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Swine Flu - Profits From Pandemics


SPECIAL EXCLUSIVE REPORT by SouthEast AsiaNews Reporter: Ozboy and Steve Johnson

Research Assisted by: CLIPPER24591 + Moondog

For Immediate Release:- 30th April 2009

(SEANEWS-Australian Bureau - BENDIGO Office VIC..)



SWINE FLU - Profits from Pandemics


Every now and then we hear about the release of a new strain of flu or new type of disease that is the latest threat to the world.











The fear factor is what drives the media to sell the story to the public. The latest threat to mankind MAY or MAY not kill millions, but just to be on the safe side they tell us all to get our flu shot "Just in case".


How exactly can we justify that this latest flu scare is actually a hoax?

Well lets do the math in 10 Easy Steps:



#1 Numbers.

The greater Mexico City Metropolitan area has a population of 22 million people according to Wikipedia.

Many millions of them live in crushing poverty, poor health and with poor sanitary conditions.

1,000 "cases" (which is higher than the so-far reported number) equals 0.005% of the population. 60 deaths equals 0.0003% of the population.


In fact... It now comes to light that ONLY 7 PEOPLE in Mexico and one Mexican child in the USA have died.

IS THIS THE LEVEL 5 PANDEMIC the WHO (World Health Organization) Have been freaking out over? I mean really?




#2 Deaths?

Of the few deaths, no one has mentioned who these casualties are.

Are they elderly or infirm people, are they chronically ill already? Are they below 20 or under 5 years old? Or perhaps someone who could just as easily be killed by the common cold or a slip and fall? It makes a difference.


#3 Frequent Govt Scams

The long history of government/pharmaceutical industry scams

These guys have tried to institute national flu vaccination programs before. The last time was 1976 (under Gerald Ford). The public recognized the foolishness and danger involved in accepting the government vaccine and rejected it. The much-threatened "pandemic" never happened.


Consider for a moment an outbreak of deadly flu back in 1976 in the USA, and view the advertisements played on US National television:


The above advertisement is a case of PURE Scaremongering.

Heres how the scenario probably went:

A Controlled release of Bio-Weaponized Flu was engineered from US Bio-Labs in Fort Detrick Maryland, weaponized in Arkansas Military subcontracter laboratories and released in downtown Mexico City.

The epidemic starts off small, killing and making a few sick here and there... Pretty soon it spreads across the border, across the state line and after holidays returning from Mexico to their native countries spread it amongst the population, very soon worldwide pandemic breaks out of this new unheard of Contagion called Swine Flu.

Mainstream media goes into gear to spread the message to everyone....

Get a vaccine shot or die.... 40 Million Americans get the vaccination. The scare tactics make every concerned parent grab their child and head for the flu shot mobile bus in the Walmart carpark.

Sound Familiar?

This is 1976.

Swine Flu is NOT a new thing. The Government currently plaster this news story WORLD WIDE across the news headlines to distract attention away from other more pressing matters we should be concerned about.

They had a vaccination back in 1976.
Why would they lie about having to take 3 weeks to develop one now.

If this was an altered or modified strain they certainly would have said so. To say it has been altered, then would prompt the question. Who altered it and why?


Read More:



#4 Corporation Complicity

In a 2008 annual report to it’s shareholders and investors, Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., LTD, predicted that sales of Tamiflu would increase by 531% in 2009.  As you most likely already know, the media has been promoting Tamiflu as the number one medicine to combat the so-called Swine Flu.

According to Chugai Pharmaceutical’s 2008 annual report, found here,

(Also stored locally here)

The reason for this spike in sales would be due to “expected resumption of government stockpiling … and the ongoing recovery of the prescription rate for seasonal influenza.” 

Chugai Pharmaceutical is a major Japanese drug manufacturer, with 51.5% of it’s shares owned by Hoffman-La Roche. 







#5 Prior Precedence

Study the Avian Flu outbreak timeline, taking careful note of the similarities .

All the things discussed in the video were laid down during the pharmaceutical industry-friendly Bush administration.

