for 80 years found alive on tiny island |

    Australian Insect Farm says demand for stick insects and native cockroaches grows |






    Teenager Declared Brain-Dead by 4 Doctors Makes Miracle Recovery « Zen Haven

    Risks of the 'biggest technological experiment in the history of our species': Calls for more research into links between using mobile phones and brain cancer | Mail Online

    Licorice Shown To Kill SARS And Other Lethal Viruses

    Activist Post: Licorice Shown To Kill SARS And Other Lethal Viruses

    Ginger Destroys Cancer More Effectively than Cancer Drugs | Natural Society

    Activist Post: Sunlight and Lime Naturally Purify Water, Could Solve Global Water Crisis

    Methanol toxicity from aspartame may cause autism, spina bifida, preterm delivery and more

    Neotame: An Artificial Sweetener More Toxic Than Aspartame

    Thyme Kills Acne Bacteria: Scientific American Podcast

    The Life Extension Blog: Another Deadly Chemical in Our Food Supply

    Phenylpropanolamine (PPA) Side Effects Could Lead To Stroke Lawsuits - 12160

    Food What is REALLY in your hamburger

    Retailers Defend Ammonia Treated Beef

    Glow in the dark sushi made from genetically modified fish becomes the latest food craze across America | Mail Online

    Five-year-old US girl dies of cough medicine overdose - Telegraph

    Vaccines Whooping cough outbreaks higher among children already vaccinated

    Dutch TV presenters eat each other's flesh - video | World news |

    Is This Fruit Extract 10,000 Times Better Than Chemo? | Before It's News

    Soda Consumption Tied to Increased Heart Disease Risk | Natural Society


    Super Strength Substance (Myostatin) Closer to Human Trials | Singularity Hub

    Gang-rape girl's harrowing hospital plea |

    Crackdown On Homeopathic Medicine




    Nasa's Cassini probe snaps objects punching through Saturn's F ring | Mail Online

    Cosmic Ions |

    Huge fireball and explosion across California and Nevada as meteor breaks up over Sierra Nevada | Mail Online

    New 'life in space' hope after billions of 'habitable planets' found in Milky Way - Telegraph


    Mysterious planet-sized 'Death Star' captured on video as it 'refuels' at the surface of the sun | Mail Online

    Russian space experts called in to examine 200-kilo 'UFO fragment' which fell from the sky in Siberia | Mail Online

    Giant Star Wars 'Tie Fighter' for sale for just $150 on Craigslist | Mail Online

    Astronomers find rare rectangular galaxy | Mail Online

    Is there life on Mars? Well it certainly looks like it has CLOUDS | Mail Online

    The Transit Of Venus - June 5th & 6th, 2012 - The Last In Our Lifetime | Before It's News

    Exploding Sun To Fuel 1000s Of Super-Tornadoes | Before It's News

    Citizen Scientists Discover Cosmic Bubbles in Milky Way Galaxy | Spitzer Citizen Science Project |

    Dark Matter Hits the Average Human Once a Minute?





    Tupac alive: Suge Knight stuns fans by suggesting rapper may not be dead | Mail Online


    30 Insiders to water crimes Suddenly DIE Grave Yard of the Guilty - Thirty Insider Witnesses & Defendants Suddenly Die - Water War Crimes 

    TSA agent arrested for involvement in meth operation - WKRN, Nashville, Tennessee News, Weather and Sports |


    » French Terror Attack: All the Hallmarks of an Intelligence Psy-op and False Flag Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!



    Activist Post: War Criminals Bush and Cheney Can No Longer Travel Outside the U.S.

    Flight attendant on US plane rants about crashing - The West Australian

    JetBlue pilot Clayton Osbon restrained by PASSENGERS after going berserk mid-flight | Mail Online


    Killer Martin Bryant painting causes stir

    Alex Jones STRATFOR Connection And The Murder Of Andrew Breitbart « News

    Leaderless Resistance - Fighting "Network Centric Warfare" Principals on Vimeo

    Twin Towers joke censored to protect actor Jean Dujardin's chance of winning Oscar |

    Revisiting Mohammed Merah | Video Rebel's Blog

    Solutions Creator explains message behind "Bomb Iran" billboard


    American's Journey: New Law: Virginia will not cooperate with NDAA detention

    TV channel agrees not to show Toulouse killer's video – but who sent it? - Europe - World - The Independent

    US acted to conceal evidence of intelligence failure before 9/11 | World news | The Guardian

    U.S. News - Obama's image on American flag angers vets

    In family courts, 'experts' are paid to get it horribly wrong - Telegraph

    Obama officially ineligible? - Denver Conspiracy |

    Sheriff Joe: ‘Tons’ more shocking Obama info

    Obama Claims His Father Served in WWII :

    Cispa cybersecurity bill opposed by Obama administration | Technology |


    AGENDA 21


    NASA Admits Trimethylaluminum Rocket Dumps in Ionosphere |

    Kathleen Marquardt -- Agenda 21, the end of Western Civilization, Part 4

    WA firefighters rally for cancer compo

    HIV-positive mother forced to eat COW DUNG with her medication because she¿s too poor to afford food | Mail Online

    Crematorium heats swimming pool - Telegraph

    Sleeping pills increase risk of death, study suggests | Science | The Guardian

    HUNGER GAMES - Illuminati programming at its best

    Primary school where just 26 out of 700 pupils speak English as their first language | Mail Online

    Activist Post: Smoke Cigarettes for Weight Loss? 4 Insane Corporate Advertisements


    Why You Should Avoid Fast Food at All Costs | Natural Society

    Are video games just propaganda and training tools for the military? | Technology | The Guardian

    Senators Spar Over $50 Lightbulb - Forbes

    Scientists stumped by mysterious foam causing hog farms to explode | Mail Online

    The Occult Symbolism of the Los Angeles Central Library | The Vigilant Citizen

    Activist Post: Feeding The Homeless Banned In Major Cities All Over America


    Activist Post: New Chapter Supplement Company Bought by Monsanto-Linked Proctor & Gamble




    Fantastic Biological Street Lighting Using Glowing Plants And Trees As An Energy Source

    Swiss scientists demonstrate mind controlled robot | World news | The Guardian

    Activist Post: Innovations for paraplegics: mind-controlled robots and wheelchairs, electric skin and more

    Quantum simulator can outperform a universe-sized computer | DVICE

    The man machines? Scientists develop plastic skin that BLEEDS red liquid - and can even heal itself | Mail Online

    Travelling gnome answers weighty question - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Refreshing News: Scientist creates lifelike cells out of metal

    Cosmic Jackpot: “Evidence of Nearby Supernovae Affecting Life on Earth” « Zen Haven

    Strange cosmic ray hotspots stalk southern skies - space - 03 May 2011 - New Scientist

    Technology is making science fiction real - Google | Information, Gadgets, Mobile Phones News & Reviews |

    Project Bluebeam to be Used to Create Fake Appearances of Religious Figures Worldwide? :

    Activist Post: Elite Power Threatened by Global Technological Progress

    Ford chief: Dramatic advances in technology mean autopilot cars could be here in a decade | Mail Online


    Brain device gives Hawking hope for communicating

    5 Axis Robot Carves Metal Like Butter (Video) | Singularity Hub

    Adding Spider Genes into Humans to Create 'Bulletproof Skin' | Natural Society

    DARPA says iPads, Android phones and other gadgets a threat to US military |

    Round the world in just six hours... on the Tube? Vacuum tubes could be used for super-fast public transport | Mail Online




    Recording of Boston police nets man $170,000 settlement | The Raw Story

    7 Rules for Recording Police - Know Your Rights ! - 12160

    EXCLUSIVE: First photos of Colombia escort in explosive Secret Service hooker scandal - NY Daily News

    Video shows bloody ending to teen joyride in Kings Cross |


    Parents face jail under tough WA drug laws |

    Push for new TV rules to stop online smut | Information, Gadgets, Mobile Phones News & Reviews |

    House in the woods: The extraordinary story of a family who built a house in a Surrey beauty spot and kept it quiet for FOUR YEARS | Mail Online

    Offensive technology VeriPlate - automated license plate recognition

    Traveller Says TSA Told Him, "GO TO HELLLLLLL": Gothamist

    18 Firms Sued Over App Privacy, Including Apple, Twitter, Facebook | News & Opinion |

    Twitter sells tweet archive to marketers - Telegraph


    BBC News - Google privacy changes 'in breach of EU law'

    Google privacy change draws 'firestorm' - Computerworld

    Silence Gun: Strange weapon of the future immediately quiets you, whether you like it or not

    Queensland Police to trial hi-tech surveillance drones to chase criminals | The Courier-Mail

    URGENT - 15 Yrs In Prison For Recording A Cop?? Illinois Law Under Fire - YouTube

    Southwest Airlines passenger arrested for painting her fingernails | Mail Online

    FBI Director "Isn't Sure" Whether Americans Can Be Assassinated On U.S. Soil?

    Andrew Breitbart “Wait Til They See What Happens March 1st” | Sinclair News.Net

    Frenchman sues over Google Views urination photo - Yahoo!7



    Workers sick amid highway radiation scare - ABC Illawarra NSW - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

    Watch: ‘The Daily Show’ debuts cartoon ad by nuclear industry (VIDEO)

    United States Circumvented Laws To Help Japan Accumulate Tons of Plutonium « « DC BureauDC Bureau

    Cadmium Now Found to Cause Breast Cancer | Natural Society


    Israel - The Devils State

    Israel's Deputy Prime Minister Admits Ahmadinejad Never Said Israel Should Be 'Wiped Off the Face of the Map'

    Activist Post: IDF officer says he regrets attacking Danish activist ‘in front of cameras’

    ISRAELI CONTROL OF AMERICA: A VETERANS TODAY READER COMMENTS » Philosophers stone | Philosophers stone

    Tzipi Livni overthrown as leader of Kadima - Telegraph

    gulfnews : Israel bans textbook promoting Arab rights

    Turkey rejects Israel's participation in NATO summit - YouTube

    Netanyahu Can't Go Wrong Claiming That Iran Is Planning Another Holocaust -




    George Zimmerman's Father is a Judge // Current TV



    Thousands gather for Trayvon Martin rally in MIAMI


    Trayvon can be heard screaming for mercy in 911 call

    CCTV casts doubt on Zimmermans fairytale

    Trayvon was on phone to girl friend moments before being shot

    Trayvon Martin fastest growing petition in history of petitions

    Zimmerman lost previous security job for being too aggressive- Co Worker

    Bloggers cherry pick from social media to smear TRAYVON


    Trayvon was on phone with friend before death

    Echoes of Trayvons death in Bronx teen slaying

    Trayvons body showed no sign of injury or struggle in slaying - Coroner

    Zimmermans brother claims Trayvon was attacker

    New video of Zimmerman raises questions about his version of events

    ABC reveals crucial phone call in Martin case

    A tale of two (prejudicial?) cartoons about Trayvon Martin -

    Roseanne Barr Tweets George Zimmerman's Parents Actual Address, Then Criticizes Everyone For Criticizing Her

    George Zimmerman Confesses to Committing the Crime |

    Experts say Zimmerman attorney made smart move - Yahoo! News





    Disney studio chief quits after 'bombs' - The West Australian

    John Carter's Trip to Mars Finally Earns Its Budget - Forbes



    New Sheriff Joe: ‘Tons’ more shocking Obama info


    27 March 2012

    Is your TV watching you? Latest models raise concerns

    U.S. gas pray. - Technolog on

    27 March 2012

    Japanese boat washed away in tsunami spotted more than a year later

    Most per threat - .

