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August 17th, 2011
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Alex Jones has heralded in the Norway False Flag attacks with the Stunning admission that HE actually predicted these attacks were going to happen. Unlike Sept 11 where Alex Jones had to rip off Bill Coopers prediction, this time for real, Alex Meant it for real. Just like where Alex Jones had this long standing suspicion about Charlie Veitch ... despite having him on the show 8-9 times..


For prediction power PLUS Double Plus Good I recommend Alex Fertile Mind JONES to win the Zionist Tool of the week award...





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Nephilim70 has toured across Australiaand the nullabor with a bush jug band in the back of a Peugeot 504 with only a steel bucket and a hand full of tea bags.







TelewinkiesNS Posted August 2nd 2011 at4:45 am | Permalink

The reason why I care about the White Race is because your Race is the greatest race of all time.

The White Race has built the finest and greatest civilizations ever (inventions, technology, The Roman Empire etc).

I always admired and respected the greatness of the White Race. Read March of the titans: A history of the White Race, it's my most favorite book.

Kind regards!

1776Matthew Posted August 3rd 2011, at 7:29 am | Permalink
Theres nothing wrong with being Christian and homosexual Some of my best lovers have been ass rapists and fudge packers ! ahhh I was right about you... You wait till my friends all have dolly-dress-ups at our next tea party meeting....


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What are the chances that a crack israeli special anti hijacking air commando was aboard flight 11? What are the chances that this guy was not only Sayert Merkal Special Israeli anti terrorist squad but also CEO of the largest Server farm in the internets history and supposedly the first to die on 9-11 on flight 11... read more...

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