Hidden Technologies and More Research Pg 2

It doesnt matter - The Mad Hatter

Amazing parody done by Alex Farnham comedic genius who plays all 3 Johnny Depp personas in the video, incredible effects graphics wardrobe etc... catchy tune too

Shrek the massive sheep passes away

Massive bloody shagger called Shrek kicks the bucket and gets the chop. New Zealand mourns this massive beast..

4th -Dimensional thinking with Dr. Carl Sagan

Dr Carl Sagan, the late great scientist that sparked a worldwide resurgence in science and astronomy

BIGDOG technology making Robo-Hunters

Massive robot dogs built by DARPA could potentially hunt down human beings are being developed by US military..

Amazing Sun Filament

This incredible filament ejection was named the dragon filament.. watch here why ..

US exoskeleton -IronMAN

This amazing Exoskeleton is almost like an IronMan suit. It gives superhuman strength...

Population reduction chat

George Green Former banker now whistleblower on the elite Spells it out.. .

Urban Moving Systems *FEATURE STORY*

Mossad agents crawling all over New York all let go free without charge ... read more...


Odigo Messaging + Comverse *FEATURE STORY*

Yakobi Alexander and the Odigo Instant chat messaging service. Read how the truth has been twisted around through media ... read more...



Core Of Corruption

Never before has so many rare videos surfaced and so much evidence been collated so professionally to show a Complete Criminal Network of fraud behind 9-11. read more...



Dimitri Khalezov 9-11 Nuclear Demolition

Using nukes for demolitions isnt new.. Just ask Dimitri. read more...




We have kept track of all death notices since they emerged in December 2001 right up until almost ten years later in 2011 Obama somewhat arrogantly declared him dead. Now the regiment that killed Osama according to the official account is now sanitised, I guess we'll never really know now... read more...

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