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Plane Flipped
Problem is CoPilot error
A co-pilot pushed the wrong switch on a Japanese flight that nearly caused a crash
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Bird Deaths
Black bird deaths in jan11
The bird die-offs sparked theories from HAARP, magnetics to Chemtrails....
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Alien attack hype
Not so subtle hint...
CNN money analyst mentions alien invasion on finance show...
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$100 for Gillard as a liar
MAX IGAN calls out Gillard on her lies on RADIO:
No Carbon Tax Eh Julia? Well you are a friggin liar lady.
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We made Alqaeda
Hilary admits the Taliban were created by USA
From the horses mouth. Hillary Clinton spills the beans
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Police funded + armed by military
Excellent News segment
Researcher on Russia Today points out the growing police militarisation
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A Devil in Disguise : ZIONISM
Re-examining old myths
Jews and Zionists are far removed.. see here the devil in diguise: ZIONISM.
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Ex CIA : Bloggers can dump congress
Lorem ipsum dolor sit
Activism talk by former CIA agent as he explains the power behind the internet.
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How MSM push govt propaganda
Watch this guys eyes being interviewed:
See if he doesn't move his eyes reading answers..
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Red Rain Panspermia
Alien rain falls in India
Scientists are still baffled over the red rain falling in the Indian town.
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A Bugs Life
Elite control using fear
Hopper spells out how the many are controlled by the few through FEAR..
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Bush at war with ALIENS!!
MSM media clip
This newsreader seriously cant believe what hes reading... This is pure BS.
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Protests spread as thousands gather in Europe and Asia .... ReaderSupportedNews.org
Radioactive material found on Scottish beach .................... Independent.co.uk
Gary McKinnon to be extradited to US face trial ................. DailyMail.co.uk
Corporate Protests now gone viral worldwide - in Pictures ......... BBC.co.uk
Brazil recognises Palestine state ........................................ PressTV.ir
Disaster looms as Himalayas heats up ................................. Smh.com.au
9-11 israeli involvement
The eyewitesses of the event, rare footage and an overcap @ 9 years
9-11TABOO by Genghis6199
Regardless of being a planer or no planer this film is hard to refute.
9-11 Truth Documentary released in Low Res 2011
9-11 NWO Connection
The Sept 11 event and its connections to NWO figures..
Mossad truck bombs: 9-11
The Police radio calls confirms it
Truth about US Christianity
Zionists have re-shaped modern American christianity .
Truth about GREEK RIOTS
Whats the riots all about in Athens? Whats an austerity measure?
Truth about Anders Breivik
The Swedish Gunman was definitely a patsy. But for who?
Truth about Climate Change
Interview with Professor Ian Plimer, Associate Senior Lecturer of GeoMining and Geology
Perth Protests for Palestine
Boycott Apartheid israel on the streets of Perth W.A.
Chat with Kevin Bracken
Talking about Sept 11 and the impossible collapse .
Phone call to Dimitri Khalezov
The Sept 11 Nuclear Demolitions specialist tells all. .
Wikileaks exposed as Mossad front
Truth about SEPT 11th Attacks
Truth about OKLAHOMA CITY Bombings
Truth about THE ANTHRAX Attacks


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