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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The official 2001 FBI docs on Urban Moving Systems and the 9-11-2001 Dancing Israelis incident

Source : My Big Fat Anti-Zionist LIFE

Above: Urban Systems Moving Wharehouse 2001

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Section 5, page 42

Above:  A snippet from the 2001 FBI files on Urban Moving Systems and the 9-11 Dancing Israelis incident.  An employee of UMS dishes on the boss (Dominik Suter?) who not only cheats customers but seems to harbor a huge grudge against the United States.  

The controversy around Urban Moving Systems (active as a business since approximately 1996) centers around the fact that it was a Mossad front company, and whether or not the "employees" (agents) knew what was about to go down on September 11th.  There were also, according to the FBI report, traces of explosive in the van used in the Dancing Israelis incident.  Were members of this group involved in rigging the towers for demolition?


In section 5, page 25 of the FBI report, a male eyewitness who was painting the interior of an apartment spots the Dancing Israelis on a nearby roof "less than 5 minutes" after the first plane hits the WTC.  The location of the roof, 100 Manhattan Avenue in Union City, NJ, is a 5 minute drive from Urban Moving Systems at 3 W 18th Street in Weehauken.  This contradicts the statement of one of the Israelis in the 2nd video, who claims they began driving to that point after the first plane hit the towers. 

Section 1, pages 36-37
There were a number of reasons I retrieved and posted the 4 page police report from the East Rutherford, NJ P.D. and these FBI documents on the 9-11-2001 Dancing Israelis incident (links are below).  If any 9-11 researchers had seen them, they failed to make them available for public scrutiny.  As a consequence, some individuals have concluded that the Dancing Israelis were an "urban legend", based only on researchers' opinions and a slew of seemingly disparate facts.

Section 5, page 41

Fill out an FOIA request, or write a letter, and these public records are yours for a few dollars, or free.  So why have we not seen (until now) official documentation on these suspicious events - events that apparently never got a mention in the 9-11 Commission Report?

Section 5, pages 62-63

The FBI's investigation of the Dancing Israelis is close to 450 pages long.  Many sections are blanked out, some pages have been withheld, and it won't be completely declassified until 2030 at the earliest.  

Section 5, page 30
The report is in 6 sections. The PDF "search" option does not seem to be working.  A brief synopsis of some findings are below, section by section.
Section 1, page 33

Because of time constraints, I have not vetted everything.  Please note in the comments area any section/page of interest found in these documents.  I have posted some snippets, however, I may have missed a few things, and would appreciate any insights, help etc.

Section 5, page 47

Section 1, page 65
Above:  A female witness at 100 Manhattan Avenue spots the Israelis "high fiving" each other while watching the WTC burn.  Were they really happy to see the WTC burn, or were they just fans of Seattle's "High Five'n White Guys"?:


FBI documents on Urban Moving Systems and the Dancing Israelis (these notes will be updated as time permits)

Section 1 (full text at this link)

Section 1, page 7


Section 1, page 12.  Flyer found for party at the Garage on 99 7th Avenue in Manhattan.  The date "7-11" (exactly 2 months before 9-11) is prominent.  Keren is a common Israeli women's name. What is being covered up on the right side of the flyer?   Below a snippet from a Google search for DJ VanJee that refers to Jaffa, a city located in Israel.


Section 1, page 23.  An "unscheduled" UMS van is spotted in Plymouth, MA on 9-11-2001 at 6:45 a.m.

Section 1, page 30. AA flight 11 was scheduled to depart Boston's Logan Airport at 7:45 a.m.

 p. 36 and p. 52-53 - An "unscheduled" Urban Moving Systems van is stopped by Pennsylvania State Police as it is traveling toward the Shanksville, PA hijacked flight 93 crash site:
Section 1, page 36

Section 1, page 30

p. 36 - An "unscheduled" Urban Moving Systems van is found in Nashua, NH on 9-11:

Section 1, page 36

Section 1, page 34  Airline tickets with immediate travel dates found in NJ van.

