9-11 Radioactive Hotspot
August 17th, 2011
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Downtown Manhattan and Fresh Kills area were tested in 2005 in an UNUSUAL and random radiological survey (I wonder now who ordered that?) and the results were quite startling.. Their explanation of the raised levels of radioactive contaminants?

Well... Must have been dumpedfrom the 1970's and nobody ever noticed it until now. Yeh Right.

Most interesting is the fact that these results will assist in determining radioactive spread in future attacks. Such a statement resonates that an attack of this nature HAS ALREADY OCCURRED in downtown New York perhaps four years earlier.


A radiological survey of the city conducted by the Department of Energy on behalf of the New York Police Department uncovered an area in Fresh Kills Park on Staten Island with high levels of radium, according to a report released yesterday by the Government Accountability Office.

The NYPD paid the Department of Energy about $800,000 — most of it in the form of grants from the Department of Homeland Security — to conduct the survey in August 2005 so the city would have a radiological baseline against which future surveys could be tested. The baseline could help the city discover suspicious spikes in radiological activity such as would be associated with the construction of a "dirty bomb," the report says.

The survey found 80 hotspots in the city, but the one-acre section of the park, which is part of the Gateway National Recreation Area, was singled out for an investigation by the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Investigators found small pieces of rusted metal — possibly remnants of industrial equipment — that had presumably been dumped in the park before it was taken over from the city by the National Park Service in 1972, a spokesman for the National Park Service, Brian Feeney, said. The Environmental Protection Agency recommended a more in-depth survey be done of the area, but did not identify any immediate health risks, he said.

"The public has never been allowed in that area," Mr. Feeney said. "You couldn't walk into this area if you wanted to. You would have to cut your way into this."

The radiological survey, conducted by a helicopter outfitted with radiation equipment and computers, was the first such survey conducted of a major American city.

Yesterday's report advocated the wider use of the surveys to help prevent terrorist attacks, and also to have data that would be helpful in aftermath of a nuclear attack.

Rep. Vito Fossella, a Republican of Staten Island, is planning a meeting between city and state agencies "to develop a plan of action to test the area, learn the extent of thecontamination, and remediate it if it poses a public health risk," he said in a statement.

Just how much evidence is there of radiological pollution on the 9-11 first responder vegicles and at Fresh Kills anyway? Lets have a look:

Radiation detected in Staten Island park


in 2007:


See Video:



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Some of the principal evidence that must be explained:

