Alex JONES: I Predicted everything
August 17th, 2011
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Alex Jones has heralded in the Norway False Flag attacks with the Stunning admission that HE actually predicted these attacks were going to happen. Unlike Sept 11 where Alex Jones had to rip off Bill Coopers prediction, this time for real, Alex Meant it for real. Just like where Alex Jones had this long standing suspicion about Charlie Veitch ... despite having him on the show 8-9 times..




For prediction power PLUS Double Plus Good I recommend Alex Fertile Mind JONES
















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ericamerica45 Posted August 8th 2011, at 8:23 am | Permalink

I just thought of something. I have been researching truth for a few years now, and came across Alex Jones. I admit, I was pulled in for the last few months. No more. My question/comment is this, I heard Alex talking about 2 days ago, though I'm not sure where, and he said his granddad was a banker. Alex then referenced the 1930's, I believe in context with his granddad. Alex is after these big bankers, yet, I find it interesting that he comes from a banking family.

ericamerica45 3 weeks ago


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