They're all still in place and Obama has shown no signs of dismantling or looking at the legal structures that make is possible for the US to:

1. Declare a pandemic.

2. Use this declaration as grounds for arrest and imprisonment without charge, without representation and for an undetermined amount of time.

3. Compel vaccination.

4. Remove any liability from the drug companies involved if their products kill and maim.

Study the timeline and see how an administration that could not get anything of value accomplished was a model of efficiency and speed in creating the infrastructures to make this happen.

Just in case you are still skeptical that the US government has been positioning itself to FORCE its population to accept a flu vaccination, I strongly recommend you Read on and view the next two videos that spell out the timeline how it was done during the bird flu outbreak.


Part 5 bird flu virus

Part 6 bird flu virus

Note that in a previous video, local law enforcement are already being commanded by FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security to submit plans and run practice drills for vaccinating the entire US population in 48 hours or less.

Fortunately, this is a logistic impossibility if people are informed and don't cooperate.

Unfortunately, few are informed and a combination of draconian laws, garbage science, and a corrupt/incompetent media are working together to make "voluntary" acceptance a real possibility.



#6 Scenario Simulation

Remember CDC = Centre for Disease Control.

They are not about STOPPING Disease. They are about CONTROLLING released Diseases.

In June 2001 a "DRILL" was practiced with FEMA and certain agencies including the co-operation of the Mainstream Media to contain a "controlled release" of flu virus and counter the outbreak scenario. This DRILL was called Dark Winter.


Operation Dark Winter
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Operation Dark Winter was the code name for a senior-level bio-terrorist attack simulation conducted on June 22-23, 2001.[1][2][3] It was designed to carry out a mock version of a covert and widespread smallpox attack on the United States. Tara O'Toole and Thomas Inglesby of the Johns Hopkins Center for Civilian Biodefense Strategies (CCBS) / Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), and Randy Larsen and Mark DeMier of Analytic Services were the principal designers, authors, and controllers of the Dark Winter project.

Dark Winter was focused on evaluating the inadequacies of a national emergency response during the use of a biological weapon against the American populace.

The exercise was solely intended to establish preventive measures and response strategies by increasing governmental and public awareness on the magnitude and potential of such a threat posed by biological weapons.

Dark Winter's simulated scenario involved a localized smallpox attack on Oklahoma City. The simulation was then designed to spiral out of control. This would create a contingency in which the National Security Council struggles to determine both the origin of the attack as well as deal with containing the spreading virus. By not being able to keep pace with the disease's rate of spread, a new catastrophic contingency emerges in which massive civilian casualties would overwhelm America's emergency response capabilities.

The disastrous contingencies that would result in the massive loss of civilian life were used to exploit the weaknesses of the U.S. health care infrastructure and its inability to handle such a threat. The contingencies were also meant to address the widespread panic that would emerge and of which would result in mass social breakdown and mob violence. Exploits would also include the many difficulties that the media would face when providing American citizens with the necessary information regarding safety procedures.

[edit] Key participants
President        The Hon. Sam Nunn
National Security Advisor      The Hon. David Gergen
Director of Central Intelligence         The Hon. R. James Woolsey
Secretary of Defense             The Hon. John White
Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff          General John Tilelli (USA, Ret.)
Secretary of Health & Human Services         The Hon. Margaret Hamburg
Secretary of State      The Hon. Frank Wisner
Attorney General        The Hon. George Terwilliger
Director, Federal Emergency Management Agency Mr. Jerome Hauer
Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation    The Hon. William Sessions
Governor of Oklahoma           The Hon. Frank Keating
Press Secretary, Gov. Frank Keating (OK)    Mr. Dan Mahoney
Correspondent, NBC News     Mr. Jim Miklaszewski
Pentagon Producer, CBS News          Ms. Mary Walsh
Reporter, British Broadcasting Corporation Ms. Sian Edwards
Reporter, The New York Times          Ms. Judith Miller (journalist)
Reporter, Freelance   Mr. Lester Reingold

[edit] References

   1. ^ O'Leary, N. P. M. (2005). "Bio-terrorism or Avian Influenza: California, The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act, and Protecting Civil Liberties During a Public Health Emergency". California Western Law Review (California Western School of Law) 42 (2): 249-286. ISSN 0008-1639.
   2. ^ Chauhan, Sharad S. (2004). Biological Weapons. APH Publishing. pp. 280–282. ISBN 9788176487320.
   3. ^ Kunstler, James Howard (2006). The Long Emergency. Grove Press. pp. 175–178. ISBN 9780802142498.

