Click The Image For a Wide area photo

of the Sari club location about a week after

the incident. Paddys is charred black and

Sari club area is concrete powered white. The tape still visible around the road crater left by the almost perfectly spherical type device that expolded underground. Just like the type they make in the Dimona facility as documented and revealed by a former Israeli nuclear scientist.






















One thing that has ALWAYS been the same with these false flag attacks is that soon after the story twists and changes. Facts and figures get changed around and the story inevitably turns into a tall tale.

We saw on 9-11 the initial FAA Press release of the shooting death of Daniel Lewin the supposed first death on 9-11, the passenger on flight 11

(And so happened to be Mossad agent and Sayert Merkal - The crack israeli anti arcraft hijackings squad. Daniel curiously enough is still the CEO of the largest secure server farm in the world with clients such as,, and other military clients).

The Press release was about 2 hours later very quickly detracted and re-released as " a box cutting knife wound to the neck " when the FAA suddenly had to remember the official version HAD NO GUNS onboard.


Likewise in the Uk false flag event of 7/7/05, the 07:40 am train going into London was always used by intelligence agencies as definitely the train the suicide bombers used to deliver their targets.

Only problem was, that train was cancelled on that day.

Also on the day, the Police announced by press release they had shot dead three suspected suicide bombers in the Calvary wharf area (the three backpacking patsies they eventually blamed). 2 hours later they withdrew the press release and disavowed any knowledge of the story. The twisting turning tall tales of terror.


These stories have been buried in the public collective memory hole since they happened.




With the case of the Bali Bombings, the media neatly wrapped it all up for the reading consumers within 24 hrs.


Sari Club Attack 2002 ARCHIVES

The Crater, Announced by Australian Federal Police as 1 meter x 1 meter square, the photo evidence tells a quite different story.



Sari Club crater



























































































































































































































Image hosting by


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The Burn Types




























































































































The Devastation















































































































Click the above image for larger version




THE ULTIMATE EXPLOSION PARTY was planned from the GROUND UP. RIGHT DOWN TO THEM MAKING "flaming" bodies on fire on the poster... Advertising the coming weekends Bombing.





















THIS IS EVIDENCE Al Qaeda are not running the Promotions agency. Whats the bet a US company organised this party..... One wonders who Lapan Lapan Entertainment really are?




Or Maybe this guy. Seen laughing it up about the corpses the morning after with a rich Israeli accent. Photographed and databased.



















In fact it seems there were more than a "few locals in town" that NIGHT.












Sari Club UN involvement


Article By Steve Johnson of SouthEastAsiaNews



Evidence by all accounts is evidence.

Whether solid material evidence or circumstantial, all evidence is recognizable in a court of law.

When obvious displays and blatant exhibitions of circumstantial evidence relevant to a crime show up again and again in a pattern, this solidifies the circumstantial evidence into something more solid called confirmed conspiratorial involvement involving the Bali crime. Something provable in a court of law and as real as the event itself.

QUESTION: How many confirmedUnited Nations Serving personnell can be attributed to being at the Sari Club that night 12th October 2002?


Lets Now count how many we can actually confirm from accounts shall we>?


Constable Tim Britten from WA Police

Given the Medal of Valour in Australia and Then Sold It

Has been recognised as a National Hero in Australia for his work in rescuing Bali survivors and assisting victims of the blast. A tru-Blue fair dinkum Aussie hero !!

He was in Bali on R+R from a secondment with the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in East Timor and walking back to his hotel when the Sari Club went up in flames, the paper reported .

On leave from his station as an observer on secondment from WA Police for

The U.N.



Captain Rodney Cocks from Australian Army

Army Explosives expert Rodney Cocks eyewitness to massive Bali blast. Selling the "truck bomb"

Has earlier said the crater was not consistant with the kind of blast claimed by official accounts.

Was on R+R from East Timor at this particular club on this particular night .

On leave from his station as an observer on secondment from ADF (Australian Defence Force) for

The U.N.



Jakarta Post Photographer DAMASO REYES

Investigative photographer and reporter finds 6 bodies of uniformed

troops moved from Bali-Singapore the night of Sept 12th 2002

A full unobstructed investigation into the TRIPLICATE system at Bali Ngurah Rai Airport by this remarkable investigator: Damaso has revealed some amazing facts. This system of plane arrival and departure in Bali relies on three seperate log book entries for ALL inbound and outbound traffic. One copy at the Flight Tower. One Copy at the administrative desk and one copy for the Radio Operators. A look over the week before and week after Bali event proved very insightful.

One aircraft a DASH 17 Israeli registered plane had been very sloppily attempted to be erased from 2 of the 3 recorded entries.

What is known without doubt is that 6 bodies retrieved from Sanglah Hospitol were loaded onto this plane the night of the bombing and flown out of the runway without authorisation to take off.

The 6 supposed army bodies were thought to be from the one same unit.

One body was positively confirmed and identified as a Sgt. on abscondment from Brazil for

The U.N.