    27 March 2012

    Anti-Arab soccer fans rampage in shopping centre – but no arrests

    Discoverypan - The Independent

    27 March 2012

    Parents face jail under tough WA drug laws

    The numity Crisis.|

    27 March 2012

    US and Australia in talks on base for drone flights over the Indian Ocean

    The U.S. gation." |

    27 March 2012

    Smoke Cigarettes for Weight Loss? 4 Insane Corporate Advertisements

    The New Yornts.Activist Post:

    27 March 2012

    Revisiting Mohammed Merah

    Frigid temprbia. | Video Rebel's Blog

    27 March 2012

    Is there life on Mars? Well it certainly looks like it has CLOUDS

    “ | Mail Online

    27 March 2012


    Why You Should Avoid Fast Food at All Costs

    Israel wonth. | Natural Society

    27 March 2012

    The man machines? Scientists develop plastic skin that BLEEDS red liquid - and can even heal itself


    27 March 2012

    Microwave Ovens: Remove Them From Your Kitchens

    The Boays | The Health Coach

    27 March 2012


    9/11 Suspects: Explosive Connections

    Somebody plazine.

    26 March 2012

    Pine Gap and the Australian Quake «


    26 March 2012

    'Master growers' Cultivating a Higher Grade of Marijuana


    26 March 2012

    Creepy People In High Places «


    26 March 2012

    Rare peek at israeli raids of West Bank village

    Maat all..

    26 March 2012

    9/11: Bombs at Base of WTC and Rows of Scorched Cars

    Some h..

    26 March 2012

    Gas cloud encircles Total's Elgin-Franklin platform

    More atteonse.

    26 March 2012

    WHOOPS: President Obama Caught On Mic Telling Russian President That Things Will Change AFTER He Wins Re-Election

    AMe tail.

    26 March 2012

    Top French official says ‘no sign that Toulouse gunman had al-Qaeda ties’

    The 2012 Gramide

    26 March 2012

    Outback SA braces for quake aftershocks

    Superbowl aover it.- ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    26 March 2012

    Travelling gnome answers weighty question

    The vtore. - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    26 March 2012

    Military helicopter crashes in Afghanistan

    Herown. - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    26 March 2012


    The CO2 Sea Level Lie

    If you thought M reviews’. « Zen Haven

    25 March 2012

    How Pringles Are Made Without Potatoes

    “Anyone ignificantly. - Natural Society

    25 March 2012

    ‘The Daily Show’ debuts cartoon ad by nuclear industry (VIDEO)

    February 2id.

    25 March 2012

    New Chapter Supplement Company Bought by Monsanto-Linked Proctor & Gamble

    They in danger.Activist Post

    25 March 2012

    French Terror Attack: All the Hallmarks of a Psy-op + False Flag

    At Columbiar put it.

    25 March 2012

    Russian space experts called in to examine 200-kilo 'UFO fragment' which fell from the sky in Siberia

    fool me once...

    The Staned | Mail Online.

    25 March 2012

    US sion: Syria

    The US antion.

    25 March 2012


    The highebe shredded.

    25 March 2012

    Ch apps.

    By agr's location.

    25 March 2012


    Artificially alth.

    25 March 2012

    Vitamin D tell you


    25 March 2012

    Wyomitate House


    25 March 2012


    Commonwealth Bank ATMs and Eftpos crash nationwide

    COMMONWEALTH Bank's ATM and Eftpos services have been restored after crashing across Australia overnight, but customers may still have issues using scheme debit cards. 29 Feb 2012

    MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom says he needs at least $200,000 a month to survive

    MEGAUPLOAD founder Kim Dotcom and his wife need more than $200,000 a month to get by, a New Zealand court has heard.

    Dotcom, facing extradition to the United States, and his heavily pregnant wife Mona are seeking to have some of their seized assets to be released at a hearing at the High Court in Auckland today 29 Feb 2012

    French genocide law: President Sarkozy orders new draft

    French President Nicolas Sarkozy has ordered his government to draft a new law punishing denial of the Armenian genocide after a top court struck down a previous bill.


    BBC News - 29 Feb 2012

    Malaysia cancels Erykah Badu show over 'Allah tattoos'

    Information Minister Rais Yatim said a government committee had decided to cancel the show because Ms Badu's body art was "an insult to Islam and a very serious offence".

    According to the statement, the body art "triggered public criticism that could jeopardise national security and cause a negative impact to the government's image".

    BBC News - 29 Feb 2012

    Pentagon Demands $100 Million More For War With Iran

    Pentagon wants $100 million extra to be prepared for a war with Iran. The money, requested from the Congress, is to beef up US military presence in the Persian Gulf and rapidly upgrade weapons to more effectively combat Iranian armed forces.

    29 Feb 2012

    CNN pulls poll results right out of their asses

    Is anyone actually surprised? The MEDIA ignoring RON PAUL is just part of the GAME of choosing the newly packaged HOPE + CHANGE GUY over anyone else... All this to give you a warm fuzzy feeling like YOU HAVE A CHANCE to change America...

    "meet the new boss

    same as the old boss"

    - YouTube 29 Feb 2012

    CDC warns: Raw Milk a Raw Deal

    It's not as if pasteurized milk is perfectly safe. There were 48 disease outbreaks from contaminated pasteurized milk and cheese resulting in thousands of illnesses and one death between 1993 and 2006, the period analyzed by the CDC. [Top 10 Mysterious Diseases]

    LiveScience 29 Feb 2012

    Fuel bill pumped up $300 for Melbourne drivers

    Unleaded fuel in the city was yesterday selling for up to $1.52 a litre, with the price tipped to reach $1.60 within a fortnight.

    Rising crude oil prices, trading at a three-year high of $US134 a barrel in Singapore, are being blamed 29 Feb 2012

    Israel will strike Iran without warning US - intelligence source

    Israeli officials say if they decide to launch a pre-emptive attack on Iranian nuclear facilities, they will do so without the prior consent or knowledge of the US, according to an AP report citing leaked US intelligence.

    — RT 29 Feb 2012


    Hospitality executive found dead in office garage in apparent suicide

    The body of the missing hospitality association CEO was found in a garage this morning less than two weeks after $900,000 was discovered missing from the company's accounts.

    The president of South Carolina's Hospitality Association Tom Sponsellor, 61, appeared to have shot himself in the head in a locked room where employees usually took smoke breaks

    Mail Online 29 Feb 2012

    Should Corporations Have More Leeway to Kill Than People Do?

    NEXT week, the Supreme Court will hear a case with many potential ramifications for American and international law, and for corporate responsibility for human rights around the globe. The justices will be asked to decide whether the corporations to which they have been extending the rights of individuals should also be held accountable for crimes against human rights, just as individuals are.

    - 29 Feb 2012

    $525 billion for US defense budget - 2013

    This disgusting amount could be going to house feed clothe and educate the masses. Instead it is being spent on MORE Corporate War ...

    29 Feb 2012


    Study finds rich, upper-class more likely to cheat

    PEOPLE from the wealthy upper classes are more likely than poorer folks to break laws while driving, take candy from children and lie for financial gain, a US study has found. 28 Feb 2012

    Technology is making science fiction real - Google

    GOOGLE'S executive chairman says rapid advances in technology are increasingly turning science fiction into reality, meaning people will soon have driverless cars and the ability to experience being in another place without ever leaving home. 28 Feb 2012

    State Department jacks up passport fees, imposes $450 fee to renounce US citizenship

    U.S. citizenship is priceless to some, worthless to others. But now the State Department has a dollar figure: U.S. citizenship is worth $450.

    Newser 28 Feb 2012

    Pentagon: 9/11 victims' remains went to landfill

    Partial remains of some victims of the 11 September attacks ended up in landfill, a Pentagon report has found.

    Some small portions of unidentifiable remains from the Pentagon, and from the Pennsylvania field where a hijacked plane crashed in 2001, were given to a private contractor for disposal

    BBC News - 28 Feb 2012

    Myths hurting fight against cancer

    Can ANYONE read through this BULLSHIT and say the FACTS about CANCER are whats REALLY hurting the Chemotherapy, Radiation and SURGERY INDUSTRIES?

    - ABC Melbourne - 28 Feb 2012

    The Mossad Has Long Given Marching Orders to AIPAC

    AIPAC’s Washington policy conference next month is drawing intense scrutiny and unprecedented resistance. AIPAC has worked quietly for years to tripwire the United States into war with Iran. Soon it will “ask”Congress and the president to define “nuclear weapons capability”as the threshold for war, essentially demanding an immediate attack.

    poorrichard's blog: 28 Feb 2012

    US election 2012: Rick Santorum says JFK makes him sick

    Rick Santorum, the ultraconservative presidential hopeful, has intensified his Christian rhetoric as he rejected John F Kennedy's promise to maintain an absolute separation between church and state as an idea that "makes me throw up."

    - Telegraph 28 Feb 2012


    Iran Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi: Anyone who builds nuclear weapons has commited a 'great sin'

    Iran, facing growing international pressure over its nuclear program, called for more talks with the UN nuclear watchdog on Tuesday and condemned production of atomic weapons as a “great sin.”

    National Post 28 Feb 2012

    Israel to keep US out of the loop if it decides to strike Iran’s nuclear program

    Israeli officials say they won’t warn the U.S. if they decide to launch a pre-emptive strike against Iranian nuclear facilities. The pronouncement, delivered in a series of private, top-level conversations with U.S. officials, sets a tense tone ahead of meetings in the coming days at the White House and on Capitol Hill.

    - The Washington Post 28 Feb 2012

    After 30 Years, Black Sea froze in Ukraine

    Quick, call Al Gore! We need an ice tax!

    World Of Mysteries: 28 Feb 2012

    Britain begins preparations for Afghanistan withdrawal

    Britain has signalled the start of the withdrawal of its vast military infrastructure from Afghanistan with the signing of a crucial new defence pact which should ensure safe passage home for billions of pounds worth of vital equipment.

    Refreshing News: 28 Feb 2012

    Why The Law Forbids The Medicinal Use of Natural Substances

    According to the FDA’s legal definition, a drug is anything that “diagnoses, cures, mitigates, treats, or prevents a disease.”

    The problem with this definition is that there are numerous substances, as readily available and benign as those found on our spice racks, which have been proven by countless millennia of human experience to mitigate, prevent and in some cases cure disease, and which cannot be called drugs according to the FDA.