[edit] External links

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    * Operation Dark Winter
    * Journal/Issues/Dark Winter PDF
    * Dark Winter Research
    * Local Response to a National Threat
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(Source: )


Interestingly the man at the centre of the drill was also central to selling the official 9-11 Story.Back then he was the Director of FEMA.

The same guy who got John O Neill his job as head of security for the WTC towers after he left the Osama Bin Laden unit of the FBI.

The same guy who had dinner with John O Neill the night before his first day on the job on 10th Sept 2001.

The same guy who then blamed Osama Bin Laden in a live TV interview with a major network within 2 minutes of both towers crumbling to dust.. Noted as a " terrorism expert " he was exposed doing this on 9-11Solutions video.

The same guy who was Rudi Guilianis head of emergency management during the Y2K crisis and during the 2001 WTC inside job scam.

The VERY SAME guy who advised the Whitehouse to start taking CIPRO vaccine a full 3 weeks BEFORE the anthrax attacks.

Meet Jerome Hauer, and shudder to think what this "Terrorist Expert" might be planning next.

This is the Wikipedia entry for Jerome Hauer Make of it what you will:



Jerome Hauer's deep family roots in the New York Jewish community.

Hauer's mother, Rose Muscatine Hauer, is the retired Dean of the Beth Israel School of Nursing and the Honorary President of the New York Chapter of Hadassah, the Daughters of Zion movement that is one of the central Zionist organizations involved in the creation and maintenance of the State of Israel.

Jerome Hauer is the Chief Executive Officer of The Hauer Group LLC, a consulting firm and has served as a member of the Hollis-Eden Pharmaceuticals board of directors since June 2004.

Hauer was the Acting Assistant Secretary for the Office of Public Health Emergency Preparedness(OPHP) within the US Department of Health and Human Services (DHS). He was appointed by HHS Secretary Tommy G. Thompson on May 5, 2002 and served until replaced on April 28, 2004. In this role, Mr. Hauer was responsible for coordinating the country’s medical and public health preparedness and response to emergencies, including acts of biological, chemical and nuclear terrorism.










He was formerly the director of Office of Emergency Management under New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani from 1996 to 2000. Additionally, he was previously an employee of Kroll Inc. which studied biological terrorism attacks.

Hauer was the Director of the Indiana Department of Emergency Management from 1989 to 1993 during the gubernatorial admininstration of Evan Bayh. Hauer joined IBM in 1993 to manage programs for Hazardous Materials Response and Crisis Management and Fire Safety. For his production of related training videos he received the International Film and TV Critics of New York Bronze award in 1996.

In the early 1990s he received a master's degree in emergency medical services from the Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health (now known as the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health) and later became a member of the Johns Hopkins Working Group on Civilian Bio Defense. He wrote several articles on possible bio terrorist attacks. On April 10, 1998 Hauer attended a "roundtable on genetic engineering and biological weapons" under President Bill Clinton.


On September 11, 2001, Jerome Hauer was a national security advisor with the National Institute of Health, a managing director with Kroll Associates, and a guest on national television, because of his background in counter-terror and his specialized knowledge of biological warfare.

Jerome Hauer is best known for being the director of the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) when he made the decision to build a $13 million crisis center on the 23rd floor at 7 World Trade Center .

This crisis center was unveiled in June 1999, and became the subject of tension between the agency and the Police Department, whose own command center at 1 Police Plaza had until then been the focus of emergency preparedness operations.

