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1. Methane Levels under the ocean

With the quest for fossile fuels at an all time high why is this one not being tapped and stored now?


2. The ACTUAL sound of planet Earth

Hear the spooky sound that earth makes as it flies through our solar system. More Sounds of Space here..


3. The Methane problem on Earth

Fire From Ice. Why isn't anyone grabbing this stuff?


4. The Giant Permafrost melt -Methane

What on earth is happening to our planet?


5. FREE FUEL from waste products

Wait till you see this one.


6. The truth about Gun Control

From mainstream media .


7. Meteor caught on video tape

From Police surveillance camera in a patrolcar .


8. Study of a watermelon decomposing

In time delay photography the effects are dramatic.


9. The Science of Miracles

The Combined Human energy field Part 1 Greg Braden


10. Bizarre Russian science experiments

***Warning Gruesome scientific content*** not for Under 18


11. Nibiru has come and gone

Nassim Harieman discusses a large passing planetary body