    Activist Post: - 28 Feb 2012


    Climate models need revising: Droughts, heat waves not such a big deal

    According to new research published by Craine and his colleagues, both droughts and heat waves generally have much less effect on the mighty grasslands of America than previously thought. Heat waves in particular need to happen during a specific two-week period to have any real consequences for grass growth in a given year.

    • The Register 28 Feb 2012

    Melting Arctic leads to snowy winters

    Georgia Tech has lobbed a small grenade into the climate change debate, with a study suggesting a correlation between melting Arctic pack ice and snowy winters in the Northern Hemisphere.


    - REMEMBER Selling Global Warming is a habit of Mainstream MEDIA LYING for political INTERESTS -

    • The Register 28 Feb 2012

    I.B.M. Inch Closer on Quantum Computer

    A computer that took advantage of the oddities of quantum physics could solve in seconds certain problems that would occupy present-day computers for billions of years.

    - 28 Feb 2012

    White House Uses Espionage Act to Pursue Leak Cases

    Last Wednesday in the White House briefing room, the administration’s press secretary, Jay Carney, opened on a somber note, citing the deaths of Marie Colvin and Anthony Shadid, two reporters who had died “in order to bring truth” while reporting in Syria.

    - - 28 Feb 2012

    Banker’s Insulting Waitress Tip Incites Class Warfare Between the 1% and the 99%

    According to The Smoking Gun, the restaurant says they found the original merchant copy, and the receipt going around the Web is Photoshopped. You can see our update on the story here.

    Just when you may have thought the ongoing battle between the 99% and the 1% was dying down, it may have been reignited. A wealthy banker left a $1.33 tip on a $133 lunch at the True Food Kitchen restaurant in Newport Beach, California

    - Yahoo! News 28 Feb 2012

    11 Reasons To Get Your Kids Out Of The Government Schools

    It should be painfully obvious to everyone by now that it is time to get all of our kids out of the government schools.  The public school system in the United States has been dramatically declining for a long time, and in most areas of the country the public schools are open sewers at this point.

    - 28 Feb 2012

    UK weather: Britain basks in warmest winter for 4 years

    WHILE EUROPE FREEZES ... the UK Media pushes Global Warming BULLSHIT using kids in flower fields images and crowded beach photos

    Mail Online 28 Feb 2012


    Japanese invent "touchable Holograms"

    Amazing clip of touchable Japanese Holograms - (VIDEO)

    28 Feb 2012

    Settlers employ mannequins as protection from carjacking

    Female settlers in the West Bank are employing a unique method to ward off carjacking: Mannequins dressed in IDF uniform.

    The new initiative came to life after a series of carjacking incidents by local criminal gangs, who were targeting mainly women traveling alone.

    Ynetnews 28 Feb 2012

    Laser ion Excitation in the air using Plasma -

    Using ionised air particles to excite hydrogen molecules in the air japanese scientists have created fantastic 3D amazing looking holograms 28 Feb 2012

    TRUE 3-D experience display

    Amazing Video of latest 3-D japanese holographic technology .

    - 28 Feb 2012

    WA Police stations tested for Legionnaires disease

    Environmental health tests are being carried out at police stations in Karratha and Port Hedland after an officer contracted a strain of Legionnaires disease.

    28 Feb 2012



    Indigenous more vulnerable to swine flu

    Another swine flu outbreak would result in avoidable deaths because authorities have failed to focus on the specific needs of Aboriginal people, a researcher is warning.

    28 Feb 2012

    Melting Arctic link to cold, snowy UK winters

    The progressive shrinking of Arctic sea ice is bringing colder, snowier winters to the UK and other areas of Europe, North America and China, a study shows.

    As global temperatures have risen, the area of Arctic Ocean covered by ice in summer and autumn has been falling.


    - REMEMBER the BBC has a habit of LYING for political INTERESTS -

    BBC News - 28 Feb 2012

    Did they think, that the Elite wouldn`t target this

    ” If you live in Norway remember: You have all this money, you are not in financial crises as your government tells you and you should look out for vultures circling the skies.

    And there’s an explanation called : Oil.

    PressTV - 28 Feb 2012

    China: US has no moral right to ‘protect’ Arabs

    China says the US has no right to “protect” Arab peoples, questioning “the sincerity and efficacy of US policy.” The country’s top newspaper replied to Hillary Clinton after she called China’s and Russia’s veto of a UN Syrian resolution "despicable"..

    — RT - 28 Feb 2012

    Mysterious Jelly-Like Blue Spheres That Fell From The Sky Are Not Of Meteorological Origin

    Residents in United Kingdom were baffled when they suddenly saw strange jelly-like blue spheres falling from they sky. Steve Hornsby, a former aircraft engineer from Bournemouth found these strange spheres in his garden, last Thursday.

    "The sky went a really dark yellow colour."

    28 Feb 2012

    Sitting for too long "bad for your health"

    Clinical trials have confirmed what most of us suspected, that breaking up bouts of sitting at your desk or in front of the TV with some exercise, such as walking, is good for you.

    28 Feb 2012

    CIA Admits Using News To Manipulate the USA :

    An archived clip of different Congressional hearings exposes the fact that the CIA directly plants stories in the media, both in the United States and the rest of the world.

    28 Feb 2012


    German waiter pours cold beer over Chancellor Merkel

    A YOUNG German waiter endured the ultimate professional nightmare when he accidentally poured a tray full of beer over Chancellor Angela Merkel. -(VIDEO) 28 Feb 2012

    Could a 'Robopocalypse' Wipe Out Humans? | Could Robots Kill All Humans?

    If a bunch of sci-fi flicks have it right, a war pitting humanity against machines will someday destroy civilization. Two popular movie series based on such a "robopocalypse," the "Terminator" and "Matrix" franchises, are among those that suggest granting greater autonomy to artificially intelligent machines will end up dooming our species. (Only temporarily, of course, thanks to John Connor and Neo.)

    LiveScience 28 Feb 2012

    New Animation Reveals Japan Tsunami Debris Path

    A new animation shows the path of the debris carried out to sea by last year's massive tsunami in Japan.

    LiveScience 28 Feb 2012

    Images Of UFOs Orbiting The Sun? - with video

    The following images and video show differently-shaped strange unidentified objects in orbit around our Sun.

    For some of us the idea can be difficult to comprehend, but if these are alien spaceships, then they posses superior technology, especially shielding, since they can withstand the Sun's temperature.

    28 Feb 2012

    Anomaly In The Earth's Atmosphere Filmed By ISS - with video

    This strange pyramid-shaped ribbed fishbone like cloud was filmed by the ISS crew.

    What this could be, depends on who you ask.

    28 Feb 2012


    Saudi-backed Bahrain forces injure anti-regime protesters

    Witnesses said on Sunday that regime forces fired tear gas and sound grenades to disperse the protesters in Dair, located on the northern coast of the Muharraq Island.

    The demonstrators chanted slogans against the Manama regime and demanded the release of political prisoners

    PressTV - 28 Feb 2012

    Turkish protesters condemn US anti-Syrian position

    About 700 Turkish demonstrators gathered in a border town in the southern province of Hatay on Sunday.

    The Turkish Freedom and Solidarity Party had organized the gathering.

    PressTV - 28 Feb 2012

    Brzezinski: Israel attack on Iran disastrous for US

    Former U.S. national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, who served under president Carter, said the United States has to make clear to Israel that an Israeli attack on Iran is not in U.S. interests.


    "We don't need to go to war,” he said in an interview on CNN.


    PressTV - 28 Feb 2012

    Russia’s state TV: Russian and Ukrainian special services foiled alleged plot to kill Putin

    MOSCOW — Reports of a foiled plan to assassinate Vladimir Putin set off waves of skepticism Monday as distrust of the government erupted publicly just days before Sunday’s presidential election.

    - The Washington Post 28 Feb 2012

    Two arrested over alleged plot to assassinate Vladimir Putin

    RUSSIA'S secret service has arrested two men in connection with a plot to assassinate Prime Minister Vladimir Putin after the March 4 presidential elections, Channel One state television says.

    Herald Sun 28 Feb 2012

    China calls US critique on Syria "super arrogant"

    China has hit out at comments by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on its stance on Syria.

    A foreign ministry spokesman called the comments unacceptable, and the official Communist Party newspaper described the criticism as "super arrogant"

    BBC News - 28 Feb 2012

    China: Western Interference will Bring Chaos and Unrest

    As International pressure mounted on the Syrian government to open up the country to humanitarian aid; the official Xinhua News Agency said in a commentary that China's position on Syria was balanced and that "most of the Arab countries have begun to realize that the United States and Europe are hiding a dagger behind a smile."

    DayPress 28 Feb 2012


    Strauss-Kahn and wife owe US more than $16,000 in property taxes

    FORMER International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn owes the US government more than $16,000 in overdue property taxes on a swanky townhouse in Washington, DC, records show.

    Herald Sun 28 Feb 2012

    Mysterious Object Falls From The Sky After Explosion

    Something strange happened early in the morning on February 22, 2012 in the small village Riashu dos Rokos, Brazil.

    A local resident, Jose Mendez tells a loud noise, similar to an explosion was heard and when he went out to see what was happening, he discovered a mysterious object in his yard.

    Before It's News 28 Feb 2012

    Artificial Objects Discovered In North America Nebula

    The North America Nebula is not just beautiful. This region in deep space is also full of secrets. Upon closer examination we came across several unusual objects which are remarkable. The sharp edges of these objects suggest they cannot be planets, moons or asteroids. These peculiar objects appear to be artificial in nature. Are they alien spaceships, space stations, or floating debris?

    Before It's News 28 Feb 2012

    Calls for calm as Iran nuclear risk discounted

    As Tehran heads for elections, intelligence backs its denials that it is preparing a nuclear bomb.

    As the psychological warfare over Iran's nuclear ambitions continues, the toughest sanctions regime yet appears to be biting and cooler heads are calling for calm in the debate about a possible pre-emptive strike against Tehran

    28 Feb 2012

    The BP Gulf Oil Spill Disaster: An Explosive Detonation?

    • Most of the oil that began to flow into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico did not come from Leaks 1 and 2, but from a third Well that BP hid from the public record.
    • The 3rd Well, research shows, could have been blown out by an explosive detonation

    | Mail Online 28 Feb 2012


    Let your life be a Friction to stop the machine

    Brilliant video about the global American empire building by war machine Corporations. From colonizations to illegal invasions this film neatly summarises American modern history.

    Produced by Class War Films - A MUST SEE !!

    27 Feb 2012

    New lead cause of Addiction - in your Medicine cupboard

    According to this video, prescription drugs kill one person every 19 minutes.

    According to the accompanying article, prescription drugs have now become the leading cause of addiction.

    If either of these statements are true, than you have more to fear from officially sanctioned drugs than you do from illicit drugs like marijuana, cocaine, or heroin..