As the first director of the new crisis center, "one of Hauer’s first tasks was to find a home for an emergency command center to replace the inadequate facilities at police headquarters," according to the Times.

Reports indicate that the OEM crisis center at the World Trade Center was not being used on 9-11 by the usual personnel. The center had been temporarily relocated to Pier 92 on Manhattan’s West Side, due to a FEMA drill which was supposed to begin on the day after 9-11, according to statements made by Mayor Giuliani.

The site was immediately controversial because it was part of the trade center, which had already been the location of a truck bomb attack in 1993. City officials, though, including Mr. Hauer, have long defended their decision, even after the command center had to be evacuated during the 2001 terror attack. The OEM crisis center in WTC 7 is suspected by conspiracy theorists as being the control center for "the pre-planned demolition of the towers".

Mike Ruppert of From the Wilderness, who helped break stories of the government selling drugs to the public even before Iran Contra, believes that it was the third building where much incriminating CIA information was held and was the prime target of the attack. The center was destroyed when the 47-story tower was completely demolished at about 5:25 p.m. on 9-11.


(Source: )


So we have these people in Govt. appointed positions manipulating the very REPORTING of diseases and their spreading patterns, having practised these things for years they implement it now. So is it a time to be concerned?


Only as concerned as you might have been during the cold war, or as concerned about Y2K collapse, or as concerned about the Al Qaeda boogeyman hiding under your bed right now, or perhaps as concerned about 2012 the coming apocalypse as they want you to be.. These types of "blanket media" reportings are called 'DISTRACTION 101' .

According to mainstream news nothing else in the world happens except these pre-arranged crisis events that draw our attention away from more and more troops being sent to Afghanistan to boost Europes Heroin supply of poppies.













These kinds of frightening headlines draw our gaze away from Government propping up criminally negligent bankers to support their mega rich lifestyles, with everyone worried about contracting the flu, no-one cares anymore about the trillions in taxpayer bailout cash being payed by US congress to criminal banking cartels and their thieves. Distraction 101 is a crude but effective method of deceiving the public in plain sight.



#7 Que Bono?



This is the number one question every good cop should be asking right now. Que Bono?

Who benefits?

If we find out who the "players" are making money from these tragedies, we can look closer at whos making the strains from those who are profiting from the sale and development of its vaccine.

This unprecedented H1N1-H5N1 flu outbreak implicates the Ango-American Vaccine Pipeline, according to world leading consumer health protector, Dr. Leonard Horowitz

Consider the skyrocketing stock values of Novavax, Inc., precipitated by dozens of alleged flu deaths in Mexico. Then investigate the leading Anglo-American network of genetic engineers manipulating, mutating, and distributing these viruses. The evidence compels you, for the benefit of public health and safety to seriously consider, even decree, a conspiracy to commit genocide, according to this Harvard trained expert in emerging diseases.


This article is a recent posting from abcnews:


Face-masks and hand-sanitizer are flying off the shelves and pharmaceutical stocks are skyrocketing on fears that a swine flu outbreak could go global.

Manufacturers of antiviral drugs, companies gearing up to produce a vaccine, even those firms that make and sell hand-sanitizer and face-masks are turning profits in an otherwise skittish and spiraling market.
(ABC News Photo Illustration)
More Photos

Even as much of the economy took a blow from news of the potential epidemic, some companies with the tools to tackle a wide outbreak have already seen a bump in their share prices and could be poised to profit if the disease continues its deadly spread around the world.

Photos splashed across newspapers worldwide Monday showed Mexicans wearing surgical-style face masks and public health professionals urged Americans to wash their hands using alcohol-base sanitizers to stem the spread of the disease.

Mask sales already saw sharp increases. By Monday evening the top two best sellers on in the Health and Personal Care section were face masks.

The top seller, a 3M surgical mask labeled for "bird flu" use, had sold out on Amazon. Another manufacturer, Alpha Pro Tech, announced it would increase production to keep pace with demand.

