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Militarization of Police Forces

The Army has been passing on its used and new equipment and arsenal to local law enforcement organisations. making the local cops into mini armies. Read More..

Hillary Admits "we created Taliban and Al Qaeda"

Hillary Clinton admits to creating Al Qaeda and Taliban problems Read More...

Truck full of explosives found Under G. Washington Bridge

News casters admit capturing evidence + SUSPECTS at the scene of the crime in NY on 9-11...Read More...

9-11 : The experts speak out

This Sept 11 Let the experts Speak out.. 9-11 EXPERTS Speak out about the Scientific crime of Sept 11 Read More.

Devil in Disguise - Zionism

War = Zionism . Zionism = War. Israel is illegal FULLSTOP. .

Gordon Brown: NWO tool

Gordon Brown Worships the sun, feeds off the working class to keep ther elite in power

An Irishman Abroad on politics

As crusty and as salty as it gets from a ridgy didge Irishman. A few home truths..

Daniel Lewin *FEATURE STORY*

What are the chances that a crack israeli special anti hijacking air commando was aboard flight 11? What are the chances that this guy was not only Sayert Merkal Special Israeli anti terrorist squad but also CEO of the largest Server farm in the internets history and supposedly the first to die on 9-11 on flight 11... read more...




We have kept track of all death notices since they emerged in December 2001 right up until almost ten years later in 2011 Obama somewhat arrogantly declared him dead. Now the regiment that killed Osama according to the official account is now sanitised, I guess we'll never really know now... read more...

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