Section 1, page 39

p. 61-77 - Tenants at 100 Manhattan Avenue apartments are questioned about sightings of Israelis prior to 9-11.

Section 1, page 61.  One of the 5 Dancing Israelis was spotted at 100 Manhattan Ave. on 9-10-11.  Was he helping the mysterious couple (below) move out of their apartment?

Section 1, page 71 - Manager at 100 Manhattan Ave.
regarding tenants moving out using a UMC truck on 9-10-11

Section 1, page 73 - Urban Moving sighted at 100 Manhattan Ave. 9-10-01

Section 1, page 73.  Did the mysterious tenant who moved on 9-10-11 "work" at the WTC?      

Hoboken PATH Station
1 Hudson Place, Hoboken, NJ 07030.
Served by Newark-World Trade Center, Hoboken - 33rd Street, and Hoboken-World Trade Center lines. 

Section 1, page 96 - a few of the odd photos found

Section 1, page 100 - flight itinerary - 12 Sept departure

Section 1, page 112 - Letter posted from Charlotte, NC.  The Fox News video below at the 1:26 mark reports the presence of Israeli Mossad in North Carolina.


pages 128-129 - addresses in Missouri and Texas

Section 2 (full text at this link)

Section 2 covers insurance papers for Urban Moving Systems.

p. 35 includes VIN numbers for all UMS vehicles, including the famous white van.

p. 77 is a report of said van at Liberty State Park, NJ.

Section 3 (full text at this link)

Section 3, page 28.  A 9-16-01 memo details a new UMS warehouse location at 73-75 Gould Street in Bayonne, NJ.  I exposed this warehouse and the UMS connection to Israeli mall sales of Zoomcopters in an article in 2009
9-11, Mossad Mall Spies, Zoomcopters and Dominik Suter

Section 4 (full text at this link)

Section 5 (full text at this link)

P 21:  female employee of UMS arrives at work at 8:58 am (shown on punched time card). A co-worker brings her some cookies - she estimates this happened about 5 minutes after she clocked in (9:03)  She talks with co-worker for "a few more minutes" and then hears someone in the building shout "Oh my God a plane just hit the World Trade Center."   She then heads into the dispatch room of Urban Moving Systems (where the shout came from) and sees "a still picture on a computer screen of a plane hitting one tower".

p. 25:  A painter at the Doric Towers, 100 Manhattan Ave, Union City, NJ is informed by a partner of the disaster "less than 5 minutes" after the first plane hits the north tower".  He "stands up from painting the baseboard, looks out of the window, and notices 3 young men taking video and still photographs from atop the roof of the parking garage adjoining Doric Towers. (ed. note:  Urban Moving Systems is a 5 minute drive from 100 Manhattan Ave.)

Section 5, page 27 - cigarette butts as evidence
Section 6 (full text at this link)

p 8:  foreign names and names of obscure towns in India and Nepal.

p 30:  report on Israeli art vendor arrested in Mercer county.  Found traveling in the vicinity of the FAA center in Pomona, NJ and also taking pictures of bridges and freeways:

Section 6, page 30

Below, video on Israeli "art sales": 



p 33: four Israeli nationals arrested by Mt. Holly Police dept on 8 14 2001

p 38:  FBI declares Israelis innocent

p 40:  phone number found in notes connected to individual in S. America with "ties to Islamic militants in the ME"

P 41:  another phone number is connected to a hash dealer in NY - this info is considered moot.

p 43:  FBI admits wide discrepancies in suspects stories

Section 6, page 45 - witness describes video camera

Section 6, page 47  Dancing Israelis, Classic International Movers and the 19 hijackers

Section 6, page 48 - Dancing Israelis heading to NJ at 7:48 a.m. on 9-11

p 63: FBI references antiwar.com

p 89:  items not claimed by suspects destroyed


The above documents if they had been related to ISLAMIC extremists and NOT Israeli terrorists would have been spread far and wide across our media.

HOWEVER its reasonable to assume the reason why till today these documents are laregly unknown.



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