Sales of hand sanitizer have been steadily on the rise for years, and a spike in mask sales seemed noticeable on Monday. Purell, the sanitizer market leader produced by Johnson & Johnson, has seen its sales double since 2003 to nearly half or $42 million of total $90.3 million market, according to Information Resources Inc., a Chicago-based market research firm.



"The hand sanitizer business will soar," said Professor Mahmud Hassan, director of the Pharmaceutical Management MBA Program at Rutgers University. "People will use more napkins and lotions. That business will go up."

Of course, J&J is a huge worldwide company with sales of over $140 billion a year, so sanitizer profits aren't likely to move the company's shares, which closed down slightly Monday in an overall bad day for stocks.

Manufacturers of antiviral drugs, companies gearing up to produce a vaccine, and those firms that make and sell low-tech products like hand-sanitizer and face-masks are turning profits in an otherwise skittish and down market.

"If this becomes a major pandemic, no one over the long-term will profit. No one makes money if everyone gets sick. In the short term, however, there are a couple of drugs that the CDC says could potentially treat swine flu and those companies are worth watching in the short term," said Dr. Mark Schoenebaum, a physician turned biotechnology analyst for Deutsche Bank.

As of Monday, some 1,600 people were suspected to have the disease in Mexico, killing as many as 149 people. In the U.S. 40 cases have been confirmed, with no related deaths recorded. The virus, considered dangerous because of an ability to pass from person to person, has also been found in Canada, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Companies gearing up for swine flu, including Roche, Gilead Sciences and GlaxoSmithKline, the manufacturers of the leading antiviral flu medications, are best positioned to see a boost in profits if the disease escalates to epidemic proportions, analysts said.

Tamiflu, which comes in pills, was developed by Gilead and manufactured by Roche. Gilead continues to collect royalties from Roche's sales of the drug. Both companies' share prices spiked soon after the U.S. government allowed for its stockpiles of the drug to be made publicly available.

Gilead stock surged to $47.53 at the end of the day Monday, up 3.78 percent. Roche rose to $31.72, up 4.34 percent.

Read More.....


#8 DIRECT Government Dept Involvement


If this wasn't enough it turns out that Mr Pentagon himself Donald Rumsfeld has more than a little personal interest in the flu "vaccine" business..








Rumsfeld's growing stake in Tamiflu
Defense Secretary, ex-chairman of flu treatment rights holder, sees portfolio value growing.


NEW YORK (Fortune) - The prospect of a bird flu outbreak may be panicking people around the globe, but it's proving to be very good news for Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and other politically connected investors in Gilead Sciences, the California biotech company that owns the rights to Tamiflu, the influenza remedy that's now the most-sought after drug in the world.

Rumsfeld served as Gilead (Research)'s chairman from 1997 until he joined the Bush administration in 2001, and he still holds a Gilead stake valued at between $5 million and $25 million, according to federal financial disclosures filed by Rumsfeld.

Read More....



#9 Professional Opinion




In the Above Video Dr. Horowitz urges an investigation of Dr. James S. Robertson, Englands leading bioengineer of flu viruses for the vaccine industry, and avid promoter of U.S. Government funding for lucrative biodefense contracts, along with collaborators at the US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC).

These suspects helped Novavax, Inc., in Bethesda, Maryland, produce genetically-modified recombinants of the avian, swine, and Spanish flu viruses, H5N1 and H1N1, nearly identical to the unprecedented Mexican virus that is allegedly spreading to the United States at the time of this posting.

The outbreak was precisely timed to promote the companys new research and huge vaccine stockpiling contracts.

Scientists at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) are implicated through collaborations and publications involving private contracts with Novavax, a company that obtains its biosimulars through CDC Influenza Branch director, Ruben O. Donis, and Dr. Rick Bright, previously working with Donis at the CDC, now Novavaxs Vice President of Global Influenza Programs.

Descriptions of this virus is pathognomonic, or diagnostic, of a virus that came from Robertsons circle of friends, Dr. Horowitz charges. No other group in the world takes H5N1 Asian flu infected chickens, brings them to Europe, extracts their DNA, combines their proteins with H1N1 viruses from the 1918 Spanish flu isolate, additionally mixes in swine flu genes from pigs, then reverse engineers them to infect humans.