    27 Feb 2012

    Conclusive Evidence That BP Misrepresented Gulf Oil Spill Sent To Congress

    Gulf Rescue Alliance (GRA) has just sent a briefing package to the Attorney Generals of Alabama and Louisiana which presents evidence they believe has never seen the light of day concerning the how and why of the Deepwater Horizon Disaster and subsequent release of toxic oil into the Gulf—oil that is still gushing from various seabed fractures and fissures.

    27 Feb 2012

    Commentary: A Radioactive Situation

    U.S. intelligence and UN inspectors report that Iran is not working on nuclear weapons. But given that its neighbors possess such weapons, why wouldn’t it? Even Israel’s defense minister, Ehud Barak, wondered aloud why Iran would not seek such arms. The United States has recently aided India’s nuclear-weapons program

    - The National Interest 27 Feb 2012

    The Texas Warrant Roundup Training Police for Mass Arrest of Dissidents in the Future?

    There are cities of Texas I avoid driving through for one good reason. It is because the Police write tickets all the time for nothing. It has gotten so bad in Texas. More than Ten percent of Texans now have a warrant for their arrest for failure to pay fines. These traffic tickets are no more than revenue generation for the city and county governments. It is the biggest fraud ever.

    27 Feb 2012

    Global warming, what do you have to say now?

    When last winter crippling blizzards failed to arrive at the very predicted moment calculated by weather algorithms, everyone started complaining about global warming, how we are ruining the planet and how we are going to be punished for our naughty behavior. This year, the winter in the northern hemisphere is considered to be one of the harshest in the past 25 years or even longer. And yet, you won't find even one tweet or chirp or failbook post about global cooling. How's that? Because it's all massive bollocks, that's why.

    27 Feb 2012

    Evacuate ALL US Forces from Japan

    Widely known Physicist Dr Paolo Scampa, the publisher of the EU AIPRI Blog and an eminent chemical physicist, announced today his latest calculations of deadly radioactivity in Tokyo itself.  Both the nuclear regulatory and media responses have been missing in action.

    27 Feb 2012

    Israeli assasinations and American Presidents

    On Jan. 13 the Atlanta Jewish Times featured a column by its owner-publisher suggesting that Israel might someday need to “order a hit” on the president of the United States.

    In the column, publisher Andrew Adler describes a scenario in which Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu would need to “give the go-ahead for U.S.-based Mossad agents to take out a president deemed unfriendly to Israel.”

    27 Feb 2012

    BP faces billions in fines as spill trial nears

    On the cusp of trial over the catastrophic 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, phalanxes of lawyers, executives and public officials have spent the waning days in settlement talks.

    - Yahoo! News 27 Feb 2012

    H5N1 Bird Flu Effects Downplayed, Weaponized Strain Urged

    A new study was released that shows the United Nation’s prediction that the H5N1 bird flu kills nearly 60% of infected people may be overblown and this type of flu may only have a 1% death rate.  The United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) counted 586 cases of H5N1 bird flu and 346 people died.  But WHO may have failed to consider millions of people who contracted the H5N1 flu with only mild symptoms.

    | Natural Society 27 Feb 2012

    Replacing electricity with light: First physical 'metatronic' circuit created

    The technological world of the 21st century owes a tremendous amount to advances in electrical engineering, specifically, the ability to finely control the flow of electrical charges using increasingly small and complicated circuits.

    27 Feb 2012

    Massive European network of Stone Age tunnels that weaves from Scotland to Turkey

    Stone Age man created a massive network of underground tunnels criss-crossing Europe from Scotland to Turkey, a new book on the ancient superhighways has claimed.

    German archaeologist Dr Heinrich Kusch said evidence of the tunnels has been found under hundreds of Neolithic settlements all over the continent

    27 Feb 2012


    'US to announce aerial blockade on Syria'

    The Pentagon is readying for the possibility of intervention in Syria, aiming to halt Syrian President Bashsar Assad's violent crackdown on protesters, the newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat reported Saturday, citing a US military offical.

    - Ynetnews 27 Feb 2012

    Japanese Ambassador Praises Iran's Rapid Scientific, Technological Progress

    Japanese Ambassador to Tehran Kinichi Komano praised the Iranian nation's astonishing and rapid progress in different scientific and technological fields in the last two decades.

    - Fars News Agency 27 Feb 2012

    Tokyo station is contaminated as mandatory evacuating zone in Fukushima

    The reason of this high level of contamination is assumed to be because hot particles are brought from Fukushima or North Japan by the shoes of passengers.

    - Fukushima Diary 27 Feb 2012

    Britain leads dash to explore for oil in war-torn Somalia

    Britain is involved in a secret high-stakes dash for oil in Somalia, with the government offering humanitarian aid and security assistance in the hope of a stake in the beleaguered country's future energy industry.

    - The Observer 27 Feb 2012

    UN: 1.3 million still homeless from Iraq invasion

    Officials say more than 1.3 million Iraqis remain homeless after being forced to flee six years ago during widespread sectarian violence that threatened their lives.

    United Nations diplomat Claire Bourgeois voiced concerns Sunday that Iraq has not taken enough steps to help the homeless "go back to a dignified life."

    - The Guardian 27 Feb 2012

    Anger over 'pay to pollute' plan in Great Barrier Reef marine park

    FAR Northern conservation and tourism groups are outraged the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park could become a "pay to pollute" dumping ground for millions of tonnes of potentially toxic dredge spoils from coal and gas port expansions.

    - 27 Feb 2012

    Typhoid detected on Christmas Island

    A flight to transfer asylum seekers from Christmas Island to mainland Australia has been postponed after two detainees on the island were diagnosed with typhoid.

    The Immigration Department confirmed today that two passengers on separate asylum seeker boats had the contagious disease and one had been transferred to a mainland hospital.

    - 27 Feb 2012

    Wireless brake system good enough for bikes, say boffs. So How about trains?

    • Scientists develop wireless signals for brakes
    • Gets its power from a battery attached to forks
    • Is it safe? Scientists say it is but isn't "fail-safe"


    - Herald Sun 27 Feb 2012

    Xena actor charged over oil protest

    Six Greenpeace activists in New Zealand, including actress Lucy Lawless, who occupied a Shell-contracted oil exploration ship at Port Taranaki for four days are now facing burglary charges.

    The protesters were arrested after two police officers scaled the 53-metre high drilling tower aboard the Noble Discoverer this morning.

    27 Feb 2012

    Mexican researchers patent heroin vaccine

    While Mexico grapples with relentless drug-related violence, a group of Mexican scientists is working on a vaccine that could reduce addiction to one of the world's most notorious narcotics: heroin.

    27 Feb 2012

    Top China paper criticizes Clinton over Syria

    The People's Daily, the top newspaper of the ruling Communist Party, gave China's first public answer to Clinton's comments Friday, when she called the Chinese and Russian veto of a U.N. resolution on Syria "despicable.

    China's response in the People's Daily was equally vehement.

    - Reuters 27 Feb 2012

    Afghan airport hit by suicide car bombing

    At least six people have been killed in a suicide car bomb attack at Jalalabad airport in eastern Afghanistan, police say.

    They say several other people were injured when the bomb exploded at the gates of the airport

    - BBC News 27 Feb 2012


    Falklands task force plan 'ready' if Argentina threatens to invade again

    A mini task force would be sent to defend the Falkland Islands if Argentina threatened to invade again, under contingency plans drawn up by the Ministry of Defence.

    27 Feb 2012

    Uk mom gives daughter £8k worth of cosmetic surgery vouchers as b/day present

    While most eight-year-olds dream of getting a new bike or maybe a doll for their birthday, little Poppy Burge will be getting something more extravagant - £8,000 of vouchers to spend on plastic surgery. 

    Her surgery-obsessed mother Sarah, known as The Human Barbie, has spent £500,000 on enhancing her own looks and wants Poppy to be just like her. 

    27 Feb 2012

    London 2012 Olympics badges 'made by children in Chinese sweatshops for 6p an hour'

    Allegations have arisen that Olympic pin badges for London 2012 were made by children in a Chinese sweatshop.

    The 15-year-olds earned 6p an hour making the metal badges featuring official mascots Wenlock and Mandeville, according to the Sunday Express.

    They were said to be working in a factory filled with dangerous nitric acid fumes

    27 Feb 2012

    Desert wrecks: The ship cemetery where camels walk beside rusting vessels buried in sand

    The rusting vessels once sailed proudly across the 26,000 sq mile Aral Sea between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

    Now they lie in a vast, arid plain that provides no hint of the fact it was once a lake the size of Scotland.

    27 Feb 2012

    Look who's watching: it's not the FBI, it's Facebook

    Stored inside a series of ordinary brick buildings beside a sprawling wasteland on the edge of San Francisco Bay are intimate details of your life, relationships and opinions.

    This information repository is not the headquarters of the FBI or CIA, but Facebook Inc, Mark Zuckerberg's multibillion-dollar social networking behemoth with access to more than 840 million people, and their data.

    - Narromine News 27 Feb 2012

    WikiCells: Bottles that could be EATEN once you've drunk what's inside

    Future bottles could be eaten after scientists developed an edible material that can taste like the drink inside.

    The product, a membrane created using a biodegradable plastic combined with food particles, could either be peeled off or potentially eaten whole.

    - Mail Online 27 Feb 2012

    Jewish groups get the most Homeland Security funding

    Jewish institutions will receive the majority of U.S. federal funds designated this year to help secure nonprofit organizations.

    Of $24 million in grants nationwide, Jewish groups have been awarded $19.6 million.

    - 12160 27 Feb 2012

    Report: Mossad chief visited New Delhi days before attack on Israeli officials

    Mossad chief Tamir Pardo visited New Delhi just days before an attack on Israeli officials in the Indian capital this week, Indian media reported on Thursday, highlighting the extent to which Israeli intelligence was in the dark regarding possibility of a terror attack taking place in the country.

    - Haaretz 27 Feb 2012

    NYPD Ups Security Around Israeli Locations

    A spokesman for the New York City police says it has heightened security around Israeli government offices and synagogues.

    Paul Browne said Wednesday there were no specific threats. He said the security measures were put in place as a precaution amid mounting tension with Iran over its nuclear advances.

    - ABC News 27 Feb 2012

    Secret memo shows JFK demanded UFO files 10 days before assassination

    An uncovered letter written by John F Kennedy to the head of the CIA shows that the president demanded to be shown highly confidential documents about UFOs 10 days before his assassination.

    The secret memo is one of two letters written by JFK asking for information about the paranormal on November 12 1963, which have been released by the CIA for the first time.

    - Mail Online 27 Feb 2012

    The kilogram as we know it is changing. You can thank the British

    As it stands, the basic unit of weight we know as the kilogram is based on, well, a kilogram. That is to say, an exact kilogram made of a lump of platinum-iridium sitting in a vault in Paris, and now, alarmingly, it probably doesn't weigh the same kilogram that it weighed back in 1880, due to degradation of some sort or other.

