This retarded man has a Tazer pointed at your wife

You get pulled over by a traffic cop only this one looks a little different and speaks strangely. As it turns out its the Retarded Cop and he's playing Knock Knock jokes...


Obama girl - Here is relevant Political Studies..

Never has such an interest been shown in the mechanics of political fandom before since ObamaGirl. Now 120 Million and counting...


Gordon Brown - NWO stooge

The poster boy has been for the NWO takeover of Europe was handsomely rewarded for fulfilling his puppet role. This video reviews his handicraft .


BUSH + HOWARD - A love story

Never before have 2 leaders of the free world so openly expressed their outwardly homosexual feelings towards each other quite like these two.. .

Prepare yourself

Daniel Lewin *FEATURE STORY*

What are the chances that a crack israeli special anti hijacking air commando was aboard flight 11? What are the chances that this guy was not only Sayert Merkal Special Israeli anti terrorist squad but also CEO of the largest Server farm in the internets history and supposedly the first to die on 9-11 on flight 11... read more...




We have kept track of all death notices since they emerged in December 2001 right up until almost ten years later in 2011 Obama somewhat arrogantly declared him dead. Now the regiment that killed Osama according to the official account is now sanitised, I guess we'll never really know now... read more...

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