The end product could only have ended up in Mexico via the United States from Britain in care of the CDC. The CDC had to have sent them to Novavax, where Rick Brights team is now implicated in a conspiracy to commit genocide—the mass killing of people for profit.

Some Sites are already suggesting this release of flu is a precursor or a BETA TEST of the impending release of a killer virus set to wipe out people enmasse.



Even More recently more opinion is siding with the fact these viruses are Military products.

The Indonesian Indonesian Health Minister Says Swine Flu Might Have Been Man-Made Epidemiologists and Virologists Need to Weigh In....

Indonesian Heath Minister Siti Fadilah Supari

This swine flu is unusual because it combines virus segments from 3 different animals - birds, pigs and humans - and also from 3 different continents - Europe, Asia and North America.

Speaking at a conference to reassure the public over hers government's response to the swine flu threat, Indonesian Heath Minister Siti Fadilah Supari said Tuesday that the controversial virus could have been man-made.

She declined to elaborate on her claim but she had previously accused Western governments of making and spreading viruses in the developing world to boost pharmaceutical companies' profits, AFP reported.

"I'm not sure whether the virus was genetically engineered but it's a possibility," Supari said.

Supari assured Indonesians that the deadly virus could not survive in tropical countries like Indonesia which was the worst hit country by the bird flu virus.

"H1N1 survives in countries with four seasons. The type A H1N1 virus hopefully won't be able to sustain itself once it enters the tropical climate of Indonesia," she added.

No cases of swine flu have been reported in Indonesia. It has banned imports of live pigs and pork products.

Read Article here:

If this is a natural occurrence, they need to do a better job of explaining how it happened.  This is especially true given that the Indonesian health minister has just said this might be a man-made disease, and a retired Army General has also raised the possibility If this is naturally-occuring, it is imperative to get the word out.

If not, we need to know that immediately.

As the Wall Street Journal puts it: In addition to genetic material associated with North American swine flu, the strain has gene segments associated with European and Asian swine flu, North American avian flu and human flu. It is essential for epidemiologists and virologists to weigh in on this issue. 



#10 The Facts


This article from –jeepndesert at New World Liberty Blogspot:

Swine Flu Attack Likely A Beta Test

April 25, 2009

The latest bioterrorism attack by the New World Order is likely a beta test. Yes, it is a bioterrorism attack. It was a hybrid strain created from human, swine, and bird flu from North America, Europe, and Asia. It was created in a laboratory. This doesn’t happen in nature.

Baxter was caught shipping a weaponized avian bird flu mixed strain in their vaccines last month in Europe. Again, this is proof that this deadly virus was created in a laboratory because they did exactly that last month. Bayer was caught shipping HIV in their drugs in the 80s. Both of these events are published in mainstream newspapers. You can use Google like everyone else to find them.

I predicted this event last month in my documented and linked article when Baxter was caught. If Baxter was trying to do this, they weren’t going to stop trying, especially when Baxter wasn’t even prosecuted for the crime, and the television news was completely silent about it.

It seems someone wasn’t caught this time before they were able to make delivery of the virus. Not that anyone would be prosecuted for bioterrorism. They weren’t prosecuted the previous numerous times where they were caught.

This latest flu hasn’t been widespread and not that deadly. It seems to be just a beta test and not the real release to drastically reduce the population of the world.

Yes, the ruling elite want to reduce the population of the world. They write about it in their books, in their think tank documents, in government documents, and at their conferences. You won’t hear about it on television news because they’re part of the mainstream media trust, along with AP and Reuters, which are all owned by the same people.

They add the industrial waste and active ingredient of rat poison, known as fluoride, in your water, causing your brain, liver, and bones to rot and decay. They add mercury, which is as toxic as lead or arsenic, to the vaccines as a preservative, causing autism and sudden infant death syndrome, among several other things. Yes, the government hates you and wants to kill you. Government loves war and death.