    - Herald Sun 27 Feb 2012

    Unlimited human eggs 'potential' for fertility treatment

    It may be possible to one day create an "unlimited" supply of human eggs to aid fertility treatment, US doctors say.

    Researchers have shown it is possible to find stem cells in adult women which spontaneously produced new eggs in the laboratory.

    - BBC News - 27 Feb 2012


    Single molecule's electric charges seen in first image

    Researchers have shown off the first images of the "charge distribution" in a single molecule, showing an intricate dance of electrons at tiny scales.

    - BBC News 27 Feb 2012

    Early ripening of grapes pinned to warming

    In Australia and Western Europe, there is an abundance of anecdotal evidence linking higher temperatures with earlier grape maturation, a phenomenon that can affect the quality of table wine.

    But wine growing and climate change are each highly complex questions. 

    - Herald Sun 27 Feb 2012

    I'm going for SpongeBob: toddler trapped inside vending machine

    A TODDLER who refused to let anything stand between him and a new toy was trapped inside a vending machine for 10 minutes.

    Noah Jeffrey, 3, was so determined to grab himself a toy from the machine in a Zagame's restaurant that he climbed through the retrieval gate, up the chute and into the area loaded with plush toys

    - Herald Sun 27 Feb 2012

    Flash flooding hits parts of Melbourne as state braces for rain deluge

    EMERGENCY workers have responded to more than 300 calls for assistance across the state since storms hit late yesterday.

    Sunbury has been among the hardest hit, with dozens of calls to the State Emergency Services (SES) for help with flood and roof damage.

    - Herald Sun 27 Feb 2012

    1979 NCAR Forecast : Sea Level May Rise 15-25 Feet Before The Year 2000

    A sea level rise before year 2000 was predicted to be 25 feet in 1979.

    - Real Science 27 Feb 2012

    Flu Vaccine Ingredients As Lethal As Ever: Don't Risk Your Health, Pass on The Flu Shot

    Regardless of pressures placed upon vaccine manufacturers, it is unlikely that influenza vaccines will ever change as they consistently contain toxic ingredients as part of their formulas. It is simply the nature of what a flu vaccine is and consequently something that should never be administered to any living being. If we examine influenza vaccines for the 2011/2012 flu season, we find the exact same level of toxicity in these vaccines as their predecessors.

    - Mail Online 27 Feb 2012

    Japanese scientists create Hollywood's 'Avatar' robot

    Japanesescientists have developed a robot that allows humans to direct its actions while also enabling them to see, hear and feel the same things as their android counterpart.

    The TELESAR V robot can be seen as perhaps the first step towards a real-life echo of the Hollywood film Avatar, in which US soldiers were able to remotely control the genetically engineered bodies of an extra-terrestrial race they wished to subdue.

    - Telegraph 27 Feb 2012

    Japanese scientists may use slime to design transport network

    BRAINLESS primeval organism able to navigate a maze, might help Japanese scientists devise the ideal transport network design.

    Amoeboid yellow slime mould has been on Earth for ages, living a distinctly un-high-tech life, but scientists say it could provide the key to designing bio-computers capable of solving complex problems

    - Herald Sun 27 Feb 2012

    WikiLeaks release more than five million Stratfor company emails - Can anyone say Hegelian Dialectic?

    WIKILEAKS has published more than five million confidential emails from US-based intelligence firm Stratfor, which was apparently obtained by hackers.

    Dubbed “The Global Intelligence Files”, the information dates from between July 2004 and December 2011 and is said to reveal Stratfor's "web of informers, pay-off structure, payment-laundering techniques and psychological methods”.

    - Herald Sun 27 Feb 2012

    Could the Milky Way's 'phantom black holes' pose a danger to our solar system?

    If the latest simulation of what happens when black holes merge is correct, there could be hundreds of rogue black holes, each weighing several thousand times the mass of the sun, roaming around the Milky Way galaxy.

    ‘Rogue black holes like this would be very difficult to spot,’ said astronomer Kelly Holley-Bockelmann from Vanderbilt University in Tennessee.

    - Mail Online 27 Feb 2012

    Aborted baby lived 45 minutes

    A woman who agreed to an abortion after being told the foetus was severely handicapped had a normal, healthy baby who lived for 45 minutes after the termination.

    - The Independent 27 Feb 2012

    The skateboard controlled by brainwaves that moves wherever you think it should

    Thinking of getting somewhere in a hurry? A new gadget from mobile app studio Chaotic Moon Labs proves that the future of travel is only limited by the imagination.

    A skateboard, aptly named the Board Of Imagination, takes commands directly from the rider's brainwaves and transfers them to and 800-watt motor that propels the board forward.

    27 Feb 2012


    Hubble finds cluster of blue stars around 'massive' black hole in cannibal galaxy

    Astronomers have found possible evidence for a cluster of young, blue stars encircling one of the first intermediate-mass black holes ever discovered, thanks to NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope.

    27 Feb 2012

    NASA set to prove life unquestionably exists on MARS

    A new NASA probe due to land on Mars’ surface in August is set to prove for the first time that methane clouds form over the surface of the planet in summer months - meaning the conditions for life unquestionably exist.

    The Mars Science Laboratory Rover, also known as Curiosity, will be able to detect microscopic amounts of methane.

    27 Feb 2012

    Honeycombs and Hexacopters may explain history of MARS

    In a rough-and-tumble wonderland of plunging canyons and towering buttes, some of the still-raw bluffs are studded with elevated, six-sided stone columns so orderly and trim that they could almost pass as relics of a gigantic temple.

    27 Feb 2012

    Rare Earth element found in ancient stars

    A team of researchers from institutions including MIT has for the first time detected traces of element tellurium— which is very rare on Earth — in three ancient stars that are nearly 12 billion years old.

    27 Feb 2012

    Venezuelan Mars mission after 2030 says Chavez

    Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez said on Friday his country would be able to send a mission to Mars after 2030.

    “Venezuela has stepped onto the road to space,” Chavez said on national television. “Nobody has ever reached Mars but Venezuela will. It’s our goal for 2030-2040.”

    27 Feb 2012

    Deepest terrestrial cave animal found in Russia

    Scientists have discovered four new species of primitive eyeless insects, one of which they described as the deepest land animal ever found.

    These animals are springtails (Arthropoda, Insecta, Collembola), a minute primitive wingless insect with six-legs and without eyes that commonly live in total darkness in caves, where they feed on fungi and decomposing organic matter.

    27 Feb 2012

    Earth’s ‘rhythmic throbbing’ may lead to extinctions every 60 million yrs

    An inexplicable cycle of booms and busts in marine biodiversity over the past 500 million years could be tied to a periodic uplifting of the world’s continents, researchers say.

    The researchers discovered periodic increases in the amount of the isotope strontium-87 found in marine fossils.

    27 Feb 2012

    'Building planets in non-solar envt may form strange worlds'

    The Universe could be home to billions of Earth-like planets but a great majority of them may have a totally different internal and atmospheric structure as compared to our planet, scientists suggest.

    27 Feb 2012

    Laser tool maps quake-related devastation in 3D

    On the cusp of trial over the catastrophic 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, phalanxes of lawyers, executives and public officials have spent the waning days in settlement talks.

    -- Sci/Tech - DNA 27 Feb 2012

    Fermi telescope unveils gamma-ray bursts' highest power side

    The Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope has recorded the highest energy portion of the gamma-ray bursts, which last for a few seconds.

    Detectable for only a few seconds but possessing enormous energy, gamma-ray bursts are difficult to capture because their energy does not penetrate the Earth's atmosphere.

    27 Feb 2012

    Four planets set to appear in conjunction tomorrow

    Astro-enthusiasts are in for a celestial spectacle tomorrow with four planets poised to appear in conjunction after sunset.

    Sky lovers can see planet Jupiter paired with the moon in the western sky after sunset, Director of Planetary Society of India, N Raghunandan said.

    27 Feb 2012

    Fastest wind from stellar-mass black hole recorded

    Scientists have clocked the fastest wind yet discovered blowing off a disk around a stellar-mass black hole.

    This result by astronomers, who used NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory for the mission, has important implications for understanding how this type of black hole behaves.

    27 Feb 2012


    USDA to give Monsanto crops special speedy approval

    If you thought Monsanto’s lack of testing on their current GMO crops was bad before, prepare to now be blown away by the latest statement by the USDA. Despite links to organ damage and mutated insects, the USDA says that it is changing the rules so that genetically modified seed companies like Monsanto will get ‘speedier regulatory reviews’.

    27 Feb 2012

    US pressures India to give up Iranian oil

    “Anyone but Iran,” is what the United States is telling India, as America attempts to persuade the country to go elsewhere for its oil needs.

    There are currently no sanctions that would restrict India from continuing to do business with Iran, but any disruption in their relationship could cause the Iranian economy to be impacted significantly.

    27 Feb 2012

    6.7 earthquake strikes Siberia

    February 26, 2012SIBERIA - The 6.7 magnitude earthquake that struck the Tyva republic in Russia’s East Siberia on Sunday will trigger a new series of earthquakes in the region, a Russian scientist said.

    27 Feb 2012

    Drone makers cashing in as war tactics evolve

    They are deadly, hard to detect and fast becoming one of the most sought-after weapons in the air defence industry.

    Global demand for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), better known as drones, is heating up as armed forces invest in new systems to boost their ability to carry out reconnaissance and strikes without putting soldiers' lives in danger.

    27 Feb 2012

    NYPD surveillance of students "disgusting"

    At Columbia University, the fear among students that the New York Police Department might secretly be infiltrating their lives has spread beyond the Muslim student population to others who find the reported tactics "disgusting," as one teenager put it.

    27 Feb 2012

    State Dept spreading bullshit about Syria WMD's

    fool me once...

    The State Department has begun coordinating with Syria's neighbors to prepare for the handling of President Bashar al-Assad's extensive weapons of mass destruction if and when his regime collapses, The Cable has learned.

    27 Feb 2012

    US + NATO preps for another illegal invasion: Syria

    The US and other NATO countries could soon launch a ground assault on Syria. The final decision will be made soon, following this week’s Tunis conference where allied countries will meet to discuss possible scenarios of military intervention.

    27 Feb 2012

    Catholic cardinal ordered child abuse coverup

    The highest ranking cleric charged in a Philadelphia pedophilia scandal asked a judge on Friday to dismiss his case because his boss – the late Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua – ordered a list he made of predator priests be shredded.

    27 Feb 2012

    Companies are spying on your calls, emails texts even pictures through apps.

    By agreeing to little-read terms and conditions documents, phone users are giving developers the right to inspect their personal information and even find out who they are talking to.

    In many shocking cases, users are even giving apps the right to collect whatever images the camera happens to be seeing, as well as the phone's location.

    27 Feb 2012

    Evidence shows diet sodas are not healthy

    Artificially sweetened drinks are often promoted as healthy alternatives for weight loss and diabetes because they are low in calories and don't contain sugar. However, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that these diet sodas are harmful to human health.

