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Osama Bin Laden: Look! Who is talking?

Look who is talking about professionalism and honesty.

| - Fake news release from Whitehouse | Category: Obama , Osama Death Claim |




Osama Bin Laden: Look! Who is talking?

| - Press Release lies| Category: Obama , Osama Death Claim |

- By Jawad Raza Khan

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Posted on May 5th, 2011


It is extremely bewildering and heart breaking when we witness our territorial sovereignty ruined again and again by the same intruder; Indeed we as a nation were embarrassed when the world’s most wanted terrorist was claimed to be hunted by US in Abottabad; It was disturbing when one of the most efficient spy agency of the world is labeled as dishonest or in capable; and frankly speaking it pinches a lot when states like UK, France and India try to teach lesson of integrity, to anybody for that matter.

Without discussing any conspiracy theories on the matter, which is usually based on assumptions and hypothesis, let’s analyze what has been claimed by US after the hunt of OBL. The most arrogant claimant of ISI’s dishonesty and in efficiency is the mighty CIA of US.

Look who is talking about professionalism and honesty;

  • One who had to apologize on the issue of Iraq’s WMDs but only after killing more than 1000000 Iraqi civilians and soldiers?
  • One who has the guts to own killing machines like Raymond Davis?
  • One who has miserably failed in their own homeland security with incident occurring like September the 11th?
  • One who is setting the cruelest example of in human slaughter of innocent civilians through drones in FATA?
  • One who has been thoughtfully making fool of their own innocent Americans through phantom zing and de phantom zing own created ghosts from time to time.
  • One who is the most decisive de stabilizing factor in the world’s known history; from the aftermath of Russian-Afghan war to the arming of rebels   (The Al-Qaida) in Libya and promoting the Muslim brotherhood of Syed Qutb ( the ideological fountain of Al-Qaida) in Egypt?  

Truly speaking much must have been missed out, with regards the reputation of CIA and it’s so called honest professionalism but point here is not to score a point only. The fact to ponder here that with this brilliant track record of CIA, how should Pakistanis be reacting in this current scenario. Should we repeat the same mistakes what we have been doing since our very inception? Or there should be a more visionary, united and methodical reaction to this falsified propaganda against our institutions. What we Pakistanis must understand is, that in difficult times especially when an organization like CIA starts finger pointing towards our precious assets it’s time to reassert with all your resources, might and intelligentsia.   

We got to learn from Iraq and Afghan war, the ridiculous Af-Pak doctrine which will threaten to extend rapidly into urban Pakistan for a decentralized asymmetric irregular war. This type of war cannot be fought by lone Armies, the only way to get out of this quagmire is to combine the efforts through media power through sophisticated information/media warfare otherwise TTP-India-US nexus will ridicule us to their best of their ability.

If our highness media can join hands together for just an India Pakistan cricket match; if they can harp constantly on insane Amman Ki Asha; if they can talk for hours and hours on de airing of Geo Super and Aag channels; if they can give marathon coverage to one of their cameraman, who was slightly injured during a scuffle while performing his professional duties; it is astounding why they couldn’t smell a rat in the show case of Osama Bin Laden’s hi-tech elimination. 

Can’t our media deduce two elementary inevitable, which are the main contributing factors with regards to the Abbottabad’s Hollywood show?

  • The Obama election campaign
  • Face saving withdrawal from Afghanistan after killing the most wanted man on Pakistan’s soil.

History has shown us the way numerous times especially in case of westerners; from leaving undivided Kashmir between India and Pakistan to the never reaching 8th US fleet in 1971; and from parting back to their homes after Soviet downfall without rehab programs for Mujahideens to opting for an exit to avoid rout from Afghanistan after turning all guns of Al Qaida and Taliban towards Pakistan in wake of the dramatized Osama’s elimination in military city of Abbotabad.

It is certainly our right to criticize our institutions for their better efficiency (internally), but if they are bombarded by foreign media and intelligence agencies like CIA externally, time is not to scrutinize own self but to stand with them head high and making them feel that they are not alone. Can’t we even observe the way Israelis, Indians and American media and people back their institutions even after the incidents like disgraceful failure in Lebanon war, Samjhota express case and the long tale of counterfeits by CIA respectively? On the other hand we are completely ignoring and forgetting, number of horrific suicide attacks on ISI and other intelligence agencies claimed by sister organization of Al Qaida the TTP; More than 3500 causalities of security forces during operations against this menace who had slaughtered more than 30000 innocent Pakistanis in last 7 to 8 years.

President Obama’s statement regarding no release of the footage of Osama Bin laden after the claimed operation in Abbottabad, and the expected “Big No” from US administration with regards to the computer data from Osama’s computer requested by ISI, certainly put the things under serious doubts. Let’s not forget that Osama has been killed at least 10 times before this operation and his dead body is not shown to media this time either.

We can lose our Pakistan (God Forbid) if we do not tighten our screws well in place and well in time. Whole of the Muslim world is bleeding and the only hope for them as well, is the survival of nuclear Pakistan. We need to be more nationalist now than ever, our assets our needed to be protected through vigilant professional and nationalist media and citizen approach. There should not be any dichotomy with regards to the bail out strategy; failure is no option Mr. Pakistan.







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