Before any scientist does anything drastic they always do a beta test. They are studying several different things such as how far it spreads and how fast. They are studying if it mutates. They are studying if they’ll get away with the crime.

Mexico seems like an ideal distribution point since they know it would spread to the United States. There are less safeguards in Mexico than the United States, but the United States is the primary target. Americans have a Second Amendment right, which makes Americans a big threat to the New World Order and the ruling elite’s power.

It is your duty not to make the latest beta test a success by screaming about it. Scream about it to your elected representatives and to the media. Demand justice.

The sick part about this is that they are using vaccines to spread the virus. The cure for the bioterrorism attack is the method of delivery so take vaccines at your own risk. Take a rat or your local politician to the doctor with you to beta test the vaccine before you take it.

The real test will be much more deadly and much more widespread. They’ll bring in martial law when it happens and take the rest of our rights away if we happen to survive a large scale bioterror attack.

This is why you must awaken everybody that the government and big corporations are the terrorists, not Islamic brown people hiding in caves. Switch the word “Islamic” with the word “Jew”, and you’ll understand how Hitler came to power in a democratic society. I can’t believe people haven’t caught onto the race baiting by the national socialists running this nation and the world. You’re bigots and don’t even realize it. You’re a bunch of Nazis and don’t even realize it.

This is why you must demand justice for these crimes against humanity by the evil terrorist tyrants in power. This is a big deal. Your life and the lives of your friends, family, and children depend on fighting it.

You might want to question who is making a profit on this as well. Barack Obama, Al Gore, and Donald Rumsfeld all own shares of the company who makes the Tamiflu drug to treat this virus.

Even more sickening is that the company just caught putting weaponized virus in their vaccines is developing the vaccine, in record time, for this latest virus. Illinois-based Baxter working on swine flu vaccine.

You can’t deny the facts that the same company developing the vaccine for the latest virus was also just recently caught trying to distribute a deadly virus combination in their vaccine.

>> The Toronto Sun article where Baxter was already caught doing this


So already people are waking up to the Modus Operandi of Agenda 21. massive population reduction blamed on "natural mutating viruses" that are actually weaponized strains of killer flus specially developed to wipe out human beings efficiently and effectively.

Austria are in fact at the moment launching a class action suite against the US weapons Bio-labs along with WHO (World Health Organization) for not combatting this problem sooner and allowing the virus to be released. More on that as it develops..

So..... What about this "vaccine" ?? Some are suggesting TAMIFLU is the best anti viral super anti-biotic drug to combat this new strain of Swine flu. So lets look at the evidence on TAMIFLU:



Tamiflu (oseltamivir phosphate) Information

FDA approved Tamiflu (oseltamivir phosphate), an oral anti-viral drug for the treatment of uncomplicated influenza in patients one year and older whose flu symptoms have not lasted more than two days. This product is approved to treat Type A and B influenza; however, the majority of patients included in the studies were infected with type A, the most common in the U.S. Efficacy of Tamiflu in the treatment of influenza in subjects with chronic cardiac disease and/or respiratory disease has not been established.


Who Owns the Rights on Tamiflu: Rumsfeld To Profit From Bird Flu Hoax
January 15, 2007

Source : Global Research
Finally, the pieces of the puzzle start to add up. Not long ago, Ex President Bush sought to instill panic in this country by telling us a minimum of 200,000 people will die from the avian flu pandemic, but it could be as bad as 2 million deaths in this country alone.

This hoax is then used to justify the immediate purchase of 80 million doses of Tamiflu, a worthless drug that in no way shape or form treats the avian flu, but only decreases the amount of days one is sick and can actually contribute to the virus having more lethal mutations. So the U.S. placed an order for 20 million doses of this worthless drug at a price of $100 per dose.


That comes to a staggering $2 billion.

Tamiflu is also approved for the prevention of influenza in adults and children aged one year and older. Efficacy of Tamiflu for the prevention of influenza has not been established in immunocompromised patients.