    27 Feb 2012

    Vitamin D and cancer - The facts they WONT tell you

    Recent breakthroughs in science have allowed a peek into the true nature of cancer, allowing researchers to consider the concept of nutritional care. They are now faced with the idea that preventing and maybe even reversing cancer may not necessarily involve the development of expensive drugs but something already available in nature: food and sunshine!

    27 Feb 2012

    Wyoming Doomsday bill advances in state House

    The so-called doomsday bill, passed in the Wyoming House on Friday, would create a special task force to study ways the state would handle such crises as a food shortage to a government shutdown. Some provisions that will be explored include Wyoming forming its own army and issuing its own currency.

    27 Feb 2012


    US consulate stormed and 20 NATO trucks torched in Afghanistan

    At least seven people have been killed as protesters, outraged by a Koran-burning incident at a NATO base, stormed a US consulate in western Afghanistan. Meanwhile, in the eastern province of Khost protesters have set fire to 20 NATO trucks.

    26 Feb 2012

    Mercury Downunder

    NASA’s MESSENGER spacecraft, about to wrap up its first full year in orbit around Mercury, captured this view of the planet’s heavily-cratered southern hemisphere on August 28, 2011. Because of its orbit, MESSENGER gets particularly good panoramic views of Mercury’s underside.

    26 Feb 2012

    Is Obama Admin Planting Monsanto GM in Wildlife Refuges?

    The White House is withholding documents requested under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) by an environmental group that suspects the Obama administration of working with Monsanto-linked lobbyists to defend the planting of genetically engineered (GE) crops in wildlife refuges across the country.

    26 Feb 2012

    Extremely Tiny Chameleons Discovered In Madagascar

    It’s hard to even fathom an imaginary creature as good this — presenting the world’s best animal, chameleons that lay golden eggs and can stand on a match tip, found on a remote, magical island. Via Wired: Researchers have recently discovered four new chameleon species, which rank among the world’s tiniest reptiles. Adults are just over an inch from snout to tail. The smallest of the newly found species — Brookesia micra — live only on a small island called Nosy Hara

    26 Feb 2012

    People living near planned rare earth refinery in Malaysia hold PROTEST

    The protesters in the eastern city of Kuantan say there is a risk of dangerous radiation from the plant.

    The refinery will process precious metals used in the production of mobile phones and flat-screen TVs.

    26 Feb 2012

    Constitution Halts Irish Sheriff Attempting to Evict Family

    On the 20 February 2012 the deputy Sheriff arrived at another Irish family home to repossess it and give the keys to the bank in Co Laois. Thus putting another Irish family onto the streets.

    26 Feb 2012

    Planets with 2 suns are common

    Astronomers have discovered two new circumbinary planet systems showing that planets with two suns are common, with probably many millions existing in our Galaxy.

    26 Feb 2012

    Terral Croft and the Ozark preppers cult

    Terral Croft is widely regarded as a cult leader and a scammer. He operates by constructing imaginary disaster scenarios, around which he builds a cult following. There is NO scientific support for Terral's disaster scenarios. They are based on some of the most ludicrous junk-science imaginable (see later). His membership is accordingly drawn from that section of the public who have little or no scientific education.

    26 Feb 2012

    DHS Manual Lists Keywords For Monitoring Social Media

    Ever complain on Facebook that you were feeling "sick?" Told your friends to "watch" a certain TV show? Left a comment on a media website about government "pork?" If you did any of those things, or tweeted about your recent vacation in "Mexico" or a shopping trip to "Target," the Department of Homeland Security may have noticed.

    26 Feb 2012

    Greek farmers offload crops at COST price

    Hammered by the financial crisis that has led to ever diminishing income, a group of residents in northern Greece have joined forces with potato farmers to slash consumer prices and ensure producers can get their crop to markets by cutting out the middle man.

    26 Feb 2012

    XENA Warrior faces third night of lawless protest

    A group of protesters on board a Shell-contracted oil-drilling ship in Taranaki, New Zealand, are preparing for a third night on board but their water is running low.

    The protesters, including TV actor Lucy Lawless, boarded the Arctic-bound Noble Discoverer and scaled the 53m drilling tower on Friday morning, using locks on the access ladder to barricade themselves on the derrick.

    26 Feb 2012

    Climate change is real and ruining Mount Everest

    CLIMATE change is altering the face of the Himalayas, devastating farming communities and making Mount Everest increasingly treacherous to climb, some of the world's top mountaineers have warned.

    26 Feb 2012


    Transplant breakthrough as livers 'kept alive' outside body giving hope to hundreds

    Scientists have created a  machine which can keep donor livers functioning outside the body. The breakthrough – a British first – could save the lives of hundreds of people needing liver transplants every year.

    26 Feb 2012

    Web accused over self-harm cases as number of children being admitted rises by 68%

    The head of ChildLine has blamed social networking sites such as Facebook for fuelling what the charity claims is a huge rise in the number of children who deliberately harm themselves.

    26 Feb 2012

    Mystery virus kills thousands of lambs and threatens farms

    Scientists are urgently trying to find out how the Schmallenberg virus, which causes lambs to be born dead or with serious deformities and also affects cattle, spreads and how to fight it.

    26 Feb 2012

    BP Gulf of Mexico trial 'could last until 2014'

    Chief executive Bob Dudley speaks out on eve of US court case.

    26 Feb 2012

    Soaring oil prices will dwarf the eurozone drama

    Brent crude hit a nine-month high on Friday, breaking through $125 (£79) a barrel. While the black stuff remains $24 below the all-time nominal peak of July 2008, it is now above those levels in terms of both sterling and the euro

    26 Feb 2012

    Earthquake strikes southern Taiwan

    A 5.9-magnitude earthquake struck southern Taiwan on Sunday, the U.S. Geological Survey reported.

    The quake's epicenter was located 35 miles east of Kaohsiung and had a depth of 2.9 miles, according to USGS. There were no immediate reports of injuries.

    26 Feb 2012

    Google making 'Terminator' glasses?

    Looks like we're all about to get way more familiar with the concept of "augmented reality." According to a report on The New York Times' Bits blog, Google is developing a set of glasses that will display digital information on top of the real world. Or, for the pop-culture inclined, they're making "Terminator" glasses.

    26 Feb 2012

    The sci-fi future of driving

    Will there be a time in our lives when cars don’t crash? When a Mustang can warn a BMW that it’s changing lanes – or when we can just sit back and relax and our cars will drive themselves?

    26 Feb 2012

    Lawyers confront Google on privacy

    The top government lawyers from three dozen states sent a letter to Google on Wednesday, expressing "strong concerns" with the privacy policy the Web giant intends to roll out soon.

    26 Feb 2012

    Solar lanterns replace toxic kerosene

    When the sun goes down over large swathes of the developing world, the 1.3 billion people currently living without access to an electricity connection are plunged into darkness. According to figures from the International Energy Agency, at least 20% of the planet's inhabitants are still without the simple luxury of a light-switch.

    26 Feb 2012

    Carbon cost of water in the Gulf

    During the summer months, in the arid, subtropical coastal plains of the United Arab Emirates, temperatures rise to 40 Celsius plus -- while average rainfall is a desolate four inches a year. And yet, in the years since the discovery of vast oil reserves in the late 1950s, a forest of skyscrapers, luxury apartments, verdant green gardens and golf courses has risen from the sand.

    26 Feb 2012

    U.S. government sued over contraceptives

    Seven states on Thursday filed a lawsuit against the federal government requirement that religious employers offer health insurance coverage that includes contraceptives and other birth control services.

    26 Feb 2012


    How companies easily learn your secrets

    Here’s an interesting article from the New York Times on the intensive research and data mining companies conduct on their customers in order to learn about them and to predict their future needs. It also describes some of the psychological techniques used in marketing in order to modify behavior.

    26 Feb 2012

    Image: The Eastern Coast of the USA Seen at Night From the Space Station

    One of the Expedition 30 crew members aboard the International Space Station took this nighttime photograph of much of the eastern (Atlantic) coast of the United States. Large metropolitan areas and other easily recognizable sites from the Virginia/Maryland/Washington, D.C. area spanning almost to Rhode Island are visible in the scene.

    26 Feb 2012

    NASA Cassini Image: The Plumes of Enceladus

    This image was taken on February 20, 2012 and received on Earth February 21, 2012. The camera was pointing toward Enceladus at approximately 134,167 kilometers away, and the image was taken using the CL1 and CL2 filters.

    26 Feb 2012

    SOPA and PIPA Postponed…But Not Cancelled

    I am not a fan of big, over-the-top statements, but it is safe to say that the future of the internet is currently being decided. Will it remain a haven of free speech or will it become another tool of governmental and corporate control?

    26 Feb 2012

    Washington DC: FBI Foils Own Terror Plot (Again)

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has once again proven that the only thing Americans need fear, is their own government, with the latest “terror attack” foiled being one entirely of their own design.

    26 Feb 2012

    Man's body floats in 3.5 feet of water, 25 emergency workers watch as they aren't 'trained' to go in water

    An inquest heard last week that Simon Burgess lay floating face-down for more than half an hour while firemen, police and paramedics watched and did nothing.

    26 Feb 2012

    Now work tsar's staff probed over vouchers meant to buy interview suits for jobless

    Staff at A4e - the firm built up by multi-millionaire Emma Harrison - are believed to have stolen the vouchers and exchanged them for goods in high street stores.

    26 Feb 2012

    Divorce? It could be in your genes: How DNA could play a big part in how much people argue

    If a relationship is filled with rows or a marriage comes to an end, men may wonder what went wrong. But scientists say the answer could lie in a woman's genes

    26 Feb 2012

    The warped Nazi propaganda film of Titanic

    It's the most bizarre telling of the Titanic story – a Nazi film overseen by Hitler’s propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels.

    Titanic, conceived in 1940, was meant to depict Britain as a society ruled by greedy plutocrats.

    26 Feb 2012

    I hit the ground at 50mph - and lived! Incredible survival of teenage skydiver

    A teenage skydiver who survived after hitting the ground at more than 50mph has spoken for the first time about his accident.

    Greg Benson plunged uncontrollably when he became tangled in his parachute last weekend – but, amazingly, he escaped with relatively minor injuries.

    26 Feb 2012

    The Snipers nest at the Superbowl

    I suppose this makes sense, so why is it so morbid and shocking? Perhaps because every aspect of the Super Bowl is supposed to symbolize some element of the broader culture? Deadspin stumbled upon some photos of the armed-and-ready-to-shoot man who watches while you watch the big game:

    26 Feb 2012

    Operation Citadel and the next false flag event

    U.S. Fleet Forces Command (USFF) and Commander, Navy Installations Command (CNIC) will begin their annual weeklong security training, Exercise Solid Curtain/Citadel Shield 2010 (SC/CS-10) Mar. 22.

    The training will be conducted on naval bases and installations throughout the continental United States, Hawaii and Guam.

    26 Feb 2012


    Mormons posthumously baptise Anne Frank

    Somebody please write in and tell this to BIG WOOP magazine.