NOW, what if the UN troops were reported on their OWN website actually bening there?

Sounds suspicious?




United Nations Admits Troops injured ......AT SARI CLUB!!!

UN Troops at Sari Club on Night of bombing


ActualUN Website page screensaved ... ..

Up to Seven OFFICIAL INJURIES were "officially" noted.

14 October 2002 – Seven United Nations personnel were injured by the terrorist blast that rocked Bali, Indonesia, over the weekend, according to a spokesperson for the world body.

Citing reports from the field, UN spokesperson Hua Jiang told the press in New York that three of those injured - two civilian police and a military officer - "have suffered serious burns" while the other four endured injuries described as "relatively minor." In addition, two military members of the mission remain unaccounted for.

INTERESTINGLY... The article Also mentions "up to 155" personnel may have been on the island at the time of the supposedly "unknown attacks".

up to 155 UN Personnel on Bali at time of attacks...


The U.N.

up to 155 + 8




- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Now after some 160 PLUS troops and off duty UN forces in and around Bali, during the bombing, would it surprise you further to learn that the actual head of the Indonesian BALI Investigation was ALSO at one time working his way up as a UN trained Officer?

NO>? Don't believe it?

Check the headline for this Canberra trained operative who lead the Indonesian aspect of the Bali Investigation..

Who do you think it could be?

Just how might this article begin about Balis primary Investigator? (NOW Robert S Finnegan was out of the way...November 14 2002)

The way was paved for mainstream media to sell Imade Pastika to the public. As the sole authority on who did it.

Read the opening line to this serious look at a serious investigator.

"Young Balinese women think he's hot. Yet General I Made Pastika, chief investigator into the Bali bombings, would be uncomfortable knowing he has become something of a sex symbol on his home island. "...........

A serious look indeed.

The article further goes on to list those who have discredited the official story and were making Imade squirm at the time.

People such as : " army chief Ryamizard Ryacudu was widely quoted yesterday doubting that Indonesians were behind the bombings."

Also, " Indonesia's former intelligence chief, Z. A. Maulani, also raised doubts over the arrest of suspect Amrozi, and local media have provided a forum for other unnamed sceptics." He further said in the weeks after the bombings: " "This war against international terrorism is merely a tool to dominate the world oil sources."


And of course suddenly THERE IT IS> Admission of UN and Canberra training Involvement.


At the end of the article lo and behold what wise words about the serious Bali investigation does this journalist leave us with...

" General Pastika took up golf while police chief in Papua, where for most of his posting he says he had time on his hands "because everybody likes me". So much so, locals offered to stage a protest when they heard he had been seconded to the Bali inquiry.

There is little prospect of an improvement in his golf handicap in the near future.. "



Now..... Consider all the evidence of UN connected personnell in and around Bali or connected to the investigation.

Does the official story sound a little suspicious yet?






- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

UN troops "all over Bali"

Now Confirmed! Over 168 Troops Identified in and around the Sari club and Bali area that night ... ..

Has anyone ever heard the term False Flag Operation?

Here we have already provided circumstantial evidence.

Evidence of troops in and around Bali that particular night. In and around Sari club even. Proof of UN trained and Interpol trained Police cheif leading the very investigation!!! Gee No wonder we have never heard of all of this before....

Please bear in mind this is not laying blame. This is stating fact.


Make of these facts what you will.

There is however an interesting suggestion to bear in mind from the late GREAT Joe Vialls that the "device" that did the primary damage was placed by special munitions group earlier in the day in a large stormwater drain underneath the road; jlan Legian. Looking at these photo I think he might be right.....




































This Description is given on the Official Australian Federal Police website :


" Just after 11pm on 12 October 2002, a bomb hidden in a backpack exploded inside popular tourist destination, Paddy's Bar. The device killed the backpack owner, likely a suicide operative.

Approximately ten to fifteen seconds later, a second much more powerful car bomb, of close to 1000kg, *(Doesn't mention 1000 kg of what?) concealed in a white Mitsubishi van was detonated by remote control in front of the Sari Club. The explosion left a one meter deep crater and windows throughout the town were blown out."



Do these pictures look one meter deep?







Ask yourself seriously...... Can a Chicken Farmer -Motor Mechanic illiterate nobody like Amrozi construct a device with the kind of force to do this carnage?

Some may think so. I certainly do not.

Amrozi was definitely involved but as a patsy to take the blame for someone else.

As this circumstantial evidence clearly demonstrates.

Do you still beleive the official story run by a UN patsy puppet on a string?

Or do you want to ask the right questions? And demand some answers now>?


your choice.

























































































































































































Click the image below to enlarge


















































































The IMPOSSIBLE remains of the minivan that caused all this destruction.


According to the bdamage caused, explosive experts agree barely ANY remnants of the van should exist

given the blast wave intensity.
















































Hiroshima victims compared to Sari Club victims Click the image to enlarge






































































































































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