Pediatric and infectious disease healthcare professionals

Roche and FDA informed healthcare professionals of neuropsychiatric events associated with the use of Tamiflu, in patients with influenza.

The label has been revised as follows: Influenza can be associated with a variety of neurologic and behavioral symptoms which can include events such as hallucinations, delirium, and abnormal behavior, in some cases resulting in fatal outcomes.

These events may occur in the setting of encephalitis or encephalopathy but can occur without obvious severe disease. There have been postmarketing reports (mostly from Japan) of delirium and abnormal behavior leading to injury, and in some cases resulting in fatal outcomes, in patients with influenza who were receiving Tamiflu. Because these events were reported voluntarily during clinical practice, estimates of frequency cannot be made but they appear to be uncommon based on Tamiflu usage data.

These events were reported primarily among pediatric patients and often had an abrupt onset and rapid resolution. The contribution of Tamiflu to these events has not been established. Patients with influenza should be closely monitored for signs of abnormal behavior. If neuropsychiatric symptoms occur, the risks and benefits of continuing treatment should be evaluated for each patient.


Propylene glycol - Although generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the FDA, propylene glycol is used as a food-grade antifreeze and is the primary ingredient of the paint inside a paintball

In Japan, the Tamiflu label warns that delirium, hallucination, delusion,
disturbances in consciousness, abnormal behavior and convulsions
may occur in children who take the drug.
Dinh Nam, AFP / Getty Images

If you are allergic to anything that is listed below for your form of Tamiflu, or you have reacted badly to Tamiflu before, do not take Tamiflu. Talk to your prescriber, pharmacist or nurse at once and check that they still want you to have Tamiflu.

Tamiflu 75mg Capsules

Black iron oxide (E172)
Croscarmellose Sodium
FD and C Blue 2 (indigo carmine, E132)
Pregelatinised maize starch
Red iron oxide (E172)
Sodium Stearyl Fumarate
Titanium dioxide (E171)
Yellow iron oxide (E172)


Tamiflu 12mg/ml Oral Suspension

Saccharin sodium (E954)
Sodium benzoate (E211)
Sodium dihydrogen citrate (E331 (a))
Sorbitol (E420)
Titanium dioxide (E171)
Tutti Frutti flavour
Maltodextrins (maize)
Propylene glycol
Arabic gum (E414)
Natural identical flavouring substances(mainly consisting of banana, pineapple and peach flavour)
Xantham gum (E415)

Prescription Medicine Interactions
The following medicines may interact with Tamiflu:


Who Owns the Rights on Tamiflu: Rumsfeld To Profit From Bird Flu Hoax


Swine Flu: Bringing Home the Bacon


Sec Defense Rumsfeld Tamiflu Holdings





Forced Vaccination Bill Passed in WHITE House  


BIO-WARFARE (ANTHRAX, Sarin, VX gas, meningitis, eboli, ecoli, HIV etc.)    


Biochemical Warfare    

Bush orders smallpox vaccine for military, himself       

CDC may ship killer virus to U.S. labs        

Camelpox" Bio-weapon          

Children Forced to Receive MMR Vaccinein Britain


Dead Scientists And Microbiologists - Master List       


Genetically Engineered Germ Warfare$1648       

Germ Warfare / Biological Weapons

Germ Warfare Against America: Part II         

Germ Warfare, Vaccinations, Quarantines         

Germ warfare timeline OVER SEAS    

Homeland Security Bill Allows Forced Vaccinations   


Mitch Cohen, “Forced Vaccinations and the Totalitarian State"

Scientists build polio virus from scratch

Shot forced on newborn over parents'objectionsOrwellian nightmare for 'persecuted couple as armed guards ensure infants vaccine



The True Weapons Of Mass Destruction Causing            

Vaccine Dangers      

forced vaccine    

super germs” could transfer their resistance to human pathogens, which would in turn become impervious to antibiotics - the main defence against these germs

Japanese "KIBO" lab to be launched on saturday this week has  VIRUSES stored on it.. kind of like that Andromedan Strain !






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