    26 Feb 2012

    Bird flu kills Bali boy

    Indonesian health officials say a 12-year-old boy has died of bird flu on the resort island of Bali, bringing the country's death toll from the virus to 154 since 2005.

    26 Feb 2012

    The next generation of wearable technology

    Imagine a future where you had a smart t-shirt or a pair of wireless socks. One day your clothes might not even need any pockets for the gadgets because you'll be wearing them.

    26 Feb 2012

    Longer cancer referral times for young, ethnics and women

    Cancer patients who are young, female or from an ethnic minority face a longer wait to be diagnosed and referred to a cancer specialist, researchers say.

    26 Feb 2012

    Eavesdropping on the Squid world - what they hear..

    Marine biologists are starting to get a good idea now of how squid hear and how they react to sounds in the ocean.

    It is only recently that scientists have come to accept that cephalopods have any auditory capability at all..

    26 Feb 2012

    Antipsychotics death risk charted in dementia patients

    Some antipsychotic medication may increase the risk of death in patients with dementia more than others, according to US research..

    26 Feb 2012

    Stranded MARS probe sends further signals prompting hope

    More attempts have been made by the European Space Agency (Esa) to contact the stricken Russian probe Phobos-Grunt - with partial success.

    Communication with the craft as it passed over Australia was achieved again on Thursday, but not all of the commands prompted a response.

    26 Feb 2012

    Helicopter falls apart on landing - VIDEO

    AMATEUR footage shows a helicopter making a shaky landing in Brazil.

    But things get worse when the chopper starts to literally shake out of control - so much so that the front of it breaks away, along with the tail.

    26 Feb 2012

    Whitney Houston and the 2012 Grammy Awards Mega-Ritual

    The 2012 Grammy Awards took place in a horrible context: the wake of the sudden, mysterious death of Whitney Houston. The show went on nevertheless … but not without a great deal of strange symbols and events that made one thing very clear: There is a definite dark side

    26 Feb 2012

    Forget M.I.A’s Bird-Flip, Worry About Pop’s Sexual Moral Decline

    Superbowl and its half-time show, which was a highly symbolic occult ritual celebrating the world elite’s stronghold on the masses, people are still shocked by…a finger. Look at the picture above. Look at that long-ass finger of hers. Get over it.

    26 Feb 2012

    Windows 8 Will Have a “Kill Switch”

    The very anticipated operating system Windows 8 will have a feature that was never found on PC’s before: A kill switch that can remotely delete software and edit code without the user’s permission. Although Microsoft claims the switch would only be used for software that is downloaded from its app store.

    26 Feb 2012

    How TV Affects the Brains of Young Children (video)

    Here’s a very interesting video on the cognitive effects of television on young children. Check out the results of his studies on young mice that were exposed to 6 hours of television per day compared to regular mice…and see how society is being dumbed down.

    26 Feb 2012


    Britain blocks cancer drugs to cut costs

    The British government has been accused of "systematically" postponing the introduction of new cancer treatments in order to cut the costs, head of UK’s biggest drugs company warned.

    25 Feb 2012

    ‘BBC feature, pro-monarchy propaganda’

    The British anti-monarchy group Republic says the BBC is making a documentary on the Queen’s diamond jubilee a “pro-monarchy propaganda” piece, which is “entirely one-sided.”

    25 Feb 2012

    Doctors in UK to announce strike action

    The British Medical Association (BMA) has announced plans to ballot its members for strike action in the bitter row over the UK government's controversial pension reforms.

    25 Feb 2012

    More phone hacking trials for Murdoch

    The media tycoon Rupert Murdoch faces a new round of trials over the phone hacking scandal as the first wave of phone hacking lawsuits settles.


    25 Feb 2012

    Spain King's Son-In-Law questioned over corruption

    Hundreds of anti-monarchy protesters have gathered outside a courthouse in Mallorca where the son-in-law of Spain's King Juan Carlos arrived for questioning over corruption allegations.


    25 Feb 2012

    A recent study has suggested that the design of the Stonehenge monument in southern England may have been inspired by a sound-based illusion.

    25 Feb 2012

    Pay more to jump a taxi queue

    The richer people get preferential treatment when it comes to prompt taxi services.

    25 Feb 2012

    Taking on the bottled water giants

    A group of young social entrepreneurs is taking on the giants of Australia’s $600 million bottled water industry for a good cause: fresh, safe water for countries in need. Marcella Bidinost speaks to Thankyou Water founder Daniel Flynn.

    25 Feb 2012

    25 dead as Koran riots in Afghanistan grow

    KABUL: Protesters in eastern Afghanistan threw rocks at police and tried to storm the governor's house in Laghman province, kicking off a fifth day of riots sparked by the burning of Korans at a US base, officials said.

    25 Feb 2012


    Chinese Nickispy malware targets smartphones

    WASHINGTON: Just as US companies are coming to grips with threats to their computer networks emanating from cyber-spies based in China, a noted expert is highlighting what he says is an even more pernicious vulnerability in smartphones.

    25 Feb 2012

    WA government plans new foetal homicide law

    NEW laws could be introduced in Western Australia to increase the penalty for harming or causing the death of an unborn child.

    The proposed foetal homicide laws would create a new offence of causing death or grievous bodily harm to an unborn child through an unlawful assault on its mother.

    Similar to legislation in Queensland, it would carry a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

    25 Feb 2012

    DODO takes blame for shutting off millions of Aussie internet connections

    ISP Dodo played a role in causing the outage that affected millions of fixed-line and mobile internet connections across the country this afternoon, Dodo's chief has confirmed.

    25 Feb 2012


    US Drone crashes in Pakistan - Taliban claims responsibility

    Taliban militants have claimed responsibility for downing an unmanned US assassination drone in Pakistan’s northwestern tribal region.

    25 Feb 2012

    English Defence League formed up to stir hatred against Muslims

    The English Defence League. Its members say its fighting to protect the UK from so-called Muslim extremism, and is promoting English culture and traditions. Over the last few years we’ve reported on the growth of this street movement, and more often than not, its marches have ended in chaos and violence.

    25 Feb 2012

    US plans to boost land-sea defenses

    The Pentagon has begun to take tangible steps to prepare for a possible conflict with Iran by making formal plans to boost US sea and land defences in the Persian Gulf, it has been claimed.

    25 Feb 2012

    Israeli attack jets bomb sth GAZA - AGAIN

    Not content with mass land theft/ genocide/ apartheid and blatent racial vilification on a massive scale, the IDF are continuing their disgusting war crimes against Palestinian civilians at a site on the outskirts of the southern Gaza Strip town of Rafah, causing serious damage to a cement factory. ..

    25 Feb 2012

    IDF opens fire on mourners in east Jerusalem

    Israeli forces fired tear gas and both live and rubber bullets to disperse the crowd of mourners returning from the funeral of Talat Ramia, a 23-year-old Palestinian man who died during surgery of the wounds he sustained in the clashes near the Qalandia checkpoint on Friday.

    25 Feb 2012

    "Under the guise of trying to prevent the spread of weapons of mass destruction... they (Western powers) are attempting something else entirely and setting different goals -- regime change," Putin said on Friday.

    25 Feb 2012

    Iran identifies Mossad operative in Azerbaijan

    The Islamic Republic of Iran has called for the extradition of Mossad’s Iranian spy, identified as Ja’far Khoshzaban, alias Javidan, who has been working under the auspices of Azeri security forces.

    25 Feb 2012

    NATO withdraws Afghanistan staff after US advisers killed

    NATO on Saturday pulled all its staff out of Afghan government ministries after two U.S. military advisers were shot dead in the interior ministry, as anti-U.S. protests raged for a fifth day.


    The Taliban claimed responsibility for the shooting, saying it was in revenge for the burning of Qur'ans at a U.S.-run military base -- an incident that forced U.S. President Barack Obama to apologize to the Afghan people.

    25 Feb 2012

    US regulators shut down 2 banks in Georgia and Minnesota

    On Friday, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) took over the Central bank of Georgia of Ellaville in the US state of Georgia, with approximately USD 278.9 million in total assets and USD 266.6 million in deposits, and the Home Savings of America, of Little Falls, Minnesota, with approximately USD 434.1 million in total assets and USD 432.2 million in total deposits as of December 31, 2011.

    25 Feb 2012


    Criticism mounts over US police use of fatal tactics

    Last Sunday, an Oakland police officer shot Tony Jones in the back and seriously wounded him as the black man was running away from a police car. Oakland police claims the officer shot Jones because he was carrying a firearm after leaving a car they believed was involved in a robbery.

    25 Feb 2012

    Planck all-sky images reveal microwave emissions in Milky Way

    "The images reveal two exciting aspects of the galaxy in which we live. They show a haze around the center of the galaxy, and cold gas where we never saw it before." said Planck scientist Krzysztof M. Gorski.

    "We're puzzled though, because this haze is brighter at shorter wavelengths than similar light emitted elsewhere in the galaxy," Gorski added.

    25 Feb 2012

    Eating citrus fruit may lower women's stroke risk

    According to a report published in Stroke: Journal of the American Heart Association, daily consumption of fruits with high amounts of flavonoids lowers the risk of ischemic stroke by improving blood vessel function and reducing inflammations

    25 Feb 2012


    Einstein might have been right after all

    The mind-boggling recording of particles that travelled faster than Einstein deemed possible may have been caused by dodgy wiring, scientists at one of the world's largest laboratories have revealed.

    25 Feb 2012

    Prince of Bruneis ' lavish lifestyle'

    Prince Jefri Bolkiah, the playboy brother of the Sultan of Brunei, led an exorbitantly lavish lifestyle until his assets were frozen and many of his positions sold off.

    In fact, he "has probably gone through more cash than any other human being on earth," according to an extensive story chronicling the prince and his ongoing $23 million legal battle with his former lawyers in a recent issue of Vanity Fair.

    At one point, he was reportedly spending $50 million a month

    25 Feb 2012

    Motorola trying to 'kill video on the web' - Microsoft

    Microsoft has filed a complaint with the European Commission against Google's Motorola Mobility in the latest salvo in an increasingly bitter patent war between technology giants.

    25 Feb 2012

    Court blocks move to stop iPad sales in Shanghai

    A court in China has ruled Apple can continue to sell its iPad tablet in Shanghai.

    The Shanghai case marked a victory for Apple in a protracted legal battle with debt-laden Proview Technology over rights to the iPad name.

    25 Feb 2012

    Bamboo smart phone

    Durable, organic bamboo has been used by a student called Kieron-Scott Woodhouse to create a smartphone. The bamboo is replacing some of the steel and plastic that would be used in similar smartphone devices. The phone is called Adzero and will run an Android operating system, it has a larger screen than the iPhone 4S but weighs less.
    Via Inhabitat.