1. The Twin Towers were destroyed faster than physics can explain by a free fall speed "collapse."
2. They underwent mid-air pulverization and were turned to dust before they hit the ground.
3. The protective bathtub was not significantly damaged by the destruction of the Twin Towers.
4. The rail lines, the tunnels and most of the rail cars had only light damage, if any.
5. The WTC underground mall survived well, witnessed by Warner Bros. Road Runner and friends. There were reports that "The Gap" was looted.
6. The seismic impact was minimal, far too small based on a comparison with the Kingdome controlled demolition.
7. The Twin Towers were destroyed from the top down, not bottom up.
8. The demolition of WTC7 was whisper quiet and the seismic signal was not significantly greater than background noise.
9. The upper 80 percent, approximately, of each tower was turned into fine dust and did not crash to the earth.
10. The upper 90 percent, approximately, of the inside of WTC7 was turned into fine dust and did not crash to the earth.
11. One file cabinet with folder dividers survived.
12. No toilets survived or even recognizable portions of one.
13. Windows of nearby buildings had circular and other odd-shaped holes in them.
14. In addition to the odd window damage, the marble facade was completely missing from around WFC1 and WFC2 entry, with no other apparent structural damage.
15. Fuzzballs, evidence that the dust continued to break down and become finer and finer.
16. Truckloads of dirt were hauled in and hauled out of the WTC site, a pattern that continues to this day.
17. Fuming of the dirt pile. Fuming decreased when watered, contrary to fumes caused by fire or heat.
18. Fuzzyblobs, a hazy cloud that appeared to be around material being destroyed.
19. The Swiss-Cheese appearance of steel beams and glass.
20. Evidence of molecular dissociation and transmutation, as demonstrated by the near-instant rusting of affected steel.
21. Weird fires. The appearance of fire, but without evidence of heating.
22. Lack of high heat. Witnesses reported that the initial dust cloud felt cooler than ambient temperatures. No evidence of burned bodies.
23. Columns were curled around a vertical axis like rolled-up carpets, where overloaded buckled beams should be bent around the horizontal axis.
24. Office paper was densely spread throughout lower Manhattan, unburned, often along side cars that appeared to be burning.
25. Vertical round holes were cut into buildings 4, 5 and 6, and into Liberty street in front of Bankers Trust, and into Vesey Street in front of WTC6, plus a cylindrical arc was cut into Bankers Trust.
26. All planes except top secret missions were ordered down until 10:31 a.m. (when only military flights were allowed to resume), after both towers were destroyed, and only two minutes (120 seconds) after WTC 1 had been destroyed.
27. Approximately 1,400 motor vehicles were towed away, toasted in strange ways, during the destruction of the Twin Towers.
28. The order and method of destruction of each tower minimized damage to the bathtub and adjacent buildings.
29. More damage was done to the bathtub by earth-moving equipment during the clean-up process than from the destruction of more than a million tons of buildings above it.
30. Twin Tower control without damaging neighboring buildings, in fact all seriously damaged and destroyed buildings had a WTC prefix.
31. The north wing of WTC 4 was left standing, neatly sliced from the main body which virtually disappeared.
32. For more than seven years, regions in the ground under where the main body of WTC4 stood have continued to fume.
33. The WTC1 and WTC2 rubble pile was far too small to account for the total mass of the buildings.
34. The WTC7 rubble pile was too small for the total mass of the building and consisted of a lot of mud.
35. Eyewitness testimony about toasted cars, instant disappearance of people by "unexplained" waves, a plane turning into a mid-air fireball, electrical power cut off moments before WTC 2 destruction, and the sound of explosions.
36. Eyewitness testimony of Scott-pack explosions in fire trucks and fire trucks exploding that were parked near the WTC.
37. There were many flipped cars in the neighborhood of the WTC complex near trees with full foliage.
38. Magnetometer readings in Alaska recorded abrupt shifts in the earth's magnetic field with each of the events at the WTC on 9/11.
39. Hurricane Erin, located just off Long Island on 9/11/01, went virtually unreported in the days leading up to 9/11, including omission of this Hurricane on the morning weather map, even though that portion of the Atlantic Ocean was shown on the map.
40. Sillystring, the appearance of curious cork-screw trails.
41. Uncanny similarities with the Hutchison Effect, where the Hutchison Effect exhibits all of the same phenomena listed above.

* Is it possible that such a technology exist? Since invention of the microwave for cooking in 1945 and lasers in 1955*, commercial and military development of directed-energy technology has proceeded apace, so use of directed-energy technology is likely to exist -- and the data tells us it does exist.


WERE the vehicles contaminated?

If initial reading of this article would make a person skeptical, then perhaps we should question the fact that there were Emergency vehicles dumped at the same Radiological waste dump as all the other radiated WTC material. A lot of these high cost professional use vehicles were barely damaged or dented yet were discarded along side completely demolished and destroyed vehicles. Ask yourself WHY would they simply dump millions of dollars of expensive hi-tech equipment if it was ONLY covered in a little dust? Unless perhaps that dust was "hot"?


Click the image((s)) below for larger photo from Fresh Kills




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I just thought of something. I have been researching truth for a few years now, and came across Alex Jones. I admit, I was pulled in for the last few months. No more. My question/comment is this, I heard Alex talking about 2 days ago, though I'm not sure where, and he said his granddad was a banker. Alex then referenced the 1930's, I believe in context with his granddad. Alex is after these big bankers, yet, I find it interesting that he comes from a banking family.

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