    25 Feb 2012

    A MUST WATCH!!! NEW Ancient UFO-DISCLOSURE Artifacts are Revealed!
    Nassim Haramein & Klaus Dona have NEW Ancient artifacts with pictures of ufos and wormholes, stargates in operation. (Fullscreen great view)

    25 Feb 2012

    UFO craft directed laser-like beam at NUKE missile sites

    Yes, the title of this article sounds like science fiction. Nevertheless, declassified American and Soviet government documents confirm that UFOs flew near and even hovered over large numbers of nuclear weapons sites during the Cold War era, including bomb and missile warhead storage depots.

    25 Feb 2012

    USGS measures Fukushima fallout across Southern California.

    USGS and the National Atmospheric Deposition Program (NADP) networks measured fission-product isotopes in the U.S. from the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power facility atmospheric release incidents, which occurred March 12 and 14, 2011 near Sendai, Japan.  This project added to the body of knowledge about radioactive fallout from the March 12-14, 2011 incident and exhibited the capabilities of the USGS and NADP to respond to an unexpected atmospheric release.

    25 Feb 2012

    Angelina Jolie Conscripted To Sell Genocidal ‘Humanitarian Intervention’ War Doctrine

    Hollywood superstar Angelina ‘Humanitarian’ Jolie is now baying for Syrian blood. The worst part is, due to our pitiful culture of celebrity worship and braindead media consumption, this episode may do great damage to the months of hard work that truth-seekers have done to expose this genocidal doctrine of war.

    25 Feb 2012


    Are we living in a NWO? Or a Jew World Order?

    As the former Malaysian Prime Minister, Dr. Mahathir Mohamed, explained: “The Jews rule this world by proxy, they get others to fight and die for them… They have now gained control of the most powerful countries … This tiny community have become a world power.”

    25 Feb 2012

    6 million myth - How many times has the holocaust been reported?

    The obsessive invocation of the cabalistic fable of “6,000,000 dead or dying Jews” dating back at least four decades prior to the events of WWII directly undermines and betrays the notion that 6,000,000 Jews perished in Europe between 1939-1945, as Jews have claimed. It was a lie the first time, and it is a lie today!

    25 Feb 2012

    Iran : Drumbeat of war has familiar sound

    Impetus towards war with Iran can only be explained in terms of a western desire for Iraq-style regime change

    25 Feb 2012


    IDF soldiers involved in drunken stabbing with sth african immigrant

    “He was going to enter the Israeli army in a few months,” said the father, who immigrated to Israel from Russia in 1975 and has lived in Johannesburg for more than two decades.

    25 Feb 2012

    Israeli talk show host probed for describing Leftists and Arabs as 'anti-Semites' and 'Nazis'

    Israel's broadcasting regulator body has initiated an investigation of a Tel Aviv radio show featuring a prominent attorney, over several complaints of frequently sounded on-air slurs directed at left-wing supporters and Arabs.

    25 Feb 2012

    Hundreds protest israeli deportation program

    Hundreds gathered in front of Ministry of Interior offices in Tel Aviv on Saturday to protest the deportation of families whose petitions for residency permits were rejected.

    25 Feb 2012

    Vigilantes act in car theft ring in NZ

    At least 32 high-performance vehicles have been stolen in the past seven weeks and this month, thefts have risen to two a day.

    Frustrated car owners are fed up and their retaliation has been fast and furious

    25 Feb 2012

    Air New Zealand hires new staff from CHINA

    Chinese flight attendants filled new Auckland-based positions at Air New Zealand barely a month before the national carrier announced big lay-offs of Kiwi staff.

    The jobs were first advertised in Shanghai in December. Documents leaked to the Herald on Sunday show the airline sought applications for 16 cabin crew to be based in Auckland for nine months

    25 Feb 2012

    According to information gained under the Official Information Act, the total amount of school voluntary donations or fees actually paid by families in the last four years has been $234m (2007), $247m (2008), $272m (2009), and $266m (2010) - totalling $1.02b.

    25 Feb 2012

    Two missing after Antarctic research station fire

    A fire at Brazil's research station in Antarctica on Saturday left two people missing and forced the evacuation by helicopter of 44 people at the base, the Brazilian navy said.

    25 Feb 2012

    Skimpy barmaid causes outrage and pilgramages in Italy

    A sultry barmaid's desire to serve coffee and beer in risque attire has left the womenfolk of a small Italian town frothing.

    25 Feb 2012

    Burlusconis corruption trial ends : A whitewash from start to finish

    Silvio Berlusconi's corruption trial has ended with a court ruling that the statute of limitations had run out, handing the former premier another victory in a long string of judicial challenges.

    25 Feb 2012


    US blasts China/Russia for stance on Syria

    US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has blasted Russia and China as "despicable" for opposing UN action aimed at stopping the bloodshed in Syria, and more than 60 nations have begun planning a civilian peacekeeping mission to deploy after the Damascus regime halts its crackdown on the opposition.

    25 Feb 2012

    Government gets big bucks for bad habits

    It is not something it wants to boast about, but tobacco is a cash cow for the Government.

    The amount it collects in excise tax from producers has almost doubled over the past 20 years and tobacco generates more funds for the Government than it gets in payments from its largest state-owned enterprise, Meridian Energy.

    25 Feb 2012

    Kim.Dotcom: FBI have siezed it all

    It became the most online part of the country after internet tycoon Kim Dotcom paid for an ultra-fast broadband cable into the community where he lives.

    Now, it is an internet deadzone.

    25 Feb 2012


    BP Wins Most Pentagon Fuel Awards in Year After Gulf of Mexico Explosion

    The scorn heaped upon BP (BP) Plc following the biggest offshore oil spill in U.S. history in 2010 wasn’t echoed at the U.S. Defense Department (USBODEFN). It stepped up purchases from the London-based company, making it the Pentagon’s biggest fuel supplier

    25 Feb 2012

    6 Reasons Obama's Clean Energy Policy Is Dirty and Corrupt
    High gasoline prices are increasing Obama's unpopularity. His energy plan will make him lose even more favor because it is detrimental to the environment and the economy.

    25 Feb 2012

    Greek Deal Leaves Europe on Road to Disaster

    If Europe’s new plan for Greece succeeds, nobody will be more surprised than the politicians who designed it. At best, the arrangement is a holding action, one that fails yet again to deal with the much larger confidence crisis facing the euro area.

    25 Feb 2012

    Natural Gas ‘Fracking’ Ban Upheld in Second New York Town

    Bans on natural as drilling in two New York towns were each upheld by state judges this week.

    25 Feb 2012

    Obama’s Green-Car Plan Hits Alternative-Fuel Limits

    President Barack Obama’s administration is buying fewer hybrid and electric cars and more vehicles that can consume both ethanol and gasoline to meet 2015 environmental goals, favoring older technology over new.

    25 Feb 2012

    California remains Standard & Poor’s lowest-rated state. But the agency boosted its bond outlook last week, thanks to a decreasing budget deficit that’s more the result of cutbacks and an improving economy than tax increases.

    25 Feb 2012

    Man shot by Police outside Aussie Police station

    A man shot by a policeman outside a western Sydney police station may have earlier stolen pistols from a gun club and threatened patrons at a tavern.

    25 Feb 2012

    New Nike space shoe causes more sneakerhead riots

    Sneaker fanatics who lined up outside stores overnight got their first crack Friday at a new outer-space themed Nike basketball shoe, getting so unruly in some cities that police were called to restore order.

    25 Feb 2012

    Object from space causes commotion in Brazil - World - NZ Herald News

    An unidentified metal object that could have come from a space rocket has caused a huge commotion after it fell to earth in a small town in northern Brazil, reports say.


    25 Feb 2012


    China accuses US and Europe of having ‘hegemonistic’ ambitions in Syria

    The United States and Europe are “harboring hegemonistic ambitions” in Syria, China’s state news agency said Saturday, a day after Beijing was condemned at an international conference held to find a way to halt the Syrian regime’s nearly year-old suppression of an anti-government uprising.

    25 Feb 2012

    Grammar boys hot air gets NASA attention

    Two Auckland schoolboys could be responsible for the future of astronaut luxury - air-conditioned spaceships - and will visit Nasa headquarters in Washington DC next month to see if their idea will be tested in space.

    25 Feb 2012

    How signs of Martian earthquake could finally prove there is life on the Red Planet

    A massive earthquake on Mars has been detected – suggesting there may be active volcanoes and even reservoirs of water that could sustain life on the Red Planet.

    Scientists tracked a series of boulder falls that resembled the deadly 2009 tremor near L'Aquila, in central Italy.

    25 Feb 2012


    New revelations in attack on American spy ship

    Veterans, documents suggest U.S., Israel didn't tell full story of deadly '67 incident on USS LIBERTY

    25 Feb 2012

    Gas prices rise live on air during tv broadcast

    U.S. gas prices have jumped 8.8 percent since the start of this year, according to the Energy Information Agency, topping an average of $3.65 a gallon in the week through Monday.

    25 Feb 2012

    Retired Soviet officer rewarded for averting nuclear war

    Most people become heroes for doing things. Stanislav Petrov became one through having the courage to do nothing – in the face of a potential nuclear threat.

    25 Feb 2012

    Family of three dies from apparent starvation in Japan

    Discovery raises questions over the official response to rising poverty levels among the elderly and the unemployed in Japan

    25 Feb 2012

    Rough sleeping on the rise in Britain

    The number of people sleeping rough in England has increased by 23 percent in a year, according to new data provided by homelessness charity Crisis.

    25 Feb 2012

    U.S. refuses to grant visa to Israeli MK due to his membership in 'terror group'

    The U.S. government refused to grant a visa to National Union MK Michael Ben Ari, on the basis of his membership in a "terror organization."

    25 Feb 2012

    Uncovered documents reveal NYPD monitored mosques 'like they would monitor terrorists'

    The New York Police Department targeted Muslim mosques with tactics normally reserved for criminal organizations, according to newly obtained police documents.

    25 Feb 2012

    Extreme cold weather hits Europe

    Frigid temperatures have gripped Europe in the last week, with the mercury reaching as low as -35 degrees Celsius below zero. The sudden cold caught many unprepared. Eastern Europe is hardest hit, with over 100 deaths in Ukraine, and with over 11,000 people in remote villages cut off by snow in Serbia.

    25 Feb 2012

    New Ice Age to Begin in 2014

    “Forecasters predict that a new ice age will begin soon,” says this article on

    25 Feb 2012


    "UN must prosecute Israel for war crimes," says Bloody Sunday lawyer

    Israel was the focus of discussions by the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) earlier this month.

    25 Feb 2012

    Elite Criminal Cartel to Loot Taxpayers in the Name of Cyber Security

    Recently there has been a string of malicious hacks on governmental websites suggesting one of two things — either the attacks are legitimate and pose an actual treat to our national security from a cyber standpoint, or the attacks are staged in an attempt to further control the general public by tightening internet regulations which will in turn restrict access to vital news and information.

    25 Feb 2012

    Zionisms attempt to turn lies into truth

    The Boycott Movement, Israeli Anti-Apartheid Week in particular, seems to have certain sections of the zionist community literally chasing their tails to get attention these days …

    25 Feb 2012



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